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Springfield News-Leader: Pot in DGB car wasn't DGB's

Joe Robbins

The Springfield News-Leader just filed a new story regarding Dorial Green-Beckham's marijuana arrest back on January 10:

When the three were arrested, documents show Springfield Police held them in jail while pursing possible charges of felony drug distribution against all three.

The new documents reveal only one of the three, Patrick Prouty, admitted owning the marijuana. Another man, John McDaniel, told police that Prouty sometimes sold pot. [...]

Green-Beckham was patted down during the encounter and the officer noted no illegal material was found on his person, the documents say. [...]

Green-Beckham reportedly told police that he smelled marijuana when he got into the vehicle but he never saw it, smoked it, knew how much was there or who it belongs to.

He was only in the Jeep to get a ride to a friend’s house, the documents, used to get a search warrant, say.

Now, obviously if he smelled marijuana at all, the smartest course of action would have been for DGB to find another ride to his friend's house. But this latest report certainly makes it difficult to imagine DGB getting anything more than a minor charge and a short suspension when all is said and done.

UPDATEGreen-Beckham's attorney has released a statement.

Full statement from Tyson J. Martin, attorney for Dorial Green-Beckham: ""As has been reported over the past 3 weeks, Dorial was arrested along with two friends after a car stop for possession of a controlled substance. Throughout this entire investigation, Dorial has denied, and continues to deny any knowledge, or any connection with a large amount of suspected marijuana that was found in the back of a vehicle in which Dorial was a passenger. The vehicle was not Dorial's nor was it discovered in an area that he was occupying. As has been filed with the Court in the form of search warrant returns, another occupant of the vehicle, Patrick Prouty admitted ownership of the marijuana. Additionally, a large amount of cash was also discovered in the pocket of Mr. Prouty, after he had refused to allow the officers to search him.

Dorial has been nothing but completely cooperative with law enforcement throughout this entire process. Dorial very much regrets putting himself in this situation, and he is anxious to put this ordeal behind him. We are hopeful, in light of what this investigation has uncovered, that this matter will quickly be resolved in a positive manner for Dorial."