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Mizzou Links: Keanau Post posts up, Josh Henson talks about Maty

Keanau Post takes a star turn in the Black & Gold Game, Josh Henson talks about Josh Henson's struggles, and J'Den Cox will take part in an all-star showcase.

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What's On

Black & Gold game highlights!


MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Hoops Plays to Tie in Annual Black & Gold Scrimmage


Opening Statement...

"I felt kind of like Bud Selig in the all-star game, with a 35-35 tie. There was a bit of a controversy back there. They wanted to finish the game. I thought overall, there were some really good things. We talked lot about defense I think there were some spurts where we were aggressive. The first seven minutes of the game were pretty good, and then the last 13 were not quite as good. But I think there were some times in there where we looked pretty good. Our offensive execution was a lot better than I thought it would be, really. We haven't worked a whole lot on offense, more in the last four or five days probably. I thought we made extra passes, thought we got the ball inside. I thought our big guys did a nice job, we got 23 points out of Ryan and Keanau so that's something we want to do, we want to try to throw it inside so we can get some easy baskets. Hopefully we will shoot a little better but you know I think were a team that is evolving from an offensive standpoint. We just need to do a better job defensively, especially transition we work a lot on defensive transition. Tonight I think we got caught up and we didn't get back on defense. We don't want to give up a bunch of lay-ups, I saw a bunch of dunks and lay-ups on the pass break. Its October 14th, so I am pretty pleased with this group so far."

On making shots this season...

"Were running some high-low stuff and we actually got some high-low stuff. D'Angelo made some good passes inside, I was really pleased. You know from an offensive standpoint you get really excited, from a defensive standpoint it's too easy and we need to put some more pressure. I thought we started off a little soft, we got pretty aggressive for a few minutes and then we got tired. We only have 12 guys, so we had to keep rotating guys in."

On success this season...

"I think we have to be a really good defensive team. I think at times we are going to struggle offensively until we figure everything out. But to start with, we have to think about defense, I think we could be more aggressive. I'm just not sure we were aggressive enough tonight, but again, any part of that is conditioning. I just want to get better every game. I think we're a young team, we have about eight guys that didn't play a year ago, so eight out of 12 have never played before. A successful season to me would be improving every night out. Obviously, contending for whatever postseason honors that we're close to getting to also.

The Trib: Post asserts himself in Black & Gold scrimmage

By the midway point of the second 10-minute period, Post was playing confidently enough to break from a script that had him banking in layups and throwing down slams. Standing with his back to the basket near the baseline, he faked turning to his right and spun back left, releasing a soft jumper as his momentum carried him in the direction of his Black side’s bench.

That dropped too for the last of Post’s game-high 14 points. He wound up shooting 6 for 8 from the field and matched a game high with five rebounds while also handing out one assist, picking up one steal and committing a pair of turnovers.

"Honestly, I think he’s always had it, and we’ve seen glimpses all the time," said junior Ryan Rosburg, who’s matched up with Post in practice as often as not since he enrolled at Missouri in the summer of 2013.

"He’s like 280 now. He’s a giant big, man. He could always play, and I think last year, he just had some tough times, and it got to his head. He’s rolling now and he’s playing really well."

Post-Dispatch: Big men thrive in Mizzou scrimmage

The Missourian: Black & Gold Scrimmage led by big men


Post-Dispatch: Mizzou to play prime-time Thursday at home in 2015

Mauk's still the man

Post-Dispatch: Henson goes deep on Mizzou's offensive woes

After watching the coaches’ film, Henson saw many more opportunities for downfield passes that MU couldn’t pull off. Protection was good enough and receivers were open, Henson said. It doesn’t take an offensive guru to understand his point. Quarterback play was a big reason for the struggles. Henson saw what everyone else saw Saturday. Maty Mauk was scrambling too early and too often.

"The first few pass plays we let guys go right in his face, which I think kind of spooked him," Henson said. "Then you’ve got to hang in there and trust and believe. As the game went along the protection got better. We had guys open and we weren’t hanging in there long enough to make those reads and get those plays done." [...]

Is Mauk a better passer outside of the pocket? "We don’t get him outside of the pocket much," Henson said. "Maybe that’s something we should do more. When he’s scrambling he’s losing a lot of yards that makes it hard for you to get the ball down the field. We’ve got to protect him better. He’s got to hang in there. We’e got to get open."

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri Notes: The "Matter of Trust" edition

The Trib: Mauk still the man for Missouri

The Missourian: Maty Mauk faces new challenges ahead of Florida

Take care, Grandpa

MUTIGERS.COM: Mike Alden Statement Regarding Mike Slive Announcement
Post-Dispatch: SEC's Slive will step down in 2015

SHANE 2014 Midseason All-America team


Hey, J'Den
MUTIGERS.COM: J'den Cox To Compete At NWCA All-Star Classic
InterMat: NCAA champ Cox to face Schiller at All-Star Classic

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Returns Home to Face LSU Friday on SEC Network

Women's Hoops
The Trib: MU women's hoops team has a few question marks to answer


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