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A quick breakdown of Maty Mauk's Interception

Maty Mauk threw an interception in the first quarter vs Florida that summarized Mizzou's offensive woes

Rob Foldy

On twitter, T.J. Moe immediately chimed in:

That pick was not Maty Mauk's fault. It was a tunnel screen. WR has to come flatter down the line, guard has to get out and block faster

Through the miracles of modern GIF-technology, I was able to break down Mauk's interception and while I mostly agree with Moe, I have one quibble:

There were three key areas where this play went wrong:

  1. Mauk threw it off his back foot
  2. Connor McGovern didn't get out to block fast enough
  3. Florida corner Marcus Maye was able to read the play

We've talked a lot about how Maty has a bad habit of throwing off his back foot, costing him accuracy velocity. Mauk, without really seeing any pressure, sacrificed his footwork on what should be an easy pitch and catch to Bud Sasser. On most plays he can get away with this, but it's just another example of Mauk's poor footwork affecting his throwing mechanics.

As you can see when the GIF slows down, Darius White is crossing in front of Connor McGovern to try and make the catch. Somehow I don't think that's how the play was drawn up since any time you have to get around a 300 lb lineman to catch the ball things obviously become more difficult.

Because Darius White didn't come flat down the line of scrimmage, or at least flatter, Florida corner Marcus Maye was able to see the break of White's route and get underneath the ball. Mizzou struggles with getting separation against defenses and this is an example of why.

In the end, I think this play was an example of Mizzou's offensive problems in a nutshell:

  1. Shaky QB play
  2. Mistakes by the offensive line
  3. Route-running by the wide receivers