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Rack M Nation - BEER!!!

Tailgating is all about food and BEER, so lets discuss great local, regional and even those big national beers that we love to enjoy before the game and maybe in a post game celebration.

Martin Rose

So, has put together some awesome beer ratings and groupings. Here are their groups and a few beers I like. What do you like to pair with your game day food of choice?

  • American Adjunct Lager - Bud Heavy or MGD/Schlitz for the old folks.
  • American Brown Ale - Nut Brown Ale from Goose Island
  • American Dark Wheat Ale - Ruddy Wheat from Weston Brewing Co.
  • American Double / Imperial IPA - Double Wide I.P.A. from Boulevard.
  • American Pale Lager - Yuengling & KC Pils.
  • American Porter - I'm not a big Porter fan
  • American Stout - Or stout really, so please edemucate me on these fine beers.
  • Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Brother Thelonious us just an awesome name here.
  • California Common / Steam Beer - Anchor is mighty fine.
  • Chile Beer - Gotta go with Flat Branch and Weston Brewing Co's Brew Labs #4.
  • Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB) - Redhook ESB is the only beer I've had on this list so I'm not very versed.
  • Light Lager - This is your good 'ol stand by. The Bud Lights of the world that will finish that buzz off after the good stuff has run out.
  • Smoked Beer - I bought some of the Norwegian Wood for my stepdad (who is norwegian), he calmly read the title and said "thats what your mother calls me". I hate him.
  • So, those are a few of my favorites or the categories in which I know nothing. Les us know what you look, what we should try and if theres anything I flat out missed.


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