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Pregamin' Kentucky

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Thursday already!? We aren't complaining. TIME TO SIP ON THAT SWEET, SWEET KNOWLEDGE.

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Don't Drop The Jewels, Truman.
Don't Drop The Jewels, Truman.
Jack Peglow

PregaminUK Jack Peglow

WHO: Missouri Tigers vs. Kentucky Wildcats


WHEN: Saturday, November 1 – 3:00pm CT

WHERE: At home, you fools



(of the useless variety)

  • Kentucky's 1898 squad are known as "The Immortals" because they went undefeated, untied, and unscored upon.
  • The Bear coached the Wildcats from 1946-1953.
  • Under Bryant, Kentucky won an Orange Bowl, a Sugar Bowl, and a Cotton Bowl.
  • None of the football players play basketball.
  • Drake *probably* won't be in attendance for this game.



Who do you hope to see more from against Kentucky?

Fullback U: Right tackle Taylor Chappel, he's had some ups and downs and last week was some what down. 3 false start penalties I believe. Him and Mitch Morse are gonna need to hold the edge of the Mizzou line this week, especially with what has suddenly become a dangerous Kentucky defense.

BillSelfsToupee: Maty's feet.

Switzy227: Sean Culkin. He's one of the few guys who has shown an ability to get open, but his hands have betrayed us. FIX YOUR HANDS, SEAN!

Jack Peglow: Maty, but not in the way most of you probably think. He made several steps in the right direction last week, so I'd like to see him continue on that path instead of feeling pressure, breaking the pocket, and running out of bounds without throwing the ball away.

The Beef: I hope to see more from Culkin…just relax and catch the ball young man.  But at some point, people are going to start ignoring him going out into the flat and that would really start to open the passing game up some for us if he could be targeting 5-7 times per game and bring down 4-5 of them.

Sam Snelling: Jimmie Hunt. We need a consistent second pass catcher, and with it looking like White will be out again, Hunt is going to step up.

HHKB Chris: I want to see Jimmie go all Jimmie out there and give Maty a second target to take some pressure off of Bud.  Jimmie wants to catch the ball, Jimmie wants to score touch downs, Jimmie likes Elaine's action.

What position group (O-line, D-line, coaches, etc.) would you like to see a better performance from?

Fullback: Wide receivers getting separation and helping an improving offensive line and QB play.


Switzy: O-line. I don't think the offense truly flashes until they have a quality 60 minute performance. Let's cut the penalties, and let's keep that pocket open for Maty.

Peglow: Gotta be the receivers. Mizzou needs them to be at lease effective enough to keep the defense honest so Russell Hansbrough and Marcus Murphy can keep on doing what they do.

Beef: I hope to see more from the defensive line.  I was pretty shocked to see their relative disappearance from the sack column against Vandy until late in the game, and I think that is a big piece of what will potentially makes us winners this weekend.

Snelling: I was happy enough with the progress of the O-Line last game. I think they can still do more though. It seemed that later in the game when they found more of a groove that it allowed Mauk to settle in a bit more and complete some passes.

HHKB: It's hard to say group when it's one guy but the Tight End, the Sean Culkin position.  Dude you need to catch that ball, see it into your hands and then worry about the hit that will be coming.  Catch the ball son, catch the ding dong ball.

Give us one WILD prediction for this week's game.

Fullback: Dave Matter's wild prediction is correct.

BST: We lose.

Switzy: After being so close with last week's prediction, I'm feeling confident. We will see a faked FG or punt by Mizzou that goes for a first down.

Peglow: Maty Mauk is second in rushing for Mizzou.

Beef: Mizzou wins by 2 scores.

Snelling: Mizzou is able to get pressure on Towles and force him into 3 INTs and a fumble en route to a Mizzou rout.

HHKB: Maty throws for over 300 yards again as something continues to click in his head and we start getting to see some of the future quarterback he can be.

If John Calipari helped out with football recruiting, how many championships would the Wildcats have?

Fullback: Zero, because all of Kentucky's players would attempt to go pro after one year.

BST: None. He wouldn't get the same recruiting results without being able to send recruits to the pros after 1 year.

Switzy: Is "vacated" a number?

Peglow: Texas A&M couldn't win any with Drake on the sidelines, I don't see why Kentucky would be any different.

Beef: Still none, as his arrival in college football would signal one and done has moved over and those kids just don’t mature fast enough as frosh to win a title.

Snelling: He hasn't put anyone in the NFL, so none.

HHKB: If Cal we're coaching football he would not be at UK he'd be at USC or UF for about two years, and then he'd be off to the NFL after having some wins come and go due to sanctions.

What will be better this year, the SEC East in football or the SEC overall in basketball?

Fullback: The SEC will be better in basketball because there are going to be at least two good teams.

BST: SEC in b-ball.

Switzy: SEC in basketball. Let's hope Mizzou is part of that better.

Peglow: Basketball, but only by a hair. The East is going to run train on the bowls this year.

Beef: SEC East…but not by much.

Snelling: :D SEC Basketball! Seriously, I think it's going to be better this year. And the East is pretty mediocre, save for Georgia.

HHKB: SEC Basketball baby, it's gonna be a big year, BIG JERRY, BIG!

Any other thoughts?

Fullback: Please make my weekend.

BST: Babies are stupid.

Switzy: A win in this game - even if sloppy - would really get me reconsidering my opinion of the team. I've been disappointed like a lot of us, but I only predicted 8 regular season wins before the season started. 7-2 would be something pretty impressive regardless of how the wins come. Go Tigers!

Peglow: PODCAST PLUG [airhorn]

Beef: never

Snelling: If anything would make this season more weird it would be Mizzou completely handling Kentucky at home. They scraped by Vandy, blew out Florida, got manhandled by Georgia... so why not mess up Kentucky's thinking of "Hey, we're pretty good" and just smoke them and their hopes of a top 2 finish. I'm hoping to see the Mizzou defense do what it does against UK and get a lot of pressure on the QB, close down holes for the RBs and force some TOs. If that happens we'll be AOK on the QT in the MO. Wait, I got lost there for a second.

HHKB: I've got nothing but go Mizzou.



ArmyOfMike is still your leader with 41 correct picks, but everyone is within 2 points of each other.

Peglow, Beef, and BST are all just behind Mike with 40 correct picks, and HHKB Chris is just behind them with 39.

Looks like this will be coming down to the wire, y'all.


FSU @ Louisville
FSU -4.5
O/U 50.5

Floirda @ Georgia
UGA - 13
O/U 51

Kentucky @ Mizzou
Mizzou -6.5
O/U 47.5

Auburn @ Ole Miss
Ole Miss -2.5
O/U 49.5

Arkansas @ Mississippi St.
MSU -10.5
O/U 64

And here are our EXPERT picks:

Name FSU – Louisville Spread FSU – Louisvile O/U Florida – UGA Spread Florida – UGA O/U UK – Mizzou Spread UK – Mizzou O/U Auburn – Ole Miss Spread Auburn – Ole Miss O/U Arkansas – MSU Spread Arkansas – MSU O/U
Mike FSU Over UGA Over UK Under Auburn Over MSU Under
HHKB FSU Over UGA Under Mizzou Under Ole Miss Over MSU Over
Peglow Lllluuuuhvvllllle Under UGA Under Mizzou Under Ole Miss Under MSU Over
Beef FSU Over UGA Under Mizzou Over Auburn Under MSU Under
BST FSU Over UGA Under Mizzou Under Auburn Over MSU Under