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Mizzou Links: Gant and Allen return, J3 recovering from minor knee surgery

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The Thursday Watercooler wishes all our injured Tigers a speedy recovery and is happy to hear that two hoopsters are rejoining the team.

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Jack Peglow and Sam Snelling talk about everything from Mizzou Golf to the latest Mizzou hoops 'crootin.

Newlogo_medium Mizzou Football: Injury updates, concussion protocols, 'crootin

Gary Pinkel on the SEC teleconference: Bye Week edition - Columbia Daily Tribune | David Morrison

Will Hunt and White be back for Georgia on October 11?

I think Hunt will be back for sure, I would think. I'm not sure about Darius. Darius will be right on the edge there. The good news is we're going to get them both back, and one will be better than none. Hopefully we'll get them both back.

What about Morgan Steward?

I think that's doubtful. I think he'll be close, maybe. I'm not sure. It's kind of a day-to-day thing with him. He's on the right track. He's getting better. But the seriousness of the injury is such that the timetable is really hard to pinpoint. I would think, right now, that would be doubtful. But maybe a week or two after that. He's already redshirted. Even if he plays the last four games, that would be a real plus for us. We're just hoping he gets back as fast as he can.

Pinkel hopeful on WR injuries : Dave Matter - It's nice to see Mizzou being on top of this issue

* With concussions back in the headlines thanks to the controversial handling of a backup quarterback’s head injury at Michigan, Pinkel was asked to review his in-game policy for suspected head injuries.

He explained: "What happens is Rex Sharp, our trainer, he comes to me, and he tells me — he does that with everyone who’s out — he says, ‘John Smith is out. We’re analyzing him. It’s a possible concussion. He got hit in the head. I’ll get back to you.’ That player can’t go back on the field until (Sharp) tells me that he’s OK to go. What I do is tell my whole staff on my headset, both offense and defense, ‘John Smith is out. Right now he’s indefinitely out. We don’t know when he’s going to be back.’ Then the medical staff makes the decision whether he goes in. I’m not part of that. I shouldn’t be. Then (Sharp) will come back to me and say, ‘John Smith is OK. He’s been cleared to go back in.’ Then he goes in. That’s how we do it. - Powered Up: Sizing up the East

Mizzou: I saved the one you guys really want to know about for last. The biggest reason Mizzou might win the East is their schedule. They have already won one of the two most difficult road games on their schedule (and by the way, have won five straight SEC road games and seven straight roadies overall). They get Georgia, the most logical competition, at home. While there are no walks in the park against the SEC West, if you have to play teams from that division, I think you'd like to have Arkansas be one of them and Missouri has that.



Newlogo_medium Mizzou Hoops: Jakeenan Gant and D'Angelo Allen update

Notes from Missouri basketball media day - Columbia Daily Tribune | Steve Walentik

"In order to return, they had to fulfill some things that we wanted them to do in regards to character development, in regards to community service, in regards to basketball conditioning, and they fulfilled those, and as a matter of fact, have surpassed our expectations," Anderson said.

Mizzou assistant AD arrested for DWI, suspended : Dave Matter

In unrelated news Wednesday, Missouri basketball coach Kim Anderson lifted the suspensions for freshmen D'Angelo Allen and Jakeenan Gant, who were arrested last month on suspicion of misdemeanor third-degree assault stemming from a fight with three men in downtown Columbia. As of Wednesday, neither player had been charged with a crime related to the incident.

Missouri’s most productive returnee dealing with minor knee issue | CollegeBasketballTalk

Of note is the fact that Williams expects to be ready for Missouri’s exhibition opener on October 29 against William Jewell College. The front court is where Missouri returns the majority of its experience from last season, with fellow starter Ryan Rosburg (4.8 ppg, 4.1 rpg) and senior Keanau Post (8.1 mpg) joining Williams. Missouri also added freshmen Jakeenan Gant and D’Angelo Allen, which will help with regards to both depth and talent in the front court.

Web extra: Montaque Gill-Caesar media day interview | Sports - Home

Click-thru for a nice video interview with Montaque Gill-Ceaser, Mizzou's high-profile hoops commit.

Newlogo_medium Women's Hoops: 'crootin

MU women's hoops collects first commitment of 2016 class - Columbia Daily Tribune | Blake Toppmeyer

The Missouri women's basketball team received its first verbal commitment to its 2016 recruiting class Wednesday when Kirkwood High School's 5-foot-9 junior guard Jordan Roundtree pledged to the Tigers.

Newlogo_medium Former Tigers: Keyon Dooling, EJ Gaines

Grantland | Keyon Dooling’s Secret

The 13-year NBA veteran on the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, the breakdown he endured after years of holding back the memories, and finding his calling as a public speaker and life coach.

Rookies who have outplayed their 2014 draft position |

6. Rams CB E.J. Gaines, Round 6 (188 overall) Gaines showed good quickness and was very smooth in his pro day workout, showing very good hands. He's only 5-foot-10, but if he were 6-foot, he would have been drafted a lot higher. It didn't seem to impact him covering much taller receivers like the Buccaneers' Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans while starting for the injured Trumaine Johnson in Week 2. With Johnson coming back, the Rams are looking for ways to keep Gaines on the field. Despite being taken in the sixth round, an argument could be made that he has played the best of the Rams' 11 draft picks. I think he'd go three rounds higher today.

Newlogo_medium College Football

Blowouts Have Gotten Worse In Non-Conference NCAA Football Games

There are several reasons behind this trend. In the 70s and 80s, college football teams played 11 regular season games, whereas they now play 12. That extra game has often involved big programs scheduling FCS (formerly 1-AA) teams, since this allows schools to consistently schedule seven or eight home games for as cheaply as possible (FCS schools charge less than FBS schools for visiting opponents).