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They Supposed to Be SEC: Instant Reactions from Week 8 of SEC Football

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Take the use of the word "Instant" lightly, the reactions are instant, not this post.

SEC East (Mizzou's schedule)

South Carolina

Furman Paladins at South Carolina Gamecocks Recap: Gamecocks lackluster in win over Furman - Garnet And Black Attack

The biggest problem was that Carolina's defense continued to struggle, giving up 211 yards and 5.4 yards per carry on the ground. The Gamecocks defensive front was frequently blown off the ball by a smaller offensive line. The final score could have looked much different if Furman had been more effective in converting red-zone opportunities. With the Gamecocks taking on one of the nation's best power run games at Auburn next week, the continued defensive ineptitude is a major cause for concern.


Georgia 45, Arkansas 32: And Now, We Rest. - Dawg Sports

The second half flurry by Arkansas ended up giving the Razorbacks significant advantages in both first downs and total yards. But Georgia racked up 207 rushing yards to Arkansas's 129 in this battle of the conference's top two rushing offenses. Nick Chubb's 30 carries for 202 yards made clear that even when Todd Gurley (and to a lesser extent Keith Marshall and Sony Michel) returns, he'll still be a major component of the Bulldog attack.


Florida must fire Will Muschamp — and the sooner, the better - Alligator Army

But the bottom line is that Muschamp remaining Florida's head coach beyond this season is no longer an acceptable prospect for the vast, vast majority of stakeholders in the Gators — a new development after last night's agonizing blowout loss to Missouri, which flipped even most pro-Muschamp fans, like myself, into the camp of the discontented.

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on bye


Upon Further Review: The Fundamentals Of A Blowout - A Sea Of Blue

However, the 303 yards rushing doesn't tell the whole story. UK held a powerful running attack to 77 yards in the first half despite being on the field for the majority of the time. LSU ran for more yards against Auburn and Florida in the first half of those games for perspective. Leonard Fournette was also held to 35 yards on 13 carries. Melvin Lewis is playing very well at nose tackle, and the linebackers showed improvement against LSU's zone and pro-style blocking schemes. Mike Douglas is also playing very well as the other starting tackle.

Kentucky Wildcats 3, LSU Tigers 47: Postmortem - A Sea Of Blue

Patrick Towles played pretty well. He was lucky at least one time, though, when the defensive end knocked his pass down. The defender had jumped that in route and was going to pick off the pass. Other than that, he made some sold throws, although he has to remember that Blake Bone’s special skill is that he’s 6‘5" with long arms. When you throw to him, take something off and keep it high and outside.

Texas A&M

This post game was published at half-time


This is the kind of loss where heads should roll.

This is the kind of loss where starters should get benched.

This is the kind of loss that affects recruiting.


Ole Miss 34 Tennessee 3 - Rebels Follow The Script - Rocky Top Talk

The offensive line is going to be an issue every single week; Chattanooga showed us that.  But when the Vols compound it with turnovers, you're going to get what you saw tonight.  Four Volunteer giveaways, including a dagger on a kickoff return by Evan Berry in a 17-3 game, helped the Rebels put 34 points on the board.


Arkansas vs Georgia Box Score Breakdown: Everything Hurts - Arkansas Fight

Excellent gameplan by Georgia. Both Georgia coordinators get gold stars for this week. On offense, Mike Bobo’s plan was to attack the Razorback defense where it was weakest: the boundary side pass defense. Georgia went after Rohan Gaines early on. Georgia has two good receivers: Malcolm Mitchell (mostly shadowed by Toliver) and Chris Conley (mostly covered by Collins). Mitchell had one catch. Conley had five for 128 yards and a touchdown, most of that coming early on. Good gameplan by Bobo. On the defensive side, DC Jeremy Pruitt knew that Arkansas’ line was big but not very mobile, so the Dawgs blitzed corners, safeties, and OLBs against Arkansas’ tackles and tight ends. Hunter Henry whiffed on multiple protection blocks against blitzers, and both Dan Skipper and Brey Cook were beaten at least a couple of times. Those were left on an island and they didn't do a good job. Excellent design by the Bulldogs to get pressure on Brandon Allen.

SEC West


Texas A&M From The Couch - Roll 'Bama Roll

The Aggies came out in man-to-man and giving Bama's receivers a cushion in an effort to stop the Tide's ground attack.  Predictably, Kiffin, Sims and gang jumped all over that, getting the ball repeatedly to Cooper and Yeldon with short passes that gave them room to run.  But did A&M have a choice?  Even playing it that way, they still couldn't stop the Alabama running game: imagine what Yeldon would've done to them if Cooper had been double-teamed?


First Impressions: LSU 41-3 Kentucky - And The Valley Shook

LSU had just the start you would've wanted. 10 points before Kentucky had even touched the ball twice. The special teams had two nice returns as well, which was welcomed after last week's debacle

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on bye, so I found something talking about their fullback, of course

Auburn Football 2014 First Half Review - The Offense and Special Teams - College and Magnolia

I included the H-back/Fullback in this in the preseason, and that's still the most glaring issue. No one has stepped up to take the Jay Prosch roll on in the manner that Prosch played it. The man was an absolute beast. Braden Smith got some work there during the last game. It'll be interesting to see if that continues.

Mississippi State


Clarity in the bye week, and how to deal with the second half of the season - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

The dynamics of the first half of the season and the second half of the season could not be any more different.  In the first six games, Mississippi State was just trying to find its place in the stacked SEC West.  We knew anything from 3-3 to 6-0 was possible, although admittedly many of us thought the latter was a pipe dream.  That pipe dream flushed out though, and here we sit at 6-0 with a large target on our backs.  And that's a new experience for all of us: fans and players alike.  We're used to being the underdog or "just another pretty good opponent" on someone's schedule, not Goliath whom every David wants to take down.  I still don't think of us in that sense from behind my maroon-colored lenses, but it's important to understand how others see us now.

Ole Miss

No. 3 Ole Miss Stomps the Tennessee Volunteers 34-3 - Red Cup Rebellion

Even though he (somehow) has yet to throw an interception in SEC play, Bo Wallace had one of his worse games of the season last night, completing just 13 of his 28 passing attempts for 199 yards for a pair of scores. Until the second half, the Rebels didn't mount much of a rushing attack, and the team only finished with 3.8 yards per carry. In general, the Rebel offense struggled, mounting just 383 total yards against a talented but young Volunteers D.