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Mizzou Links, 1-30-14: Tigers still beat Arkansas, and it's 6 days to Signing Day

Mizzou's win over Arkansas had some potential NCAA Tournament repercussions, and it's six days to football's National Signing Day.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

1. Tuesday still happened

The Trib: Missouri basketball team spikes the obituary
The Missourian: Jabari Brown now Tigers top threat
PowerMizzou: What has changed: i.e. Getting off the bubble

2. Six days to Signing Day

PowerMizzou: Wednesday Recruiting Rundown
Fox Sports MW: Mizzou coaches are hustling to making Signing Day a winner

3. Certainly doesn't hurt...

Post-Dispatch: UM president vows to address student rape allegation
KC Star: MU system president says he hopes campuses can learn from Menu Courey investigation
The Missourian: VIDEO: UM System President Tim Wolfe talks about Sasha Menu Courey case

4. Whatever, NERD...

Ken Pomeroy: The predictive value of overtime margin

5. Next up for the Fightin' Pingetons

Holy crap, is every SEC women's basketball team ranked?? I swear, Mizzou plays two ranked teams per week... Tigers Continue SEC Play With No. 16 Vanderbilt Thursday
The Missourian: Missouri women's basketball freshmen strengthen bonds
The Trib: MU's Michaelis taking advantage of more time on court

6. Well THIS is optimistic...

Split Coverage: Tackling: The Rugby Ideal and the NFL’s Catch 22


The Missourian: Missouri softball underclassmen practice in Devine Athletic Pavilion

Workout Wednesday Workout Wednesday: Week 12

8. Mmmmmmmmm...

Serious Eats: Shrimp Nachos With Tomatillo Salsa

9. "Adulthood is overrated."

Consequence of Sound: 10 Things We Learned from Reality Bites