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Mizzou 45, Indiana 28: Grading the defense (results)

Your defensive MVPs: Kony Ealy (8.26), E.J. Gaines (7.73), Andrew Wilson (7.46), Shane Ray (6.82), and Harold Brantley (6.71). Sounds about right.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive Coordinator

Dave Steckel: 7.65 (season average: 6.45)


3-3-5 loved it.

3-3-5? Brilliant!

a blitz early in the game? YES!!!

Amazing job, whether gameplan or player effort, of limiting an explosive Indiana offense

AMAZING second half adjustments. I'm beginning to think Steck has this plan to run the same scheme every first half and something surprising in the second to completely catch teams off guard.

Called a better defensive game than the offense.

Dave Adjusteckel, as I always call him, well, ever since Saturday night.

fantastic gameplan

Good QB pressure

Good use of different fronts

great in game adjustments

Great job tightening the screws with the 3-3-5 adjustment. Would get a 9 were it not for Matt White.

Had a pre-Wilson game plan, and a post-Wilson game plan. Executed both beautifully. Bravo.

I expected this game to be a shutout. That it wasn't was a tribute to putting our players in a position to be successful. Well done.

I normally would rank him lower but he did good mixing it up this game still think we play too soft with corners

Indian got desperate enough to put in a different QB (ie different offense) Mizzou was ready for that as well.

Keeping IU at 14 would have been nice. Seems like we are catching some lucky breaks.

Liked the 2nd half changes, but we still can't give up the big plays (even in garbage time!)

LOVE the move to the Stac. When you put the clamps on one of the highest scoring offenses in the nation, you get a high score from me.

Me likey.

Second half was masterfull. Great idea swithcing to 3-3-5

Sex Machine!

Solid game plan from play 1, very impressed with the way he handled the first half without Wilson.

Solid gameplan

Switching to 3-3-5 look seemed to pay off. Comments he made is that we blitzed some more. Need to get more pressure though

The adjustment to 3-3-5, or "modified 4-3" or whatever you want to call it, was faaaaaaaaaaaaantastic.

The switch to the 3-3-5 was solid (Even if he planned that during the summer). You could see several adjustmnents being made as the game went on which made big differences. Steck beat IU in the Xs and Os department.

There was a lot of hype about IU's offense, and Steck had a gameplan that largely shut them down. -Mac6

Very solid game

You only allowed 21 points (that last touchdown was worthless) to a team that is suspossed to score more than double that despite the offense giving 3 turnovers?! You sir are a machine

It's amazing how much fans react to halftime adjustments. But hey, at least we were the ones making the good ones, I guess.

Defensive Ends

It makes sense, of course, but it's also amazing how much stock we put into a single play.

Kony Ealy: 8.26 (season average: 6.40)
Shane Ray: 6.82 (5.95)
Michael Sam: 6.39 (6.26)
Markus Golden: 6.37 (6.49)
Brayden Burnett: 5.73 (5.38)

Another big play by someone on this unit makes up for the lack of TFL's

Another game, another pick-6. Let's make this a trend, shall we? It was interesting to see Sam stand up on a few plays from the Stac.

As a line they seemed to get good push, and despite a lack of sacks, I'll take DE INT TDs any day of the week and twice on Saturday

Best game by far by the Dline


breakout game for Ealy

Ealy starting to do the things we think he can do. Just need more everydown production. Ray was jobbed out of a sack, not much to complain about

Ealy was very good. The DEs seemed to get more pressure than last week.


Good across the board, I liked seeing Ealy make an impact and I seemed to notice Shane Ray a lot

good night for the team, have to grade a 9 for the pick-6

If our D-line had an interception returned for a touchdown every game I wouldn't be mad.

Kony 2013

Kony finally showed up. So did Shane Ray and Markus Golden who did show some great pressure albeit against a mediocre IU o-line

Kony gets one of the two 9s I'm giving. -Mac6

Looking like MU truly is DE U

Love this group

Pressure, and another int for a touchdown, they looked good

Ray looks like he could be mammoth and everyone was just still crazy impressive. #Kony2013 #LargeManTouchdown

Really Like Golden

So Ealy is still on the field. Finally see something out of him

Steck is trying to take Hensons' job by having his DE score TDs.

That was kind of rude, Kony. Take a knee next time.

These guys seemed to have a much larger impact this week. I actually noticed our guys in the backfield often. Lots of pressre and I noticed Markus Golden and Brayden Burnett making tackles well outside the hash marks.

Welcome to the party, Kony Ealy. Also, who is Brayden Burnett?

Defensive Tackles

Harold Brantley: 6.71 (season average: 5.98)
Matt Hoch: 6.54 (5.86)
Lucas Vincent: 6.38 (5.78)
Josh Augusta: 5.70 (5.75)
Marvin Foster: 5.58 (5.31)

(I'm going to assume there's a typo in the first comment. Divided opinions on Hoch, apparently.)

Am I the only one dissapointed that Hoch has become more of a force this year

Best game by far by the Dline

Cant say I remember much about any of the DT's

Credit the D-Line with making the secondary look a LOT better than we had feared. Good pressure without blitzes most of the night.

Decent day for these guys.

did a good job

Didn't see much from the DTs which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Good game

Good job by these boys Brantley I getting better each week

Grouped them together. Need to see more rushes and some sacks if we are to have any hope within the SEC. The worst part is seeing the DTs stop when they get close the the QB

Hoch and Vincent were in the backfield all night. Love that rotation.

Hoch had a good game collapsing the pocket

I see Hoch around a lot. I don't see Lucas Vincent or anyone else really. Please step up.

I'll be honest it seemed like the DE's were the one causeing the most havoic but you guys weren't sloches either! Good Show!

I'm trying to watch the line a lot this year and I see push, which is good, but no penetration from these guys. Totally serviceable but as far as I can tell they are perfectly interchangeable.

Like I said, the line pushed well and didn't give the QB time to pick us apart- granted Indiana's Oline is decimated right now.

No one stood out individually, but the group as a whole seemed solid.

No real holes for IU's running game. -Mac6

Now, can we get the choir to preach together?

SHELDON left early because he knew he wasn't going to start this year.

solid effort

They did very well, keeping the Indian RBs from doing much of anything

Would like to see Vincent stand out more but hard to complain much


Andrew Wilson: 7.46 (season average: 6.23)
Darvin Ruise: 6.67 (5.97)
Kentrell Brothers: 6.60 (6.02)
Donovan Bonner: 6.28 (5.92)
Michael Scherer: 5.95 (5.78)

#WilsonUnchained. Solid efforts all around, tip of the hat to Darvin getting his first INT, while repping on 1st team.

Andrew Wilson should get a half game break every game and come in and blow people up.

Back ups stepped up still think we play them too far off los

Bonner and Brothers looked good playing nickel and flying around, Wilson was ready to go

Good day for these guys. I was kind of selfishly hoping that Wilson blow somebody up after he got back on the field. Too bad it didn't happen.

Good job by Michael Scherer and not getting pressured. Good hands, Darvin. And good gob on Andrew Wilson by not getting discouraged and coming out and just playing/

Had a bit of trouble with the crossing routes, but other than that this unit was solid. Love that Ruise was able to get in and get an interception late in the game.

I don't know if it was Wilson coming back or changes by Steck, but 3rd quarter was shutdown d.

It was apparent that Wilson was ready to be back

Love how the Captain got back in the game and immediately had 4 tackles. And Ruise with the INT is a good thing to see. Scherer did a fine job filling in for Wilson but I don't think he's ready quite yet.

Much like the American voter, I'm basing this on gut notion instead of any actual facts. Aren't we all?

The speed of our linebackers is really starting to become a concern

They flew to the ball. -Mac6

Wilson came in and made a difference

Wilson came out in beast mode. The rest of the backers are stepping it up.

Wilson certainly made a difference in the 2nd half

Wilson is a tackling machine

Wilson played great after sitting out the first half. I thought Brothers made some nice plays. No real mistakes from the unit.

Wilson was a complete non factor in the first half.

Wilson was an instant impact when he hit the field.

Wilson would have had a 9 if he'd played the whole game

Wilson.. 3 Takles in 4 plays... you are also a machine


E.J. Gaines: 7.73 (season average: 7.64)
Aarion Penton: 6.37 (6.37)
Randy Ponder: 6.17 (5.86)
David Johnson: 5.78 (5.72)

Couldn't be much more pleased with this group this week since they were going up "against the best WR's in the country". Turns out they were right, they do every day in pratice.

David Johnson didn't play

EJ and Aarion both had some nice open field tackles, and as a group they limited a good receiving corps. Ponder still has yet to impress me though.

EJ Gaines has some strong fingers

EJ Gaines is the best Mizzou CB in a minute. Rowdy Randy Ponder is the same thing we saw last year.

EJ had some excellent plays, MVP of the D and my second 9. -Mac6

Gaines continues to impress, ESPECIALLY in run defense. Ponder on the other hand had a rough night. Penton looked a bit better in relief, but that may have just been because it was later in the game. Regardless, it looks like the corner opposite of EJ will be our weak spot this year.

Gaines gonna Gaines.

Gaines is nfl ready

Gaines is the only one that really stands out in this group. Good to see Penton get some tackles in as well.

Gaines was great, Penton impressive, the others...

Gaines was his usual great self. I though the other CBs played ok.

Good coverage on possibly one of the better wr corps we'll see

Group did well to contain IU's offense

half step short still...

How long until one of these young guys dethrone Ponder of his position on the depth chart?

I can't believe EJ hung on. That WR ought to be ashamed of himself.

I love EJ Gaines best corner in the SEC

Just Gaines being Gaines. Not sure if the best secondary play we've had or Indiana was off.

Nobody picks on EJ.

Obviously inspired by Indiana's tweet (okay, maybe not). Hoosier daddy?!

Penton on the rise!!

Ponder was getting picked on early and eventually got replaced. Penton made a beautiful open field tackle that was impressive for a rookie. These guys did a solid job minus a few big plays.

Ponder.. wow. If you can tell pre snap that a touchdown is inevitable then we need new blood.. I appreciate ya, but wow.

solid performance

Too much cushion but not their faults


Braylon Webb: 6.37 (season average: 6.28)
Ian Simon: 6.21 (6.11)
Cortland Browning: 5.76 (5.76)
Matt White: 5.26 (5.57)

"Matt White you suck" - everyone

A little more for Webb because of the fake FG 1st down

Another week, and still no sacks from Matt White. WHY DOES HE HAVE A SCHOLARSHIP

Did someone say Matt White is Slow

Didn't notice them much except for White

Get over and help out, other than that decent coverage other than a few blips

I'm in a good mood. Seven's all around!

Ian Simon will become the next Piggy Mo.

Matt White got a beat a few times, particularly on a deep ball that resulted in a touchdown. Other than that, not a bad day for this unit.

Matt White has to get better

Matt White is kind of slow.

Matt White is slow. -Mac6

Matt White sigh...

Most of Indiana's big plays came on sideline passes, so it's hard to fault this unit for that. They could use some work on their tackling though.

Ok against the run, not great against the pass. Could have been worse.

Once again, a good performance, however Matt White gets a poor grade due to getting burned a second straight week.

Room for improvement

Still got Burned. Is there really no better option than Whie?

The safety play is not playing safely.

umm not really sure

Webb: knock it down bro. White- sit it down bro.

What's the one thing you do when up big and you know the other team is only passing. Don't let the receiver get behind you, ugh.

You guys weren't horrible really but that 7 yard pass that went for a TD made you look bad. Other than that it was a soild preformance

Special Teams

Andrew Baggett (Kickoffs): 8.04 (season average: 7.96)
Braylon Webb (Holder): 7.64 (7.10)
Jake Hurrell (Long Snapper): 7.56 (7.26)
Christian Brinser (Punter): 6.94 (6.05)
Andrew Baggett (Place-Kicker): 5.90 (5.84)

Although a win, can't miss field goals late. What more can Webb have done as a holder, scored? Luckily didn't punt much, but Brinser is hot/cold? Kickoffs are in the bag-get.

Andrew Baggett: Strong leg, not as consistent. The anti-Mizzou kicker.

Andrew's gotta get some accuracy with his booming leg.

Bagget's kicking needs to get more consistent, can't afford those misses in SEC play

Baggett can keep banging kickoffs through the back of the endzone, that's perfectly alright with me. His FGs however... Brinser didn't have any plays that stuck out, good or bad, to me. Great fake/run for a first down by Webb, bonus points for forcing them to use his facemask to bring him down. Hurrell just hasn't thrown the ball over anyone's head, and that's all I care about.

Baggett loses points for the missed FG, but other than that everything was solid. I will note that our punt coverage seems to be easily fooled by returners acting like they're about to fair catch the ball. Happened to us twice, could be something to watch out for.

Baggett's leg is single-handedly eliminating a point of failure in the KR game.

BIG improvements for Brinser

Braylon Webb on the fake FG. Love it.

Braylon Webb with the special teams play of the game

excellent fake!

great fake

Hurrell was a BEAST! :)

I miss the days of reliable kickers, kicking cost us a couple games last year

It seems like once a game Baggett will NOT put one in the end zone just to make sure we can still cover the kickoff. FG's are still a bit of an ordeal. I have as much faith he could hit a 55 yarder as a 30 yarder

Kickoffs are nice when they just travel out of the endzone

less missed FGs. touchbacks are boring, but safe. more fakes!

missed one FG and almost another....that can't happen in SEC play

No complaints. Keep up the touchbacks! -Mac6

Punts were better, would like to see Baggett make all 39 yard field goals

Special teams was much better than Indiana's, and putting a kickoff through the endzone on the regular is potentially game-changing. Cannot overstate the importance of this.

The fake field goal was a thing of beauty. The shanked field goal attempt can't even put me in a bad mood!

The long snapping really stood out this game. I'd hate to be in the Arky State film room this week.

We shouldn't have to worry about field goals less than 40 yards, but yet do. This needs to get cleaned up before conference play starts. Pinkel needs to scout the diving team again. Other than the missed field goal, this unit was fine. Bagget's kick offs are a huge weapon.

what happened to the KOs all the way through the end zone?

Whelp you missed one FG Bagget but made another and your kickoffs were just as fine as ever even if one almost did go out of bounds. Brinser happy to see you are droping bombs again. Webb beautiful fake run for the first down it was so smooth and quick I was really impressed. Jake the snaps looked good and none of them were bad calling that excellent.