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Post game interviews and GIF-highlights of Mizzou's 42-13 victory over Florida

About the only way Mizzou DIDN'T score was via a passing touchdown or safety.

Gary Pinkel

Markus Golden

Marcus Murphy

Speaking of Marcus Murphy, he scored Mizzou's first three touchdowns

A 96 yard kick return to open the game:

A 5 yard rushing touchdown:

I want to note, right before the ball was snapped, the announcer said about Florida's defense, "You gonna run it against this look?"

And finally an 81 yard punt return:

Followed by a 2 point conversion from Maty Mauk to Bud Sasser:

Shane Ray forced a fumble recovered by Mizzou for a touchdown

I particularly enjoy this angle, featuring Markus Golden gator-chomping after the scoop and score:

Jeff Driskel followed that up by throwing a pick 6 to Florida native Darvin Ruise:

And to top it all off, Harold Brantley recorded his 3rd blocked kick of his Mizzou career: