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Pregamin' Vanderbilt

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After some technical difficulties last week, Pregamin' is BACK. Time to catch up on lost time with hard-hitting, informed goofs.

The captain goes down with the ship.
The captain goes down with the ship.
Jack Peglow

PregaminVandy Jack Peglow

WHO: Missouri Tigers vs. Vanderbilt Commodores


WHEN: Saturday, October 25 – 3:00pm CT

WHERE: At home, duh



(of the useless variety)

  • Nashville, TN is a p fun place to visit.
  • Vanderbilt and the University of Nashville played the first ever college football game in the state of Tennessee in 1890.
  • Henry Sanders owns the best winning percentage of any Commodore coach. He was there from 1940-1942 and from 19446-1948, during which time he went 36-22-2, good for 61.7 percent.
  • The gap in Sanders' coaching career occurred when he served in World War II. He also went on to be arguably the best coach in UCLA's history.
  • Vanderbilt has a basketball court. This is a point of contention among Missouri fans.



Who do you hope to see more from against Vanderbilt?

Sam Snelling: I'd like to see more from Shane Ray. Really. When was the last time that guy did anything?

Fullback U: Same shit different day, Maty Mauk.

Jack Peglow: How about we catch some balls, receivers? Think you can handle that? Of course, they have to pass some balls first. Well, just moving the ball would be nice, I suppose.

HHKB Chris: Mr Mauk, paging Maty Mauk. Time to put up or it may time for a break.

Switzy227: The receivers. Sure Maty and the OL have to improve. But at some point, the receivers are also going to have to get open, too.

AlaTiger: Henson. I would like to see a game plan that the team can and does execute well. I think that would involve more running between the tackles and play action, but I'm not the guru. Earn your money, coach.

The Beef: I hope to see the fans have some patience.  I think we play better on the road at points now because we are a young team and we don’t get into our own heads as much on the road.  You think we come back against USC at home the way we had been playing?  I don’t feel like the odds were in our favor as much.  Am I blaming the fans for this offensive swoon?  Absolutely not.  But part of lost confidence (which we clearly have) is tied to emotion and just a little patience (like not booing if we go 3 and out on the first drive to start the game) might go a long way to helping the unit get their groove back.

What group (O-line, D-line, coaches, etc.) would you like to see more from this week?

Snelling: Definitely the Linebackers. I can't remember the last time they made a tackle!!

Fullback: Since Maty Mauk isn't listening to me I suppose I'll ask for more from the offensive line... as in more consistency. The Florida game was good but the running lanes could improve to allow Hansbrough and Murphy bigger lanes.

Peglow: Special teams, you're our best offensive position group. Score some touchdowns why don't ya.

HHKB: I'd like to see more from Henson and Hill, to help Maty get some confidence back with a simplified offense that will allow him to be successful.

AlaTigerThe offensive line was better last week, but they have a ways to go. Opening holes in the running game and providing protection in the passing game is the job description. Let's do that.

Switzy: Coaches. I think the play-calling still needs to be more creative and play to strengths, and I think even if this turns into a blowout, Pinkel needs to stop with the "ultra-conservative" offensive plan and use the chance to try out some things to spark this group.

The BeefWithout reading these, I am sure the answers are mostly around Mauk and probably some O-line as well.  I will say I hope to see more from the RB’s.  I think FL’s defense did a very solid job against us in the runs to the boundary, but I think there were a few too many runs which the RB’s took to the boundary prematurely. I’d rather have 2nd and 7 vs. 2nd and 12 because someone bounced it outside and was wrong.

Give us one WILD prediction for this week's game.

Snelling: Okay, not being facetious here... I honestly can't think of anything "crazy" that couldn't happen in this game against Vandy. Like... Mizzou rediscovers their offense and puts 45+ points on the 'Dores? Possible. The final score ends up 6-3? Possible. The defense holds Vandy to 36 yards of total offense? Possible! Mizzou only gaining 56 yards on offense? Also possible. THERE IS LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT CAN HAPPEN IN THIS GAME!

Fullback: Mizzou throws a touchdown pass.

Peglow: Mizzou records 7 total sacks.

HHKB: Wild you say?! Well how's this for wild, the offense puts up more points than the D and Special Teams.

Switzy: Mizzou has an offense touchdown in every quarter.

AlaTigerSpecial teams and defense let Mizzou down, but the offense saves the day by scoring on every drive.

The Beef: We will have two rushing TD’s and two passing TD’s.

What does Derek Mason have to do to turn things around?

Snelling: Move to the MAC. Then, maybe, I'm still not sure. Sun Belt? Probably.

Fullback: Mizzou brought on Austyn Carta-Samuels as a QB coach, perhaps Derek Masons should bring James Franklin (formerly of Mizzou) in as a Quarterbacks coach.

Peglow: Take the Florida HC job.

HHKB: Aside from getting a DeLorean that's also a time machine and not take the job I'd say call the bag man and you know, make some things happen, under the table of course.

Switzy: If anyone knows the answer to this, don't reveal it here. GO GET PAID.

AlaTigerRecruit better players who are better people. There is sentiment in Commodore land that Franklin won with Johnson's recruits and that Franklin's recruits have a high proportion of character issues.

The Beef: Focus on a fixed point.  Pivot on his right foot and push off with his left foot until he sees the same fixed point again

If Truman were a commodore, what would his vessel be named?

Snelling: El Presidenté

Fullback: RMN (Royal Mizzou Navy) Independence.



Switzy: The USS S

AlaTiger: SS Trophy Breaker

The BeefThe SS Busted Crystal

Any other thoughts?

Snelling: I'm thinking that the defense is kinda... uh, good. I feel like this defense might be the best that we've seen in the Pinkel era. It's too bad they're playing with what might be the worst offense that we've seen in that same timeframe. I'm not looking forward to watching Mauk stare blankly down the field terrified to throw the football to any potential receivers. You see, they're technically not receivers until they actually have a ball to try to receive. I'm hoping to see Mauk actually try to turn those guys into receivers in the intermediate and long passing game, which, if I'm not mistaken... Used to exist.

Switzy: Watch out for the power of the Portland, ME watch party!

AlaTigerPlease, offense, get it together. Love, your loyal fans.

The BeefNope


ArmyOfMike is still your leader with 36 correct picks, but the pack is CLOSING IN.

Peglow comes in at a close second with 35 correct picks, The Beef is just behind him with 34, and BRINGING UP THE REAR is HHKB Chris with 32. Still respectable, Chris. Don't get down.

(BillSelfsToupee is going ALL IN... on his newborn baby)


WVU @ Okie St.
Okie -1
O/U 65

MSU @ Kentucky
MSU - 14
O/U 59

Vandy @ Mizzou
Mizzou -21
O/U 45

Ole Miss @ LSU
Ole Miss -3.5
O/U 44.5

Alabama @ Tennessee
Bama -17
O/U 46.5

And here are our EXPERT picks:

Name WVU – OSU Spread WVU – OSU O/U Kentucky – MSU Spread Kentucky – MSU O/U Vandy – Mizzou Spread Vandy – Mizzou O/U LSU – Ole Miss Spread LSU – Ole Miss O/U Bama – UT Spread Bama – UT O/U
Mike OSU Over MSU Over Mizzou Under LSU Over Bama Over
HHKB WVU Under MSU Over Mizzou Under LSU Under Bama Under
Peglow WVU Over MSU Under Mizzou Under Ole Miss Under Bama Over
Beef Mizzou Under MSU Over Bama Over LSU Under Ole Miss Under
BST Babies Babies Babies Babies Babies Babies Babies Babies Babies Babies


Done chomped them Gators again. Two straight years, y'all.