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Missouri 41, Oklahoma State 31: Grading the offense

Your offensive MVPs: Henry Josey (8.59), Evan Boehm (7.47), Maty Mauk (7.42), Justin Britt (7.32), and Mitch Morse (7.05). Honestly, you guys graded the line a lot higher than I would have thought.

Ronald Martinez

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 6.85 (season average: 7.19)


A bit conservative, but a nice game nonetheless.

Having a hard time deciding on a grade due to the lack of execution for large parts of the game. Did not like the return of the empty backfield. -Mac6

I still contend this is an O.C.'s dream. Competent QB play, Josey, and MAMMOTH receivers.

I think he called a decent game, but he just didn't get the execution from his playmakers that he needed. — jst

Mr. Henson has done a great job for his first year of play calling. Next year he needs to come up with plays to keep the defense off balance more. Maybe more triple option thrown into the offence design.

Overall rust wasn't his fault, thought it was a good gameplan and had good intentions of keeping it balanced.

Questionable calls at times but got us where we needed to be.

Way too much 5 wide. JF was struggling, run the damn ball!


Maty Mauk: 7.42 (season average: 6.31)
James Franklin: 4.98 (7.32)

Awful game for James, but I really do believe his WRs let him down and hurt his confidence.

Dropped balls aren't the QBs fault. Mauk was lightning in a bottle and Tanklin was timely in his last game.

Feeling good about the future, although I bet Mauk makes lots of highlight reel plays for both teams next year.

I don't want to overvalue one series but... -Mac6

James had a great year. I am afraid that his performance here in the Cotton Bowl (not pretty) is what people will remember the most of his playing time at MIZZOU. Maty - good first year of playing. Now will that intensity and determination roll into 2014 or does Eddie Printz have a chance? Win Win either way!

JF was horrible. Couldn't have played much worse. Maty ran like Manziel.

Love the way franklin finished, kid showed a lot of heart

Mauk provided a spark once and went 3-and-out once. I think we knew we'd see that kind of variance for him. James looked off most of the night — sad to see him go out that way. — jst

People put way too much stock during the game on Mauk's one good drive. Buy hey, narrative. /Salues James Franklin

Tank got better when it mattered.

Wish James had a better game, he deserved it. Receivers stunk it up

Running Back

Henry Josey: 8.59 (season average: 7.51)
Marcus Murphy: 6.98 (6.85)
Russell Hansbrough: 6.95 (6.94)

/salutes Henry F. Josey

All 3 had great runs but Henry Josey is a boss! Love that kid.

Can this thing be rigged to give Josey a 10000000000?

Good-bye, Henry. Nothing but love.


Henry F&%$ing Josey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josey had a helluva game to end his Mizzou career on.

Josey was the bright spot on offense. -Mac6

Josey you stud.

Josey, please come back, I would love it if he was the all time leading rusher in mizzou history

Solid job. Get the holes and your gone! Henry 1 more year please!! Russell your just going to get bigger and stronger! Marcus the same for you! How about a triple option using these 3? WOW

Wide Receiver

Worst game of the year for them as a group.

Dorial Green-Beckham: 6.56 (season average: 7.06)
L'Damian Washington: 6.56 (7.22)
Marcus Lucas: 6.09 (6.80)
Jimmie Hunt: 5.58 (6.14)
Bud Sasser: 5.57 (6.29)

A lot of drops

Are Sasser and Hunt capable starters next year or does someone else move in to that role?

butter fingers

Catch the Damn Ball

Despite the drops, decent job.

DGB seemed to regress a bit, maybe because of the better corners? Good learn experience if nothing else. /salues L'Damian Washington

Dropped balls were a pain but had great blocking downfield on the runs.

Drops early

Got to catch the balls before running guys! Better work on concentration this spring and summer camp and be ready for fall!

I guess they caught enough balls, ultimately, but dang. The first half was just awful. No excuse for EVERYONE dropping everything.

None of them looked liked themselves. Fugly performance

Soooo many drops. Good heavens.

Tough to grade any of these guys above a 6-7, but DGB gets some benefit from his big catch at the end of the game. — jst

Worst game of the year for them as a group. -Mac6

Worst game of the year for this group. DGB had better learn to fight off tight coverage or his NFL stay will be short.

WR had an off game and did not do much in the first half to help their QB with numerous drops. THey got their act together in the 2nd and i already cant wait til next year

Tight End

Eric Waters: 5.68 (season average: 6.01)
Sean Culkin: 5.11 (5.19)

Big drop, but otherwise not noticeable.

Did they even play?

For the last time this year: blocking.

Huge drop by Waters. Culkin needs to get the ball.

I want me some culkin next year hopefully a coffman eqse season

I'm sure they were on the field but i didn't notice them.

Sorry to Eric get hurt.

They blocked. -Mac6

Under used due to great wide outs

We have TEs?

You guys did what you was asked to do. Maybe 2014 will be the return of the pass to TE's?

Offensive Line

The OL played pretty well, but Max had too many penalties. Please don't eat me, Max.

Evan Boehm: 7.47 (season average: 7.59)
Justin Britt: 7.32 (7.28)
Mitch Morse: 7.05 (7.23)
Connor McGovern: 6.95 (7.18)
Max Copeland: 6.68 (7.07)

/salutes entire o-line

Finally started muscling the Cowboys D at the end of the game. I'm going to mix this Slayer cover band.

Gave up lots of penetration but paved the way for a lot of points and yards.

GREAT JOB THIS YEAR!! The line is where you win games! Without you work horses the QB and RB's are nothing! Beef up this winter, watch film and practice techniques. The whole game starts with you guys! Looking for a great 2014!

I love the hogs

Line was dominating at times and dominated at another, very up an down but still a lovely game to cap off an awesome season

Max had 2 big penalties that MM overcame. Decent effort against a good DL

Not a great day for the OL either. -Mac6

Overall they were solid

Poor Max did not have a good night. Of all the match ups in the game, I was most surprised by how well OSU did against our O-line (or how poorly the O-line did, either way). — jst

Rawr Max Copeland

Solid all year long

The OL played pretty well, but Max had too many penalties. Please don't eat me, Max.