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Mizzou Links, 9-17-13: Hoosiers, Brantley vs. Vincent, and DISRESPECT

The Mizzou secondary will get a workout on Saturday night, the defensive tackle battle is ongoing, and Mizzou's got a hell of a golf team.

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1. It's Game Week Mizzou Heads to Indiana Mizzou Football Media Day Quotes - Sept. 16

On defensive scheming for a passing attack like Indiana's...
"When you play nickel and dimes and things like that, they have good offensive scheme. There are a lot of different things they play. Fastball, they play fast. They certainly get their reps in, and they are very, very potent. Their quarterback, Sudfeld, is really good, and I am really impressed with him. They play a couple of the other guys too. The way he has been playing, I suggest that he might play more or the whole game, but we've got to be ready for all three of them. We understand that. We played a lot of nickels thus far this year as it is, and that is part of our strategy and our personnel-making decisions."

On creating pressure on the opposing quarterbacks...
"We would like to have more sacks. I think people have been pretty good about getting rid of the football, and the only issue has been the Toledo guy. He played really well. He did not put him in the position to stand back there very long. That ball was gone. I think he did a good job on getting rid of it. I think we created some poor throws and that lead to two interceptions. So, I think we are doing some good things but we certainly would like to get more sacks."

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Lots of forced outrage for this one, it seems
Fox Sports MW: Mizzou secondary has chance to respond to tweet, demand respect in game vs. Indiana

A dose of extra motivation might be a good thing for Simon and his teammates, because their Saturday night matchup with Indiana (2-1) has the potential to turn into the kind of barn burner that would make the Tigers' old conference jealous.

Just ask senior corner E.J. Gaines.

"This is like going back to the Big 12, for me," he says. "They throw the ball. It's competition everywhere on the field. As a corner, as a secondary, it's exciting to come out and play a team like Indiana."

While Gaines relishes a chance to line up across from a pass-happy team, he isn't thrilled with the defense-be-damned line of thinking that makes on figure this will be a shootout determined by the last team to touch the football.

Rather, he and his secondary see a chance to bring some respect to a unit that's twice shown signs of stress against sub-par competition, Murray State and Toledo.

"We feel like we have stepped up our level from last year a lot as a unit," Simon says. "We worked extremely hard through the offseason."

Vincent vs. Brantley
KC Star: Vincent unfazed by Brantley’s emergence

"Brantley’s doing a very good job," Pinkel said. "It’s very competitive and it’s very good, so it’s very healthy — a good situation."

Vincent (6-feet-2, 305 pounds), an Olathe North graduate, and Brantley (6-feet-3, 290 pounds) are joined by "OR" atop the Tigers’ depth chart, but Vincent isn’t worried about who’s deemed the starter and who is the backup.

"It really doesn’t matter who starts," Vincent said. "We’re both going to get in there and we’re both going to make plays."

Other young guys
Fox Sports MW: Some names you should know, according to Gary Pinkel

More targeting talk
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Wilson says targeting call is not going to affect the way he plays
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More OSU (non-)talk
Post-Dispatch: Henson not ready to talk about OSU

And next week?
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Arkansas St.-Missouri game set for 6:30 p.m.

2. Pay 'em?

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3. Recruiting stuff

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