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Mizzou Links: Florida, Winslow, Teki, and ... NORRRRRRRRM

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Mizzou heads to Gainesville, Kellen Winslow is an SEC legend, Montaque Gill-Caesar is a team player, men like poutine and sriracha, and ... HELLO, NORM.

The Savitar

What's On


1 day to Florida

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Stat Spotlight: Missouri vs. the Average

Backwards Plays: Missouri is giving up 6.6 tackles for loss per game, which is 26 percent worse than its opponents' other opponents (5.23). On a per-play basis, that percentage jumps to 28 percent (one every 10.2 plays versus one every 14.1).

Total Offense: Missouri is averaging 27 points, 67 plays, 350.8 yards and 5.24 yards per play against FBS competition. Those FBS teams give up an average of 30.9 points, 73.6 plays, 421.8 yards and 5.73 yards a play against other FBS teams. So Missouri is 12.6, 9.0, 16.8 and 8.6 percent worse than average in those categories, respectively.

Sustaining Drives: Missouri's average drive against FBS teams this year has traveled 25.4 yards in 4.86 plays. Those teams' other FBS opponents have averaged 5.92 plays for 33.9 yards on their drives. That's a dip of 17.9 percent in plays and 24.9 percent in yards for the Tigers. More concerning -- time of possession. Missouri is averaging 26:46 per game. Its FBS opponents' other opponents have averaged 30:15.

The Missourian: Sean Culkin at home with Tigers when football team travels to Florida

MUTIGERS.COM: Reserved Ticket Four-Pack Available for Vanderbilt and Kentucky football games

Kellen Winslow DID win two-thirds of his SEC games...

2-1 in 1978.

SEC Sports: 2014 SEC Football Legends Class

MISSOURI - Kellen Winslow, Tight End, 1976-78

One of the top tight ends to ever play the game, Kellen Winslow was a two-time All-Big Eight player and consensus All-American as a senior. His 28 passes caught for 479 yards and six TDs in 1978 were just the tip of the iceberg. He went on to a nine-year NFL career with the San Diego Chargers and revolutionized the tight end position, catching 541 passes for 6,741 yards and 45 TDs. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1995, and was a 2003 inductee into the College Football Hall of Fame. He was also honored in 2004 as an NCAA Silver Anniversary Award Winner. Winslow is currently the Director of Athletics at Florida A&M University.

Basketball season approaches

Post-Dispatch: Gill-Caesar gives MU more depth

"He’s a great team player," Anderson said. "He shoots the ball well. He’s a good defender. Teki’s a good basketball player. He doesn’t have experience. ... He can go up and dunk with the best, but he’s pretty smooth about his game. I think everybody will like him."

If Tuesday’s Black and Gold scrimmage is an indication, it won’t take Gill-Caesar long to become a fan favorite. He teamed with MU women’s player Morgan Stock to win the 3-point contest then scored seven points and pulled down four rebounds in 17 minutes of the 20-minute scrimmage.

The Mizzou coach who knows Gill-Caesar best expects the freshman to make an immediate impact on defense.

"Physically he can overpower wings," Fulford said. "One of the things we’d like to see him do more is be more assertive in overpowering people. He likes to challenge finesse guys, and if you look at him, he can be that finesse guy. But he’s much more of a power guard who needs to play that way."

COMMENTARY: After roster shuffle, Missouri men's basketball will be underdog - Columbia Missourian

Olympic Mizzou

MUTIGERS.COM: Gold Bats Past Black for 5-3 Win
KBIA Sports: Gold overpowers Black in Game 4 of Mizzou’s Fall World Series

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Volleyball Sets Social Media Night for Friday vs. LSU

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Faces No. 17 Georgia on Friday, Hosts Alabama Sunday on Senior Day

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Softball Adds Fall Doubleheader for Friday, Oct. 17

Cross Country
MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou XC to Take on Pre-National Invite on Saturday

Women are from Venus, men are from Poutine

Pacific Standard: What Big Data Can Tell Us About the Things We Eat

According to GrubHub’s data bank, there’s one food choice, an undisputed American favorite, that transcends sex and unifies the genders: pizza. Both men and women order it—in addition to fries and soda—at nearly the same rates. (The stats on our pizza consumption are equally alarming and amazing.) But from there choices quickly diverge. Women are more likely to order pressed juices than sodas, as well as frozen yogurt rather than milkshakes (yes, I too am wondering who GrubHubs a milkshake). Edamame is 61 percent more common with women, avocado rolls 57 percent, and plantains 44 percent.

"While men gravitate toward fad foods such as poutine and dishes featuring Sriracha hot sauce, women are drawn to pressed juice, gluten-free options and dishes featuring chia seeds, quinoa and kale," the GrubHub white paper explains. These findings also confirm the results of research external to these numbers; a survey of eating habits found that British men eat fewer fruits and vegetables than their toddlers. Oh, and that men prefer bacon.