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Mizzou Links: Mauk's improvement, Tigers' penalties, and big news from the Pac-12

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Maty Mauk is putting the pieces together again, Missouri is getting penalized quite a bit, Anthony Sherrils' ejection was really close, the Mizzou Basketball preseason starts tomorrow, and the Pac-12 throws down the gauntlet regarding student-athletes and reform.

Ed Zurga

What's On

Basketball promo! (Pre)season starts tomorrow!

It's Media Day (well, it was yesterday)!

MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers Host Wildcats as Calendar Turns to November
MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Football Media Day Quotes - Oct. 27

On quarterback Maty Mauk's play against Vanderbilt...

"I think he certainly did some good things throughout the game. He could've thrown five or six more completions easily, but there were some mis-routes, drops, a bad throw, or protection issues. That's all about execution. He made some big plays like in the past. He made a great big time throw (25-yard TD pass to Bud Sasser in 4th Quarter). That ball could only be in one spot for a chance to catch it and Bud Sasser makes a great catch." [...]

On the offensive game plan week by week...

"We're going to have to look at it game by game. I think the offensive staff's plan going in was to try to run the ball a little bit more (against Vanderbilt). We wanted to establish that and get in more short third down situations. We like to throw the ball downfield and be vertical. You adjust accordingly to how you're playing. To have two players rush over 80 yards (Marcus Murphy and Russell Hansbrough) is pretty good. That really helped us."

On the improvement of linebacker Donavin Newsom on the field...

"I think he's competing and getting better. He's a tremendous athlete. He's as athletic of a linebacker that we've ever had around here. We have a real high expectation level for him and he's got a tremendous upside. We encourage him to compete."

Post-Dispatch: Live from Columbia II: Pinkel talks Tigers-Cats

Pinkel said he's hopeful Morgan Steward can play this year but says it's doubtful. "We think he can be a great player - not a good player, a great player." Team will explore options for Steward soon. (I presume that means surgery or further treatment for the hip injury.)

Pinkel says it's a possibility that Ish Witter plays more tailback and allows Marcus Murphy to play more in the slot but sounds like he prefers the Hansbrough-Murphy 1-2 punch at tailback.

Post-Dispatch: Mauk confident Mizzou's offense on upswing
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Post-Dispatch: Mizzou notes: Tigers pile up penalties
ABC-17: A second look at Anthony Sherrils' ejection

Yeah, Sherrils' penalty was super-close.


PowerMizzou: Following the Future: 10/27

PowerMizzou: Mizzou hosts five-star prospect

From Portugal to Lubbock to Columbia

The Missourian: International MU tennis player adjusts to American life

Pretty big news here

I wonder how the SEC follows suit.

Pac-12: Pac-12 universities adopt sweeping reforms for student-athletes, guaranteeing scholarships, improving health care, and more

The Conference’s new rules apply to Pac-12 student-athletes across all sports, and include:

  • Athletic scholarships will be guaranteed for four years for student-athletes in all sports.
  • Student-athletes who leave school before graduating will be able to use the remainder of their educational expenses later to earn their degrees.
  • Medical expenses for student-athletes who are injured during their college athletic careers will be covered for up to four years after a student-athlete leaves the institution.
  • Student-athletes who transfer between Pac-12 institutions will be able to receive athletic scholarships immediately.
  • Student-athletes will be represented in the Conference governance structure.