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Rock M Bowl Pick 'em: We have a winner

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Thanks to Mizzou and Vanderbilt covering (and just about everybody taking the under on ASU-BSU last night), Rock M Nation had one hell of a weekend in the bowl pick 'em. A cool 91% of us picked Mizzou (nailed it), 73% picked the Cotton Bowl over, 80% picked Vandy to cover, and 72% picked the ASU-BSU under. What does that mean? We're currently at a cool 54.1% as a group, 1,300 games over .500. Congratulations! FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR EVERYBODY.

(We're now at 51.29% all-time.)

We also have a contest winner. At 47-21 (69%!), HNTR is two games up on TiK, and they both picked Auburn and the over, so there's no way HNTR can be caught. In all, 39 people have hit at least 60% ... you guys all picked the wrong year to be good at this because HNTR has been incredible.

At the other end, JCpatriot66 and LongSnapper4Heisman sit at 27-41 (40%), a game below (ahead of?) ColumbianKramer at the bottom. At least you weren't as bad as HNTR was good? Also: I'm two games behind my wife. So at least you don't have to deal with that.

All results here.