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Mizzou Links, 9-18-13: Spotlight shines on the secondary, and more recruits is better

All eyes are on Randy Ponder, Ian Simon, and the Mizzou secondary this weekend. Plus: more is better in recruiting (in terms of perceptions, anyway), and Mizzou Golf comes up big.

Bill Carter

1. Three days (and change) to Indiana

Mizzou DBs vs. the world
The Missourian: Missouri football's Randy Ponder faces tough test against Indiana

Fox Sports MW: Indiana gives Mizzou secondary chance to gain respect
Mizzou Network: 1 on 1: Ian Simon Talks Mizzou Secondary

This game is going to last a while
PowerMizzou: Speed vs. Speed

Because Indiana's up-tempo offense will be matched up against that of Missouri's, a big topic for Monday's media day was the growing presence of "fastball" offenses across the college football landscape.

Lately, they're even making their way into the SEC.

"This is new, and I think what's happening is people look at it as an equalizer,

Pinkel said. "People get tired, they don't play as well. They don't play as big, they don't play as fast. It's just kind of a new component you can throw in there. It's within the spirit of the rules and I think it's pretty good. If you ask Coach Stec, I don't think he agrees with me, any defensive coach I don't think will agree with that."

Pinkel was just getting started.

"It's kind of changed it a little bit," he continued. "If you can't substitute, then you're going to have to play with smaller players. There's a lot of things in there that's happening. Innovations in college football. It's kind of neat to see it happening."

Mizzou vs. Kevin Wilson
Post-Dispatch: Coachspeak: IU's Wilson knows Tigers well

"Having seen Coach Pinkel’s teams for years, they’ve always been dynamic on offense and they have balance," Wilson said on today’s Big Ten teleconference. "They have a run game going. Both of their running backs show great speed. The ball gets out in tough. The players make plays. And they’ve got a veteran quarterback, whether it be a (Chase) Daniel, whether it be a (Blaine) Gabbert, now with their quarterback now, James Franklin, it’s a very mature player who can make plays running but a good thrower. You hear ‘dual threat’ you think of a guy who’s just a runner. But this guy’s a great thrower.

"Defensively, those guys have always played a solid package, know what they’re doing. And they have a good kick game. If you watch Coach Pinkel’s teams year after year, they’re solid in all three phases. They’ve got good players in all three phases. They’re coming off a rough year, but to me, it looks like a typical Missouri team and it’ll be a tough challenge for us Saturday night."

Hank's Sports Blog: Know Your Enemy: Indiana Hoosiers

You mean like in the last game?
KC Star: MU wants return star Marcus Murphy involved in offense, too

The Trib: Message hits home for Tigers

Markus Golden
Post-Dispatch: Golden making his mark for Mizzou

2. Third downs

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): STAT SPOTLIGHT: Missouri finding its groove on 3rd downs
PowerMizzou: Third Down Breakdown

3. New Tigers

Nice job by BST last night of summarizing all of the coverage and available media for Mizzou's two new commits. Check out that post if you have not already. And here are some links in case you weren't paying attention last night.

In the "Perception is reality" department, I realized something last night that I hadn't thought about before: volume is good. Mizzou is up to 28th in the recruiting rankings now according to PowerMizzou's Pete Scantlebury; the Tigers are currently listed at 31st (not sure why the discrepancy), in part because they have more commits than other programs of similar stature. And by all accounts they should go over 25 total commits this year because of both available scholarships and timing (last year's small class offers Mizzou a chance to land a few early enrollees and bump up the numbers). So even if the per-recruit average isn't huge, landing a top 30-35 class will look (to outsiders) and feel (to Mizzou fans) better than the alternative. Because of a lack of attrition, Mizzou has signed mostly small classes lately, and that hurts the averages. This year will be the opposite effect, even if the caliber of the recruit doesn't change.

PowerMizzou: Three-star WR commits to Missouri
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Pair of Georgia commits make 22 pledges for Missouri's Class of 2014
PowerMizzou: Wilson picks Mizzou
KC Star: Missouri lands two three-star football recruits from Georgia - Tigers making Southeastern inroads

A look at another commit
PowerMizzou: Expert View: Roderick Winters

4. SPOOOOOOOOOOOooooooonn :(

The Falcoholic: Sean Weatherspoon Injury: Linebacker Placed On IR, Designed To Return

This really has been an incredibly stupid year of injuries for guys with Mizzou ties.

5. Mizzou's got itself a golf team Mizzou Golf Wins Columbia Regional Preview Event
The Missourian: Missouri men's golf team wins Columbia Regional Preivew
Mizzou Network: HIGHLIGHTS: Tigers Win Columbia Regional Preview


Time to start counting down to basketball
The Trib (Courtside View): Counting down the Top 25 ... 24 ... 23 ... 22 ... 21

Volleyball Volleyball Returns Home With Nation's Best Record

Cross Country Tigers Earn Votes in USTFCCCA National Rankings

7. Random entertainment value

The Verge: Ben Affleck isn't taking your Batman outrage personally

"GOOD GOD ... that's Ben Askren's music..."
MMA Fighting: Legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross talks about interest in working in MMA