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Mizzou Links, 9-3-13: Pinkel talks Toledo, and the Trib talks snaps and targets


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1. Looking to Week 2 Mizzou Ready For Toledo at Home Mizzou Football Media Day Quotes - Sept. 2

Opening Statement...

"Good afternoon. I appreciate everyone being here. Our players obviously for the holiday had the day off. There were some academic responsibilities they had this afternoon, so that was good for them to do that. Our staff is working on preparation for Toledo, and we're excited about the opportunity of them coming here. Fortunately, right now we are injury free for the most part, and that's good. Hopefully we can continue to improve as a football team. I think the emphasis of our team is consistency on offense and defense playing as units together. I think we need improvement there in the consistency of play. Offensively, it's like a band of different musical instruments.

"Defensively also, and we need to continue to work on our fundamentals. It's really important for this team to become a better football team each and every week, and I think for the most part, we have the kind of attitude and leadership to help us do that. And the best teams, as I have mentioned before, I've said this many times, the best teams around keep getting better, and hopefully we can do that and be a part of that.

"Toledo obviously, is a really good football program. There's a rich tradition there, and I know a little bit about it being there a few years. Matt Campbell has done a great job, young coach, but much disciplined coach. The team plays well. They're a very well coached team, they have good players and they recruit well. He's done a great job with that program. He went to Mount Union, and Alex Grinch on our staff played with him in college, which kind of dates me a little bit here. He's certainly a great young coach who's done a great job with the Toledo program. They have a rich tradition of playing well outside of their league, beating a lot of good football teams. So we recognize that and have respect for that. Other than that, it's time for us to get back to work tomorrow and hopefully become a better football team."

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2. Looking back at Week 1

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): SNAP DECISIONS: Missouri polishes its Nickel vs. Murray State

* As the number of receivers went up in Missouri's offense sets, so did the likelihood the Tigers would throw. Makes sense, right? A three-wideout set yielded a 68/32 run/pass split in the playcalling, while a four-wideout set had a 60/40 split for passing. [...]

* As you can see, the snaps among the top four linebackers were split pretty evenly throughout the game, though Ruise padded his numbers a little in garbage time. I would imagine, when the Tigers go base, you'd see Wilson, Brothers and Bonner's snap counts creeping up more.

* Who had Simon for the fourth-most snaps on the defense heading into the game? Not me. Again, the nickel.

* Ponder was benched for a drive after giving up that 34-yard completion over top. Payton was in the whole drive as the Racers methodically marched down the field and scored, and back came Ponder. The Tigers actually subbed Payton and Johnson in for two drives each while most of the first defense was still out there. Makes you wonder if that'll be a consistent thing, or whether Dave Steckel, Cornell Ford et al just wanted to get an extended look at a couple young corners in the opener.

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3. Pace pace pace pace pace

KC Star: MU’s offense really picks up the pace
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4. Future Tigers

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5. Profiles

Josey & Hansbrough
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Darius White
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6. Hey, how's Blaine coming along?

Big Cat Country: Blaine Gabbert injury: Jaguars QB throws at practice

7. Haith Haith Gives Back To Hometown Community

8. We've got a pretty good golf team, apparently Mizzou Golf Wins Third Turning Stone Title