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RMN Bowl Contest - That is a Wrap

Though the winner was already determined, we used a tremendous final game to celebrate a tremendous bowl contest season

Harry How

As Bill had updated earlier in the weekend, HNTR was not going to be caught going into the final set of picks.  Though he did come up short of an astounding 50 wins, 49-21 destroyed the previous bowl contest record.  In fact, NINE people either tied or bested the 45-25 number, which is very impressive.  Three games back was a small group consisting of TiK, MizKC and The Beef. One back from there, but still deserving of mention at 45-25 was mizzougold, poolmwv, swoefel, granimal and SouthernTiger.

At the other end, the battle for the bottom came down to the final bowl, and still was not decided.  So, we have a tie (no tie-breakers down there), JCPatriot66 and LongSnapper4Heisman will share the honor at 28-42.  One up from them was ColumbianKramer who should be commended for waiting as long as possible to climb out of the cellar.  In all, we only had 40 people (out of 231) finish under .500.

With so many folks over .500, it means the contest as a whole had to be amazingly successful, which it was.  For the year, we went 8,747-7,423, for a winning percentage of 54.09%.  All-time, we now sit at 27,353-25,950 (yes, over 53,000 picks) for a winning percentage of 51.30%.

In the coming days/weeks/months, someone will work on updating the all-time spreadsheet with lots of factoids.  In the meantime, the spreadsheet for this year can be found here, while the all-time (through last year) can be found here.

I really do hope everyone enjoyed participating this year.  Thanks to Bill for being so creative with the excel spreadsheet to make it as easy as he does on me to run this.  Seven years are in the books, and I am looking forward to even more people in 2014.  Stay tuned in March for the bracket contest!