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They Supposed to Be SEC: Instant Reactions from Week 7 of SEC Football

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The college football word keeps on turning

South Carolina

How Does Dylan Thompson compare to other SEC quarterbacks? - Garnet And Black Attack

With half the season gone and a bye week approaching, it's as good a time as any to compare Dylan to the rest of his SEC counterparts to see just how his play stacks up against the "average" SEC quarterback in five important categories - yards per attempt (with sacks included as attempts); completion percentage; interceptions per attempt; sacks per attempt; and "bad" plays, which are defined as plays that end in either a sack or interception.


Georgia 34, Mizzou 0: Old Man Football, He Just Keeps Rolling Along. - Dawg Sports

As a Georgia bulldog fan it is a little hard to know how to look at the world on a day when everything went so unexpectedly right. Georgia pitched it's first road shut out of a top 25 ranked team in school history. They shut out the Missouri Tigers, who had not been blanked since 2002. When you win the turnover battle 5/0 you ought to win the football game, and win it decisively. In fact Georgia is 32–2 under Mark Richt in games in which they do not turn the ball over once. So all the numbers check out.


LSU 30, Florida 27: Gators go down in unbelievable, all-timer loss - Alligator Army

But this was a bizarre game all night, with Debose making plays — on a punt return touchdown, the first of his career, and a 35-yard carry on a jet sweep, the longest of his career, and a second great punt return — and Driskel running well (21 carries, 71 yards, one TD) and Florida's previously stout run defense getting run over by LSU freshman Leonard Fournette (140 yards, two TDs). Driskel played both horribly (as many expected) and wonderfully (as few did); LSU was wholly incompetent through the air before hitting a single pass for more than a third of its passing yardage; Florida's playcalling alternated between brilliant and bone-headed; seemingly every 50-50 call went against the Gators or for the Tigers.


Vanderbilt Holds Off #23 Charleston Southern on Homecoming Behind Johnny McCrary and Dallas Rivers - Anchor Of Gold

An out-of-nowhere two-point conversion proved to be the difference between a win and overtime on homecoming. Vanderbilt got out to an early lead and held on to beat FCS foe Charleston Southern 21-20 on Saturday.


Kentucky rolls to a lopsided victory over LA-Monroe ... Eventually - A Sea Of Blue

Patrick Towles was OK today, could have been better considering that ULM was using back up cornerbacks but it is hard to complain with three TDs and no interceptions.

Texas A&M


Losing gets old. This shit gets old really realy quick. But the fact of the matter is that we're losing to teams that are flat out better than us. Maybe that should make it easier to take, but really it doesn't. I have to keep reminding myself that this year was a rebuilding year. I predicted 8-4 to start, and I'm still sticking with that. Losing just plain sucks. So let's break down the suckitude as best we can and move one.


Vols beat Mocs 45-10, look good in spots - Rocky Top Talk

The Tennessee Volunteers put up 45 points and held the Mocs to 10 in what looks to be a rout on the scoreboard. You could also probably make an argument that it was, in fact, a rout. Tennessee looked great in certain aspects of the game. The defense held UTC to just over 200 total yards, 11 first downs, and 5 third down conversions, and they looked impressive doing it.


Alabama Crimson Tide 14, Arkansas Razorbacks 13: No Answers - Arkansas Fight

I'm not going to try to explain why Arkansas made the mistakes they made. Arkansas held Alabama to only 66 rushing yards and 161 passing yards. The Razorbacks had 89 rushing yards and 246 passing yards. The Hogs gained 112 more yards overall. Arkansas picked up 18 first downs to Alabama's 10. Arkansas converted 5 more 3rd downs, ran 26 more plays and held the ball for about nine more minutes. Arkansas had two fewer three-and-outs. The two teams would have been even on turnovers if not for Allen's late interception.



Initial Impressions from the Arkansas Game - Roll 'Bama Roll

Following a close loss in Oxford to what appears to be the best Ole Miss team in decades, the Tide rolled into Fayetteville on a mission to destroy an improving Arkansas team and reassert its standing as a legitimate playoff contender. Unfortunately the game played out in such a way that it's tough not to question where this team is, what they are truly capable of, and how the collection of talent that's assembled on this roster can manage to underperform in almost every facet of the game.


First Impressions: LSU 30, Florida 27 - And The Valley Shook

However, LSU is starting to look a bit more like the LSU teams we all know under Les Miles. The defense had to make two huge stops to bail out an offense that was guided by nearly incompetent quarterback play. Anthony Jennings got the start, and all of the snaps, and proceeded to show little of why Miles has placed so much faith in him. He threw for 110 yards on 10 for 21. At least he took care of the ball and didn't throw any picks.


Turnovers Cost Auburn in 38-23 Loss to Mississippi State - College and Magnolia

Auburn hurt themselves early in the game with two costly turnovers--a Nick Marshall interception and a Duke Williams fumble--and Mississippi State took advantage of both, jumping to a quick 14-0 lead. The Bulldogs continued to grind down Auburn's defense to make it 21-0 at the end of the 1st quarter. In the second quarter, two field goals and a Duke Williams touchdown grab got the Tigers within 15 points, and going into halftime, Auburn fans seemed to have faith that Head Coach Gus Malzahn and Defensive Coordinator Ellis Johnson would make some critical halftime adjustments. The third quarter appeared to prove this assumption, as Auburn drove the ball 99 yards down field for a Duke Williams 15-yard touchdown grab to make it a one-score ballgame at 28-20--while not allowing the Bulldogs to score.

Mississippi State

Quick Thoughts: No. 3 Mississippi State 38, No. 2 Auburn 23 - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

2) Dak Prescott did not always look sharp in the contest, but he managed to get the job done when it counted. At the end of the day, MSU fans have to feel pretty good about him going for 200-100 and three total TDs in the contest, making him the all-time touchdowns responsible leader at Mississippi State.  To call him a special player is an understatement.