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Mizzou 45, Indiana 28: Grading the offense (results)

Your offensive MVPs for the week (other than Josh Henson, who got a nice score himself): DGB (7.93), Evan Boehm (7.64), Russell Hansbrough (7.33), Marcus Lucas (7.25), Marcus Murphy (7.23).

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Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 7:56 (season average: 7.16)


A lot of DGB, a lot of Jimmie Hunt, a solid running gameplan and passing attack beautiful

balanced approach. big improvement from yost.

Best play calling I have seen in a few years. I hope it continues.

Can we please stop that bubble screen now? It's been attempted like 20 times this season and the rate of success (5 yards or more) is awful. You can see it coming from a mile away.

Enjoy going north and south rather than the old screen passes

Fair and balanced. Took what they gave him underneath.

Getting there. I believe maybe some offensive line unison would help with the designed run plays.

Good game plan..stuck with what worked and did not try to overthink himself

Good mix of run and pass, not much more you can ask for

Happy with the plan- short-to-medium throws, running, and just driving the ball instead of letting Indiana have a crack at putting up big points(not that they were anyways)

Hard to complain too much when offense scores 38 points

He seems like a nice guy.

I can't complain about much

I didn't understand why we weren't running at first, but hey, it worked. -Mac6

I liked the play calling... good balance and a nice job of running the ball to close out the game.

I mean this in a good way. You seemed like a wizard with your play calling. It sure did feel like you could have put up more points than what there was, and I'm not even thinking about the turnovers 100 pts! 100 pts!

I really like him, but we still have to fire him. We do what we do.

I really liked how he handled the tempo. There were several instances where Indiana tried to hit warp speed and it usually ended up with a sloppy, broken play. We were fast, and still disciplined.

I want to give 8s & 9s ALL SEASON!

instead of committing to the uptempo, very nice clock management.

INT's weren't his fault. Great game plan, took full advantage of a overmatched D.

Keeping it simple and achievable

Love this offense

Need to utilize the TEs and the middle of the field more in the passing game-I only remember one attempt

practically everything worked

pretty even keeled play calling. Stuck with what worked for the most part

Quit running QB in 4th Q?



Thank you for getting DGB in the game.

Through 3 games, I have no issues with Henson's game planning or play calling. Henson gets extra credit for recognizing that Marcus Murphy has been the most effective of the 3 RB's and getting him the ball, even though he remains 3rd on the depth chart.

very good

Was (am) surprised we didn't utilize the traditional run game more, but I can appreciate how the swing pass was utilized to accomplish a similar goal. The talk all week was about Indiana's poor run defense, but Henson seemed to exploit those same weakness via a less traditional method. Well played, sir.


James Franklin: 7.01 (season average: 7.48)

2 INTs brings this grade down

2 TDs, 2 INTs. Not much more than you can say.

Bad picks but aggressive picks, otherwise very good

Clearly the game has slowed down for him. Has shown ability to overcome his errors. Now has to stop making the 2-3 bad throws per game

Don't run into guys when the pocket is clean

Frank the Tank looks solid minus those two deep balls. He just got too loose with it (bad idea in double coverage in a Cover 3). He's running the ball effectively, and you can just see him quickly shake off those poor decisions and picks. It looks like we won't have to deal with a 2011 kU performance from him this year. He's driven and it's making a world of a difference for us.

Franklin did an excelent job bouncing back from the turnovers. But i have to ding him for those.

Franklin made better decisions. Despite two INts, barring one that was a bit of bad luck, I was very pleased with Frank the Tank's decisions.

Glad he was "GREEDY" early and not late

Gotta keep the turnovers down, but did what he needed to do. Looks better every game.

great work. would like to see better decision making when going through progressions.

Had some bad errors, but was decent the rest of the way.

He was great, but points off for two bad INTs

I have no problem with Tanklin being aggressive and throwing a pick. He was great and I have more optimism for this year than I did before the game.

I'm not overly concerned about the INTs vs IU. I'm concerned about them when they come in SEC play and the other team can capitalize on those turnovers.

If you have to throw a pick, make sure to do it 40 yards down field.

JF1 was awesome. It seems his decision making has improved, but perhaps he just has the health to execute said decisions. Didn't mind the first pick, could have gone without seeing the second, but neither too costly.

Look off the safety please James, other than that great stuff

Made a few mistakes...BUT He made those mistakes attacking, not sitting back

Might be odd to say, but tunnel vision wouldn't hurt him sometimes. I like that he tries to get through his progressions, but it's keeping him from letting it go.

minus the ints he was perfect

Most passes were easy completions. Getting burned twice is unacceptable when you are driving like that.

Not bad. A few better assesments on the weak side while looking for receivers is key to avoiding a few situations he got himself in to.

Not the greatest performance, the early INTs hurt, but he rebounded well and never seemed to be shaken off his game. Didn't seem to hit the receivers in stride much, but with as much cushion as they were giving us, that's OK.

Only blaming him for first pick, second pick was white boy with hops

Other than the INTs did a phenomenal job of controlling the offense and distributing to the correct read.

Outside of 2 bad decisions he was very sharp.

Small potato's here, but I would like to see more deciveness on his part. My amatuer eye attributes some of the sacks and pressure to his half-second too long decision making, at times. Overall, solid play and has the offense humming.


stop throwing picks just to be nice to the other team

The only reason James doesn't get a 9 from me is the one interception that was his fault. Also, I was thrilled to see him come out after his second pick and put together a big scoring drive.

Those INT's were kinda silly James but you still looked darn good. Also enjoyed your untouched rushing touchdown. I want more of those

threw 2 picks which didn't help

Threw 3 ints, but recognized and admitted issue

Took the team on his shoulders. Two picks kept him from even higher passing yardage.

took what the IU defense gave him sans two plays

Turnovers will haunt against better competition. Also late of a few throws.

Two bonehead throws and some scrambles into pressure, but an otherwise solid game

Two INTs, and held onto the ball too long a few other times, but the rest was as good as he's looked since 2011. -Mac6

WRs bailed him out on a lot of poorly thrown balls (including the L'Damian TD)

Running Back

Russell Hansbrough: 7.33 (season average: 7.10)
Marcus Murphy: 7.23 (6.77)
Henry Josey: 5.92 (6.50)

280 yrd and 5.6 ypc. I'll take that any Saturday.

A different back will be the best each week. #SECProblems

All of you were pretty darn good this week also though MM gets the nod for being the "best" this week

DGB, time those corner of the end zone jump balls and catch the ball at your highest point!

good, bordering on great, nice evening for all 3

Great depth. Loving it.

Group did well, given limited opportunities. Especially impressed with Hansborough. Shows a lot of patience and good vision.

Henry Josey is a complete back, can pass block and run the ball. Muscle Mansbrough is a future weapon. Marcus Murphy is the best third string running back in the country.

I agree with F_U, Murphy is running the best of the three. -Mac6

I am impressed with how the running game, nothing too flashing but consistently picked up yardage when necessary. This allowed Missouri to manage the clock and keep Indiana's explosive offense off the field, which is a stark contrast to previous MU teams. Also I am really like what we are seeing form Hansbrough. I don't think he gets enough credit.

Josey didn't make a lot of noise, Russ showed how shifty he is, and murph can find the outside.

Josey gets lowest score not because of what he didn't do, but what the others did

Love Josey, don't want to say it, but Hansbrough is the best RB on the team right now

LOVED Mansbrough's belly shirt. Murphy was the most impressive RB, even though Russell ended up with more yards. Josey's blitz pickups were my biggest takeaway though. He was amazing in pass protection.

loved the blitz pick-up by Josey in first quarter

Murphy is dangerous, man. I'm impressed with what he's done this year to date. Easily Mizzou's most effective RB.

Murphy looks great but I think it's apparent that Josey is not at his 2011 form yet

Murphy looks to be the best back

Murphy was electric at times. Hansbrough was steady. Did not see a lot of success for Josey though the holes were not there for him.

Need better o Line push.

overall a good game. 2nd in a row that Murph has been our best back.

Quiet day outside of a garbage-time 45yder for Hansbrough. Marcus Murphy is once again making a strong case for being #2.1 rather than #2.2

Really like the yards per carry from all 3

Running game was working all day.



The more I watch this trio, the more I wonder if Hansbrough isn't our best back. Murphy does more when the holes are clogged, but Hansbrough seems like he can handle more situations effectively and that's he's our home run hitter. I love Josey's mixed skill set. These 3 back can be very effective if used properly.

These guys are fast

Three headed monster

Trio is doing well and splitting carries at a nice rate to save them all for the long haul

Where is Josey?!

Who woulda thunk our all-conference returner would be our best RB 3 weeks in to the season?

Workman like performance. I think they did the best they could hope to do.

Wide Receiver

Dorial Green-Beckham: 7.93 (season average: 7.39)
Marcus Lucas: 7.25 (6.71)
L'Damian Washington: 6.97 (6.83)
Jimmie Hunt: 6.10 (5.89)
Jaleel Clark: 5.36 (5.78)
Bud Sasser: 6.97 (6.83)

At least Sasser didn't screw up this week

Catch the balls that come your way, that's all we ask you to do. Lucas and DGB were great. They help themselves by catching what's thrown their way.

DGB and Lucas were great. Solid performances for Washington and Hunt. Everyone else was non-existant.

DGB and Marcus looked impressive everyone else had a pretty soild game. Sasser didn't seem to appear much this game which seems interesting

DGB is showing all the early signs of a breakout year. [knocks on all the wood in CoMo] Knocked Lucas a bit because of the fumble. Nice to see Jimmy get in on the action, too bad he let a TD fall through his hands.

DGB looked like a stud. Lucas had a monster game, but the fumble hurts his grade significantly.

DGB looks like he is making huge progress each week

DGB might be the best WR in the SEC. Marcus Lucas really made up for his turnover and lack of consistency, but let's see him do that next week. #LionTamingHandsaw. Jimmie: Rustled. Bud and Jaleel are solid role players right now, but I want more.

DGB starting to show signs of being a #1WR. Lucas and Hunt could be higher, except for miscues, LDW shone as well

DGB was awesome, Lucas' fumble was costly, Washington was solid

DGB-catch the ball at it's high point and use your height! LDW- Sweet wrap around catch with the defenders arm in there. Nice strength for a 150 pounder a few years ago.

DGB's best game as a Tiger? And yes, we know it was you who fumbled, Marcus Lucas, despite the best efforts of BTN laying it at the feet of Jimmie Hunt.

Did Sasser even play?


Great games from top 3, only marred by "effort" fumble by Lucas. DGB really coming into his own. Group needs to break some tackles for big plays now

Hands are SO much better this year; now they need to show their break-away speed.

Hold onto the ball, Lucas.

L'Damian has a chance to burn secondaries this year, and not just because DGB will (rightly) get most of the attention.

Looked a little more prepared.

Lucas gets a 7 instead of an 8 because of the fumble. Solid showing this week. -Mac6

Lucas.... 'Can't hold on to the lamp, can't hold on to the football.'

Marcus fumble and jimmie dropping the TD were the only low points. Everone else was good and they were all getting open.

More DGB, all the time

Need to target Clark more. Great player.

No drops good routes made plays

played BIG

Solid outing for these guys. I love me some DGB endzone fade routes. Jimmie Hunt had a great game until he dropped that easy touchdown in the 4th quarter. Marcus Lucas cannot fumble that ball like he did in the first quarter. I was impressed with what Jaleel Clark did.


TDGB! Marcus Lucas seems to have chiseled off those stone hands, until he decided to run without the ball, and L'DW was clutch with that TD catch. Jimmie Hunt was making an argument for himself, but he's ruining his TD-Catch ratio :\

That's what I've always wanted DGB to be.

They tall.

This group could eb considered the best unit on the team. Many times Saturday, it just felt like our guys were just too much for IU's secondary and that they were just too athletic. Each of these guys can make game changing plays. This group's playing at a high level.

Tough matchups all over the field for opponents

Upset about the 3 down pass that Jimmy Hunt didn't come back for because he was mind was on the end-zone. Still overall good performance.

Washington should know to come back to the ball when his QB needs help

Where is White

(Tough crowd for Bud Sasser.)

Tight End

Eric Waters: 5.12 (season average: 5.19)
Sean Culkin: 5.00 (5.44)

average, but they didn't hurt the team

AWOL again

Both looked solid when blocking. Waters came in to block on a lot of read option plays, so it will be interesting to see if we start throwing it to him out of those sets in the future.

Culkin got a hand on the one target he received. Not seen much of anything from this group all season...yet

Did they play?

Didn't notice them at all

Didn't notice them in week 3

Do they still exist?

I don't remember them much, which is good and bad.

I guess they're blocking well? Hopefully they are saving the TE plays for the SEC schedule

I thought the TE would be featured more this year. I'd like to see them get going before conference play.

I'm conviended everything we are suspossed to actually see from this group is going to be during conference play. Otherwise all the stuff we heard all offseason was such a tease.

Mr waters opened up a mighty fine whole for murphys td

Neither TE had a reception, but I just hope that means they were doing a beastly job blocking.


not enough touches

not much to see here

Put out the APB.

Serviceable and wholly unmemorable.

stop calling them tight ends. missouri tight ends catch passes. these guys are just wall extensions.

TEs still missing in pass catching for the most part. -Mac6

These guys have been way more quiet than expected.

We're only using the tight ends for blocking, can't believe i'm saying that...

What happened to the TE's being a big part of the offense. I thought Culckin was supposed to break out.

Offensive Line

Evan Boehm: 7.64 (season average: 7.04)
Justin Britt: 7.09 (6.50)
Anthony Gatti: 7.00 (7.00)
Connor McGovern: 6.99 (6.48)
Brad McNulty: 6.63 (6.63)
Mitch Hall: 6.57 (5.95)
Max Copeland: 6.03 (6.14)

7s on down, they did really well

A solid not great game from the line.

best performance this season

Can't tell them apart in a game when we ran for well over 250 yards, so they all get the same grade

Copeland gets points for his John Randal impersonation

Did James get sacked? At all?

Did Max play?

Don't remember any one of them standing out, the whole unit looked really good for the first time this year. -Mac6

good day overall. Need more running room up the middle though.

Grouped the OL together. Doing a decent job

Happy to see Gatti worked hard to get on the field

High scores across the board. In a game where James almost threw for 400 yards and two WRs eclipsed 100, this was the most impressive position group.

I don't believe Copeland played

I don't remember one bad snap. Would like bigger holes for running, but Franklin had more than enough time to through throughout the night.


It seemed like Franklin often had tons of time. Good day for these guys. Pass blocking is definitely their strength.

not that big of a challenge, give them an average grade across the board

OL looked better but still needs some work.

Oline had their best game yet

Once again, I won't rate the Oline as I don't understand the interactions

Opened some nice holes late in the game, but 3 sacks is too many to give up against Indiana... How many will Georgia get? 10?

overall good line play. the sacks were a result of coverage more than a break down of assignment

Pass protection was sublime, opening holes for the backs was sufficient. I'll take 3 yards/running play just fine.

Really impressed with Gatti, good pass protection

Sevens all around except for sideline Max

Snaps are getting more crisp and have speed behind them

Solid O-Line play all around. Please stay healthy, you scared me for a minute on Saturday.

some of these dudes love their pancakes

This unit is getting better every week. Maybe ligaments and tendons really do matter..

We need more holes for RBs to run through

Weak side technique?

Ya'll were gosh darn impressive though I feel this line does better with the Mammoth of a mountain man #TeamMadMax

(Yes, James got sacked three times.)