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Mizzou 45, Indiana 28: Tigers dominate most of the way, move to 3-0

Consider this your celebration thread.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

When Indiana scored to tie the game at 14-14 with six minutes left in the second half, it looked like the tide had turned in Bloomington. Mizzou had dominated most of the game, but of the Tigers' five trips inside Indiana's 40-yard line, three had ended in turnovers, and instead of leading something like 24-0 or better, they were only up 14-0 when Indiana found its rhythm.

How did the Tigers respond? By scoring 31 of the next 38 points. James Franklin engineered a perfect response drive to give Mizzou a 28-21 lead, Kony Ealy pick-sixed Nate Sudfeld, and aside from one single play (a 68-yard pass to Shane Wynn), the Tigers completely and totally destroyed and demoralized Indiana in the second half. Russell Hansbrough's 45-yard run with 2:14 left capped what was honestly a bit of a statement win. Mizzou was favored by 4-5 points, and the line actually moved in favor of Indiana, but Mizzou was superior in every facet of the game. The reward: a 3-0 record.