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RMN Bowl Contest - The End is Near

Oklahoma sprang a bit of a surprise on the contest last night. Did HNTR wrap it up?

Damn...we forgot to show up
Damn...we forgot to show up
Stacy Revere

Sorry for the late run on this one.  My boss has some nerve in thinking I am going to work on a Friday.  Anyway, Alabama set us back just a bit last night, though the over was a solid pick and kept us up over 53% still.  All time, we are still close to 51% at 50.91%, and with the games going on tonight, it is possible we could get over the 51% hump.  Let's take a look at tonight's docket:

  • Ohio State (-5) vs. Clemson (O/U-67) - 56.2% taking Ohio State / 60.2% taking the Over
  • Mizzou (-3.5) vs. Oklahoma State (O/U-62.5) - 91.3% taking Mizzou / 73.2% taking the Over
As you can see, Mizzou and the Over would look lovely in green.

On to the leaderboard, where HNTR stayed pretty hot and is now 43-17.  With 10 picks remaining, it seems all but certain that we will have a new record number of wins.  Now three games back, The Beef (yeah...I know) has been eliminated, as he only has two picks which differ from the leader.  Four games back at 39-21 we have a group of four, but only Mark Schlabaugh has a shot to pass the leader.  A full five games back is another group of four, with only mizzougold who has a shot to earn a tie.  With so many folks six games back, I did not take the time to look at their remaining picks, but I suppose it is possible.

At the other end, we have a tie at 22-38 between ColumbianKramer and LongSnapper4Heisman.  JimLC05 is a game clear and MUScott is two games clear.  Within shouting distance at three up is mizzousundevil and JCpatriot66.

I am thinking we may be able to declare a winner after tonight with four of the remaining 10 picks being up for grabs.  I may be headed out of town this weekend, so updates may be a little less frequent, but we will do our best to keep everyone up to speed.  For this interested, here is THE LINK.  Have at it!