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Poll Watch: Missouri 23rd in AP poll, 24th in coaches poll

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No. 23/24 Missouri will host No. 13/10 Georgia at Saturday, evidently at 11am on CBS.

Jamie Squire

When you have a particularly destructive Saturday -- and "five top-8 teams losing for the first time ever" certainly qualifies as destructive -- it forces pollsters to almost write their list from scratch instead of just moving teams from last week's list up and down. At first glance, the AP poll voters did just that; coaches, not so much. Regardless, Missouri is again ranked in both polls, as one would hope when, like, every ranked team lost.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State Florida State Auburn
2 Auburn Auburn Oklahoma
3 Mississippi State,
Ole Miss (tie)
Baylor Ole Miss
Ole Miss Alabama
5 Baylor Notre Dame Baylor
6 Notre Dame Mississippi State Texas A&M
7 Alabama Alabama TCU
8 Michigan State Michigan State Mississippi State
9 TCU Oklahoma Notre Dame
10 Arizona Georgia Georgia
11 Oklahoma Oregon Oregon
12 Oregon TCU UCLA
13 Georgia Arizona Florida State
14 Texas A&M Texas A&M Michigan State
15 Ohio State Ohio State Stanford
16 Oklahoma State Kansas State LSU
17 Kansas State UCLA Ohio State
18 UCLA Oklahoma State Clemson
19 East Carolina East Carolina USC
20 Arizona State Arizona State Florida
21 Nebraska Nebraska Kansas State
22 Georgia Tech Stanford Arkansas
23 Missouri Georgia Tech Nebraska
24 Utah Missouri Wisconsin
25 Stanford Clemson Louisvlle
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Your No. 23/24 Tigers will play No. 13/10 Georgia on Saturday. There hasn't been an official announcement that we know of, but is saying MU and UGA will kick off at 11am CT on CBS.