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Mizzou Links, 9-16-13: A Norm statue, a busy week for Pinkel, and an undefeated volleyball team

The Savitar


The Trib: For Norm Stewart, a larger-than-life legacy
The Trib: Stewart is still standing in flesh and bronze

Norm Stewart is 78. The booming voice that got the attention of generations of players, officials and sportswriters is a little thinner, requiring a lean-in to hear over the lunch crowd at Booche's. He hasn't felt all that great lately, if you want to know the truth of it.

But ply him with a cheeseburger and the eyes twinkle and the stories flow.

In the old days, back in Shelbyville, he used to play basketball wherever he could. He would play in a friend's barn in the middle of winter, with his winter coat on, shooting over tractors and combines. On summer nights, when the school was locked, he knew the way in.

"I would jump in the coal shoot, dark as hell, run through the janitor's room, turn on a light, go up the stairs, go down a long hallway, another hallway and then open the front door for everybody else to come in," Stewart recalled.

The kids would lower the blinds in an effort to conceal the pick-up game going on inside. When they were done, the basketball would be returned to Coach C.J. Kessler's office and they would sweep the floor to ensure they stayed on the good side of the janitor.

"Coach, who was also the superintendent, knew what we were doing," Stewart said. "He made it available. I had to jump down that coal chute, but it was available."

I have no idea how there wasn't already a statue of him at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, but be sure to read all of both of these pieces. Outstanding.

2. Pinkel had a busy bye week

We Are Mizzou: Coach Pinkel in St. Louis
We Are Mizzou: Coach Pinkel in Kansas City

3. Other in-season stuff

QB No. 1
KC Star: Franklin lowers the shoulder and raises prospects for Mizzou’s offense

The Trib: New targeting rule gets Missouri's attention quickly
Fox Sports MW: Mizzou's first look at tougher targeting penalty ruffles feathers

Uh ok
The Missourian: Clay Rhodes tweets that it hurts to get his nails painted, and other posts from Tiger football players

Post-Dispatch: Dave Matter's Week 3 AP ballot

Mizzou Football: Mizzou Network Athlete Spotlight: L'Damian Washington

4. Damn, this story didn't magically disappear over the weekend

Post-Dispatch: Re-examining MU's tutor turmoil
Post-Dispatch: Q&A: "The System" co-author Jeff Benedict

5. Recruiting

PowerMizzou: Ragnow names a final seven
PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Markel Smith shines vs. DeSmet

6. Another great weekend for volleyball

Mizzou 3, N.C. State 0 Mizzou Sweeps NC State, Moves to 9-0

Mizzou 3, Rice 0 Mizzou Improves to 10-0 with Sweep of Rice

Mizzou 3, Houston Baptist 0 Mizzou Wins Rice Invitational, Improving to 11-0
The Trib: Tigers win event, improve to 11-0

7. An okay weekend for soccer

Mizzou 3, Eastern Illinois 0 Mizzou Soccer Dominates Eastern Illinois to Record 3-0 Shutout
The Missourian: Missouri soccer borrows motto from NBA champions
Mizzou Network: Highlight Reel: Mizzou takes down Eastern Illinois

Portland 3, Mizzou 2 No. 17 Portland Defeats Mizzou Soccer, 3-2


Basketball Tickets Sign Up For The Mizzou Basketball Season Ticket Request List

Men's Golf
The Trib: Cuartero steps into leadership role for MU golf

Women's Basketball Get Involved in Tiger Paws

Baseball Camp Mizzou Baseball Winter Camp Registration Open

9. Okay, creepy

The Verge: Crestwood Court: abandoned megamall or zombie apocalypse?

Music Monday

So the new Janelle Monáe album (The Electric Lady) is out, and it's what it was supposed to be: weird, frantic, and awesome. It hits cruise control over the last half of the album, but the first half, from "Givin Em What They Love" with Prince to "Dance Apocalyptic" is pretty incredible.