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Missouri 41, Oklahoma State 31: Grading the defense

Your defensive MVPs: Kony Ealy (8.52), E.J. Gaines (8.52), Michael Sam (8.02), Andrew Wilson (8.00), and Shane Ray (7.58).

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, I'd like to assume that the Matt White hatred in comments is an attempt at parody.

Defensive Coordinator

Dave Steckel: 7.12 (season average: 6.72)


Great gameplan, OSU struggled mightily for the first three quarters

Hell of a coach...kept us in the game when the offense stalled

Keep doing the things that forces those turnovers.

Nice bounce back from the SEC championship

Nice game. Nice season.

OSU got rolling in the 4th, but most of the game they didn't make it easy. -Mac6

Solid game plan

Still seems like WR are left alone too much

Tremendous job of holding the Cowboys in check most of the game.

Defensive End


Kony Ealy: 8.52 (season average: 7.20)
Michael Sam: 8.02 (7.28)
Shane Ray: 7.58 (6.78)
Markus Golden: 7.30 (7.11)

All of them scored td's this season thats amazing in itself best d-line i have ever seen at mizzou

Another useful performance from D Line U

Beast Mode

Best 4-headed DE crew of all time.

Ealy became the best DE on the Mizzou team. -Mac6

Keys to the defense as always.

Kony locked himself in the first round of the draft and Sam made a big play when we needed him most! You both will be dearly missed.


Sam came up huge when he needed to, Ealy made a statement for draft day, and what more can you say about Shane Ray's score? Great all around

Sam saved the best for last

Target acquired. SAM launched. /salutes d-line

The story book ending to the season (other than it happening in Pasadena) and the game

When the had to, they came up big. Can't ask for more than that.


Defensive Tackle

Harold Brantley: 6.95 (season average: 6.59)
Matt Hoch: 6.58 (6.58)
Lucas Vincent: 6.53 (6.51)
Josh Augusta: 6.32 (6.15)

Brantley had a hell of a game for a DT. -Mac6

Clogged up the middle nicely

DT did a good job stuffing the middle, all guts no glory, great way to end the season

I'm so incredibly excited that all 4 of these gentlemen will be back next year.

Nearly perfect except for the auburn blunder

Really looking forward to Harold and Josh's progression next year




Andrew Wilson: 8.00 (season average: 7.16)
Kentrell Brothers: 6.84 (6.61)
Donovan Bonner: 6.42 (6.34)
Darvin Ruise: 5.93 (6.12)

/salutes LB's

Andrew Wilson had a signature game. Dude was in on damn-near every tackle.

Another great game for Wilson. Can't wait to see how Brothers develops over the offseason.

I can't wait in 20-25 years to see the next Wilson at Mizzou. -Mac6

Let's see if we can raise those 40 times over the offseason.

need more speed

Nice game!

Wilson breaks his dads tackle record and the rest of the lbs were mostly forgettable or atleast i dont remember them doing anything good or bad


E.J. Gaines: 8.52 (season average: 7.64)
Randy Ponder: 7.44 (6.68)
Aarion Penton: 6.55 (6.59)
John Gibson: 6.41 (6.38)

/salutes EJ Gaines

Best game of Ponder's career

Can't wait to see EJ tear it up in the NFL. Dude hits hard.

EJ Gaines is amazing, the freshman give me hope for next year

EJ Gaines, Willy-Mo, Pig Brown... my favorite MU seconday players.

EJ is a stud and Ponder did MUCH better that I expected this year. Thanks for a great season, CBs!

Gonna miss EJ so much next year. Come on Penton! -Mac6

We will miss EJ


Braylon Webb: 7.39 (season average: 6.63)
Duron Singleton: 6.23 (5.98)
Ian Simon: 6.11 (6.16)
Matt White: 5.47 (6.08)

Braylon's INT was huge.

I know Matt White gets clubbed in these a lot... but damn. Every time he's involved in a great play he's seemingly the victim rather than the perpetrator. -Mac6

I will never have to complain about Matt White again, kind of a sobering moment

It's the last time I can make fun of him so here we go: Matt White was juked so hard that he ran away from teh guy carrying the ball. Congrats on your graduation Matt!

Love me some Braylon Webb. And Matt White had a solid outing

Matt white sucks

We are officially finished with Matt White! I remember wishing he would get called for a targeting penalty every game but he doesn't have to physicality to even be in that position.

Special Teams

Baggett is awful

Andrew Baggett (kickoffs): 8.41 (season average: 7.69)
Jake Hurrell (long-snapping): 8.14 (7.35)
Braylon Webb: 7.69 (6.95)
Andrew Baggett (place-kicking): 7.87 (6.13)
Christian Brinser: 7.48 (6.81)

Baggett is awful

Bags had a great game

Great Job Andrew! You made us Proud!

I hope this means Baggett has turned the corner. -Mac6

Second best game of the year for Baggett.

Special teams showed that they were fully capable and ready to step it up #jakehurrellforheisman

Thats the Baggett I like to see.

Very proud of Bagget's performance. He'll be a strength next year.