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Mizzou Links, 9-13-13: The System, the running game, and ACL prevention

Happy Friday the 13th...

Bill Carter

1. Well I'm already tired of this topic... Statement From Mizzou Athletics

The allegations made toward the environment of our academic support program in this chapter were unfortunate. Although the authors isolate this small example from a much larger group which currently includes 520 student-athletes and approximately 150 tutors who do outstanding work in a professional and safe environment, we believe this was not and is not reflective of the culture of the academic program.

Following this 2010 issue, an independent review of MU's academic program was performed by the N4A Open (National Association of Athletic Academic Advisors) through its national certification program. While recommendations were made to further enhance our services, this review determined that our academic support services operate in a comprehensive and professional manner while providing a culture that is conducive to learning.

It is important to also know the academic program employs regular methods to monitor its integrity, effectiveness, and culture through annual tutor and student-athlete surveys, mandatory orientation sessions, on-going tutor training workshops, signed contracts discussing professionalism and academic integrity, weekly informational email communications sent to all tutors, and an annual review conducted by the Academic Affairs Sub-Committee of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee.

Post-Dispatch: MU releases statement to address upcoming book
KC Star: Missouri athletic department responds to criticism in upcoming book
The Trib: Book reveals new information in Washington case, criticizes MU tutor program
The Trib: Q&A with the author: Benedict opens up about MU chapter

Blog: You talked to other tutors from other schools. Did you find talking to them that Missouri's athletics tutoring program was or is worse than others?

Benedict: No. I would not say that. The reason we mentioned the other programs we did was because those were other programs that we had sampled or canvassed. Again, when doing a book like this you really want to use single cases to illustrate the points you're trying to make. I think what went on at Missouri is not isolated in terms of the culture and the environment between the tutors and the student-athletes. I think it's more typical in these big-time programs. And I think that we were convinced of that from the other tutors we spoke to from the other schools but naturally we didn't have the space nor did we have the interest in writing four stories about this situation at four different schools.

So I don't think it'd be fair to categorize Missouri's situation as worse than other schools.

2. Happier subjects

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Bye Week Breakdown: Missouri's early season surprises
KC Star: MU wants to see more progress in running game
The Missourian: Missouri's defensive line looks to overcome slow start
We Are Mizzou: Friday Night Highlights


Basketball Recruiting
PowerMizzou: Ahmed Hill Official Visit

The Missourian: Missouri volleyball's Whitney Little faces best friend in tournament
SEC Digital Network: Missouri Volleyball Has Something To Prove

Soccer Mizzou Hosts Eastern Illinois, Faces No. 17 Portland this Weekend
The Missourian: Missouri soccer implements ACL injury prevention program

Golf Mizzou Golf to Host NCAA Columbia Regional Preview, Sept. 16-17
The Missourian: Missouri women's golf team takes 15th at Cougar Classic

4. I didn't know I was waiting for this ... but I was waiting for this

Consequence of Sound: Here’s the Kanye West-Billy Joel mash-up you’ve been waiting for