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All-Time Bowl Contest Ranking (Part One)

How do you compare to the rest of the group?

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A good year by the entire group has elevated our individual results as well, leaving us with successful prediction percentages as good as I can remember.

By my calculations, we now have 442 individual prognosticators in our all-time participation list over seven years. Following are my best attempts to rank everyone in their groups that have participated at least three years in the contest. For those that have participated two years, I have ranked those who have at least a successful percentage rate of 50% or higher (58 of the 91 participants). For those who have participated in only one contest (277 participants) I have ranked the top 174 percentages (those over 50%) though I will only name the top 32 who have successfully predicted 60% or higher.

The Seven-Year Group

Of those who have been a part of the Bowl Pick 'Em Contest since the beginning, MU1839 remains the all-time leader with a 257/221 (53.77%) record. The Beef had a killer year this year, pushing him to second in this elite group with a 247/231 (51.67%) record, followed in third by Bill C at 244/234 (51.05%). Fourth place in the group goes to mcboomofdoom at 243/235 (50.84%), followed by Tailgate Queen at 237/241 (49.58%) and Mrs. Bill C at 236/242 (49.37%).

This group of six persons have a combined record of 1464/1404 (51.05%) after seven years of calling glorified exhibition games against the spread and predicting the over/under score – you would think these people must be part of a statistic analytical group of some kind rather than just a social media group interested in cooking, children, pets, music, spiderwebs and IT and legal issues.

The ongoing contest between the two RMN royalty couples changed leaders this year, due to The Beef's big season. He and the Tailgate Queen (484/472, 50.63%) now hold a narrow four-pick lead over Bill C and Mrs. Bill C (480/476, 50.21%).

The Six-Year Group

Topping the group of five who have entered the contest for six years is another RMN original: rptgwb with a 212/196, 51.96% record. Following him are ewmvv6 and Wooderson (tied at 202/212, 48.79%), AlaTiger (201/213, 48.55%) and stlcardinalsfang (198/210, 48.53%).

The Five-Year Group

MarioVanPeebles, Republic of China, not only has one of the longest and most interesting user names, but he also has the highest prognostication percentages of those veteran bowl predictors who have participated for four or more years (greater than 210 games). MVPROC sports a +40 record of 194/154 (55.75 %) proving than science adds perspective to good statistical analysis. Following him on the five-year list are countrycal (188/160, 54.02 %), shaffe (181/167, 52.01%), MUwxman (178/170, 51.15%), Pat Forde (172/172, 50%), Ausgiano (169/179, 48.56%), Beef's Coin Flip (169/179, 48.56%), and egp (165/179, 47.97%).

The Four-Year Group

The 20 members of the four-year group are led by golf2804 with a +30 record of 155/125, 55.36%. (The number of games predicted can differ since some of this group may have been involved in the earlier bowls when there were fewer than 35 bowl games.) Following the leader are: SleepyFloyd7 (151/123, 55.11%), MUPete (154/126, 55%), M7tiger (147/125, 54.04%), Transmogrified Tiger (146/130, 52.90%), earl billings (148/132, 52.86%), D-Sing (146/132, 52.52%), Tiemmel (147/133, 52.50%), Gaknar (146/134, 52.14%), pinkelposse (144/134, 51.80%), StopSpe (145/135, 51.79%), j7 (143/137, 51.07%), Mac6uffin (142/138, 50.71%), Professor Chaos (141/139, 50.36%), OKCTiger (140/140, 50%), jack618 (138/142, 49.29%), total loser (138/142, 49.29%), MULuke (137/143, 48.93%), tigers and chiefs fan (132/148, 47.14%), and mufaninkc (124/156, 44.29%).

This finishes part one of the All-Time list. A breakdown of the three-, two- and one-year participants will appear later in the week.