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Net Results 10-29-14: Soccer playing for first-round bye in the SEC Tournament

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Despite a winless weekend, the Tigers are still in good position for first-round bye in next week's SEC Tournament

While VolleyZou continues to trend downward the rest of year, Mizzou Soccer has been trying to hang on to its chance for a first round bye in the SEC Soccer Tournament, which starts next week in Orange Beach, Alabama.

This tough stretch of games to end the year hasn't been easy for coach Bryan Blitz and the Tigers. They fell to 1-3-1 in their past five matches after Sunday's 3-0 loss to Tennessee. However, despite the recent struggles, MU is still in position for a first round bye in the SEC tournament. Mizzou currently sits in a tie for fifth place in the conference, and the top six are automatically in the second round of the tournament.

SEC Standings 2

Thursday is the final day of the regular season for all of SEC soccer, meaning the tournament bracket will be set come Friday morning. There are several different scenarios for the Mizzou in the SEC Tournament if Missouri is able to get past Arkansas in the final home match of the year, ranging from a finish as high as fourth, to a finish as low as 10th. If Mizzou beats Arkansas, the following needs to happen for a fourth-place finish in the SEC this year:

  • Kentucky win/draw vs. Alabama
  • Georgia loss/draw vs. Texas A&M
While not ideal, a draw vs. the Razorbacks could still put the Tigers in the top six and give MU the bye. Of course, they would need a little help. If Mizzou-Arkansas ends in a tie, here's what needs to happen for Mizzou to finish in the top six:
  • Georgia loss/draw vs. Texas A&M
  • Auburn loss/draw vs. LSU or South Carolina loss/draw to Mississippi State (Ha.)
And finally, the worst case scenario. Mizzou drops the final game of the year to Arkansas and the chances for a first round bye drop drastically. It's still possible, but there would have to be a lot that would need to happen. For example:
  • Georgia loss/draw vs. Texas A&M
  • Auburn loss/draw vs. LSU
  • South Carolina loss/draw vs. Mississippi State (Ha.)
  • Ole Miss loss/draw vs. Tennessee

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Both of these teams are very close on paper, within one or two spots on each statistical category list offensively and defensively. The Tigers create just a few more scoring opportunities than the Razorbacks, outshooting and outscoring the Hogs so far this year. That'll be what this game comes down to: who breaks through the defense first, and put one past the star goal keeper in the net. Missouri knows what's at stake, and I look for MU will end the season with a bang rather than a whimper. Post-season is on the way, and clinching that first round bye would be a huge step in the right direction. Missouri 2, Arkansas 1