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Georgia Bulldogs defeat Mizzou Tigers 34-0

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Not much to see here from Mizzou's offense on a grey day in Columbia as the Tigers are shut out by the Georgia Bulldogs, 34-0

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Gurley didn't play. Nick Chubb did. The difference hardly seemed to matter as he ran for over a hundred yards.

A "capacity" crowd of 71,168 watched a team that gave it everything it could on defense, but couldn't not get consistent play from the quarterback.

May Mauk threw multiple (4) interceptions, some his fault, some not. Mizzou couldn't complete a third down. The offensive line could barely give Mauk time, but in the rare instance when they did, he still felt pressure and would bail out of the pocket. It never felt like he could find an open receiver, some of that had to do with them not getting separation.

The defense forced several fumbles, and one near interception, but couldn't fall on the ball. The defensive line played well but ultimately was pulled in a dozen different ways. Shane Ray was held without a sack, as was Markus Golden. Charles Harris and Harold Brantley each had (at least) one. Kentrell Brothers lead the defense in tackles.

This was the first time Mizzou had been shut out at home since a 2002 38-0 routing by Kansas State.

The defense tried to hang in as long as they could, but ultimately being on the field for twice the time the offense was, when the offense isn't being explosive, wears a team down. If you're blaming the defense, I really don't think we watched the same game.

More notes to come. Maybe.

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