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RMN Bowl Contest - Rolling Along

Though over 200 of us missed on the aTm spread, it was another strong day for the field

Can a defense which almost gives up half-a-hundred still "win the game for you"?
Can a defense which almost gives up half-a-hundred still "win the game for you"?
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning and Happy New Year!

Another very solid afternoon resulted in our contest moving further into uncharted waters, as we now sit at a 53.02% winning percentage, 644 picks to the good.  All-time, we are continuing to move away from mediocrity, now at 50.73% and over 700 picks to the positive.  Let's take a look at what is on tap today, the biggest bowl day of the year.

  • Georgia (-10) vs. Nebraska (O/U-61.5) - 72% taking Georgia / 59.9% taking the Under
  • North Texas (-7) vs. UNLV (O/U-56) - 58.6% taking North Texas / 57.8% taking the Under
  • Wisconsin (-1) vs. South Carolina (O/U-49) - 86.2% taking South Carolina (SEC!!) / 73.3% taking the Over
  • LSU (-8) vs. Iowa (O/U-49) - 84.9% taking LSU / 63.8% taking the Over
  • Stanford (-1.5) vs. Michigan State (O/U-44) - 60.8% taking Stanford / 52.6% taking the Over
  • Baylor (-17.5) vs. UCF (O/U-69.5) - 66.8% taking Baylor / 70.7% taking the Over

On the leaderboard, we have some further thinning of the pack at the top.  HNTR had a big day and has now stepped out to a 2-game lead at 34-12 (all-time record is 45, so that is certainly within reach).  In 2nd place,AlmostAdament is 32-14, and the we have a small group of four behind at 31-15 with swoelfel, poolmwv, DnrW and TommyV, the last three being named for the first time all year, so congrats to them.  At the other end, we have a change as well, with JimLC05 taking over with a 16-30 record, one game ahead of ColumbiaKramer and LongSnapper4Heisman who are sitting at 17-29.  There is a small group of four within spitting distance at 18-28 as well.

I typically try to keep the spreadsheet updated after each game, so here it is through this morning