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Wisdom of the crowds: Grading the Missouri offense after five games

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Your offensive MVPs thus far: Bud Sasser (7.93), Russell Hansbrough (7.76), and Marcus Murphy (7.67). You didn't give anybody else above a 6.6.

Jamie Squire

Tough crowd!


Maty Mauk: 5.85


A bit scramble-happy, forces some throws that turn into or are almost picks

all over the board... he's the wild-ass soph gunslinger we expected... moments of brilliance and wtf... could do w/o the reverse pivot circle back scrambles

"Bailing out of the pocket too early.

Inconsistent receiver play makes it hard to establish a flow, but not an excuse.

Has that ""one pass"" every game that makes you shake your head."

Bi polar comes to mind at times, probably because it's "bye" week. It isn't that bad, still needs a little more consistency. I think the O line did a better job last game, and I expect them to help Maty more moving forward.

Can't put my finger on what it is exactly, but don't have full confidence in Mary's decision-making.  Many passes seem to be up for grabs.

Certainly has flashes of brilliance but that is often offset by inefficiency

Dang he should be good next year

Doesnt read defenses very well. Doesnt stay in pocket enough. Needs to work on short passes, but is a young player and I expect him to get better. Good QB. But he makes plays when we need them. But I worry about him throwing up the ball all the time he doesnt have the tall receivers that we had last year.

Got us this far but Mauk should do less.  Less is more, i swear it.

Happy feet and leaving the pocket too often. He takes a lot of risks. I think next year will be when he really shines, I expect him to make mistakes which will cost us games as the season goes on.

"Happy feet, though not entirely his fault.

Blaine Gabbert II?"

He is still a sophomore. I expected a bit more, but still am happy of where he is and is going to go.

He'll get better. His last game was lack of WRs.. hopefully.

He's all over the place, just wonder how much is a result of the lack of WRs with playing time and how much is RexGrossmanitis.

"He's done remarkable things despite Musical Chairs

at WR."

He's had some good moments and certainly racked up the touchdowns early on, but I'm still not convinced that he's, to be cliché, THE GUY, still very rough around the edges, he had a great ending to the Carolina game obviously, and I certainly hope he builds on that going forward.

He's young

High ceiling, but needs better communication/chemistry between him and receivers.

His play is about right for a guy playing his first full season and has had line and skill players to break in at the same time.  He needs to get a lot better (and he probably will) or he won't be a three-year starter.

I don't know how much help he is getting from his receivers, receivers coach and Hensons play calling. Even with time to throw against USC, he still struggled to find receivers. He doesn't seem to have a good feel for the zone read. I understand it's made a bit more difficult with D-lineman 2-3 yards into the backfield. I have caught a couple of insightful comments that otherwise may have been overlooked. UCF was playing very deep (Maty hasn't developed any confidence/chemistry in the short game-much of this can be attributed to scheme). Indiana played only 3-down most of the game and brought crazy blitzes (Maty not being comfortable with check downs) USC putting in a new scheme just for our game.

I gave ab a 4 but it goes from 1 to 6 depending on the play at the time.   This is the problem, inconsistent.  Also He needs to give the pocket time before running. Should have designed roll out knowing he will run anyway.

I vexed on this. I'd rather have a Joe Montana when needed than about any other stats quarterback. I know Mauk was stinky for two quarters but it's really how you finish, right?

I've been expecting roughly Chase Daniel circa 2006 and that's about what we have gotten.  Mauk throws a better deep ball and not as good short pass, but I think the production is probably about the same.


Inconsistent is an understatement.  Sometimes looks like a possible Heisman candidate while at other times looks like he has no clue what he is doing.

Incredibly inconsistent and liable to staring down his first read, usually the deep pass even if it's triple covered. Has been lucky more passes weren't intercepted, fails to make easy throws but succeeds at the spectacular throws.

It's easy to criticize Maty just based on his numbers, but the offensive line has provided him with little protection, his offensive coordinator insists on running plays designed for down-field throws when he doesn't have time for the play to develop, and when his receivers do get open, they have a tough time catching the ball.  All that being said, Maty has shown his inexperience: failure to throw the ball away and retreating 20 yards, missing wide-open receivers on short throws, and failing to lead.  All of his shortcomings can be traced to his inexperience, which leads me to believe that Maty Mauk will be a MUCH better quarterback in Week 12 than he has shown through the first four games.

Its hard to fault Maty considering the poor play of his offensive line, but regardless I believe he has underperformed and underwhelmed up until this point this season.

Let's see a bit more consistency.

Maty is quick to leave the pocket and looks to much for the game breaking pass rather than taking what is given. Sometimes his head is making decisions his arm can't deliver; although sometimes it works out.

Maty Mauk has been about as expected. He throws a great deep ball and makes some great plays, but he is also prone to inconsistency and poor decision making.

Maty needs to set his feet and step into his throws

Mauk has a sterling TD:INT ratio, but he certainly seems to be on a streak of amazing luck. Going all the way back to UF '13, Mauk may be leading the nation in dropped INTs. His completion percentage also leaves a lot to be desired. The big plays will be there often against weak teams, but sustaining drives is how you close out good teams.

No conscious a bad play does not effect his next play.  Bails wayyyyyy to early to pressure or perceived pressure.  Improved but still needs to hit more short & intermediate routes.  Needs to use check downs.

Not having a consistent receiving corps has hurt him. In timing and connections. Once this gets ironed out then his stats will be higher. Who cares about stats this year. It's all about the wins!

Overall, the worst game from Mauk to date, but he nailed it on the first TD drive & then was clutch in the last 7 minutes....

Playing great based on SEC experience.  Needs to work on hitting check downs and moving the chains.

Plays very well whenever he has all of his weapons healthy. It seems like he has a few vision issues whether it may be not being able to see down field due to his height. Has a huge upside and has the ability to be the best QB in Mizzou history. But one thing that Maty really needs to improve on is staying patient in the pocket and letting it form before he bails, he just has happy feet right now. With all that he needs to work on he is still immensely productive and he is only going to get better. I am very excited for the future of Mizzou's QB play.

Putting a 5 because half of his snaps rate a 9 and half rate a 1

Really great until the SC game, but I don't know how much of that was his fault. -Mac6

Really needs reps with the Zone Read if he is to be successful in the Mizzou offense.  Not having a running back along side him in high school is perhaps a bigger detriment than we thought.

To start the season i wouldve given them about a 7 or 8 but games against Indiana and that team from the other Columbia

Too inconsistent.  Still maturing, but does not seem to be "growing" in the position.  Can't seem to throw the football overhand.  Everything is at 45 degree sidearm.  Can't hit the short passes which are very important to sustain drives.  Net, Net:  Disappointing...I guess too much hype from the preseason.  I would hope Printz gets a chance.

Um.. I'm never too far away from a heart attack, admittedly, but Maty isn't helping matters.

Up and down, but when it's up it's really up.

Very tough to grade.  His grade in the red zone would be a nine.  Everywhere else I'd give him a five.  While he has not thrown a ton of interceptions, the ones he threw were easily avoidable.  Negative plays are an issue as well.  That being said, injuries and experience should be taken into context.  He did miss some open WRs during the South Carolina game ,but it also seemed that the receivers had trouble getting open.  A lot of his shortcomings are easily fixable.  I think we see Mauk not only get back on track ,but actually improve on his quarterback play.  I'm buying low on Mauk.

Went from good to HOLY GOD BAD to HOLY GOD AWESOME.  Figure that averages out to a 6.

Wildly inconsistently consistent. Mauk has been good, bad, great, horrible, and spectacular sometimes all in the same game.

Running Back

Russell Hansbrough: 7.76
Marcus Murphy: 7.67
Ish Witter: 4.28

Awesome.  Most consistent offensive unit on the field.  Outside of a Ish Witter fumble in garbage time, I don't think that there has been a fumble by this unit this season.


Difficult to give Witter a grade w/o many reps.

Future at RB looks bright.  Play this year has been better than expected.

Hanbrough and Murphy have been good, though I think we need more from the running game going forward. Incomplete grade for Witter.

Hansbrough and Murphey have looked great. They secure the ball and are tough to tackle. Hopefully the O-Line can work on their run blocking schemes and give them a little more space to work with. I trust our running game more than Mauk at this point.

Hansbrough and Murphy both extremely agile athletes.  Ish Witter will be good with some developments.

"Hansbrough has been lights out, minus injury problems. It seems he is missing at least some time in every game.

Murphy looks wayyyyy better at RB than WR. Glad to have him on returns.

Witter is doing as much as can be expected for a freshman, its good to get him some PT for coming years."

Hansbrough is a beast, scoring all 3 TD's!  And Murphy had 98 yds carrying the rock as well... Offensively, the RB's saved the day - like we'd seen from guys like Henry Josey & Tony Temple in days past...

Hansbrough needs to get the ball more between the tackles. Ish needs more touches. Murph is great at 8-10 rushes and 3-4 catches per game.

Haven't seen much of Ish, but Murph is the explosive one and Mansbrough is the bruiser

Hoping to see a few more plays to Murph out of the slot or on screens.  We know he can make plays there.

I think our offense has been too pass-heavy.  In addition, throwing the ball incomplete on first down puts our running backs in a difficult position to be successful on second and long. I think the bulk of our offensive woes have to be lain at the feet of our offensive coordinator.  We have not maximized the strength of our collective offense.

Ish witter needs at least 5 carries a game.  I would like to see a dual back set option with hansbrough and murphy with a shovel pass threat to take away tje potential Mauk injury.

Its very nice to have the 1-2 punch that we have and both Marcus and Russel have different skill sets and so its very hard for any other team to fully prepare for them. Either one could go off on any given game.

keep running hard... Don't get hurt...

Loved Murphy / Hansbrough. Missing Steward.

"MANSBOROUGH! In every game, I found myself thinking that Russell was easily the best offensive player on the field for either team (including the SCar game and Davies). He has just been that good so far, which leads to the most legitimate criticism of Henson: low touches for Russell. Sometimes you just have to let the big dog eat. Murphy has been a great change of pace back, but I am ready for Stewart to be healthy so we can see more of Murphy in the slot."

Mansbro is literally carrying our offense.  (Wonder how many other people will use that one) Murphy has also been a good complement back and we all know how good he is as a return man.  I don't know much of Witter.

"MANSBROUGH. Both RBs seem too quick to force it wide, instead of take a short gain cutting up the middle...but im not a football player so who knows."

Mansbrough and Murph have been exceptional.  I saw Ish move forward for positive yardage last week and he hasn't fumbled, so he's doing fine.

Mansbrough and Murphy have been good. If the Oline can get going, could be huge for them in phase 2 of the season.

"Mansbrough could go pro after this year because of his explosive burst, reminds me of Maurice Jones-Drew. Marcus Murphy had been a weapon whenever he touches the ball but the slotback experiment has been a waste."

Mansbrough is one of the best backs at making those "holy ****" plays, Murphy is consistent, just feel ike he could be utilized a little more in the passing game

Marcus is great in space but is tackled too easily; but when he breaks loose he is tremendous in the open field. Russell is the most dependable running back and finds the extra yards when needed more often than not or at least put the effort into finding them. Ish needs some seasoning. It would be great to have more opportunities to season him this year.

MurphBrough have been fantastic for the most part, Russ continues to have some of the best RB vision in the country and Murphy just keeps on doing what he's done his entire career. Not seen much from Ish yet, which is probably a good thing.

Murphy and Mansbrough have been great.............. and uhh how  many touches has Ish gotten?

Murphy seems to be hit and miss in each game.  Both are play makers.  We need to stay with the run better.

Need more production!

One of the best 1-2 combos

Running back have been real good, wish hansborough would run more north and south and hit the hole quicker. Real good this season at making something from nothing.. Love murphy's speed. Not enormous gh chances to see witter yet.

Running backs were great, especially considering the car wreck that the passing game was for most of the game.  Hansbrough is the best at the "run left oh shit run right touchdown" play.

Russ & Murph look great. Ish aint da ish yet.

Russel's cutback style works best with an O-line that struggles to win heads-up assignments (Josey had more of a burst). Murph is Murph, but I worry about his durability this year since we are leaning so heavy on him. Haven't got to see enough of Ish, but it looks like a typical freshman wanting to please his head ball coach in mop-up duty, and hit the hole the play was designed to go to.

Seniors: Studs; underclassmen: not too much so far.


Two good RB'S They dont use them enough. Dont stay with the run when we dont gain yards on first down. Stick with them.

Very good unit, needs more touches. Get well Steward! -Mac6

What really happened to Steward?

Witter is very green.  Should have been red-shirted.  What is wrong with Steward's hip.  Need to recruit larger and more powerful runners.

Wide Receivers

Bud Sasser: 7.93
Jimmie Hunt: 6.57
Darius White: 6.13
Wesley Leftwich: 4.71
Lawrence Lee: 3.81
Gavin Otte: 3.62

"BUD." "SASS." "ER." To borrow from the old Budweiser frog commercials, he's been by far the #1 guy and has been healthy so that's a plus. Really have enjoyed watching him play this year. Jimmie has had some "Marcus Lucas Dropitis Syndrome" early on, but was picking it up before the injury. Darius remains a threat to explode for a huge play every play, but is generally invisible in between.The others haven't done much at all and it would be nice to see something out of one of them down the stretch in conference play (Wesley Leftwich got off to a good start in that regard).

A very big drop in performance from 2013.   Where are the bad ups?  Recruits? No speed.

AIR BUD and Leftwich had a crucial catch and almost damn near scored

Big drop off after the top 3. And two of them were injured recently. -Mac6

"Bud has been great, the only thing really keeping the O going from a WR standpoint.

Jimmie likes touchdowns, Jimmie is not a chucker.

Money season is on hold, just as Darius was doing more with the ball against IU.

For a Freshman, Lee is doing what one can expect and Leftwich has a catch, super!"

"Bud Sasser is the glue that is keeping these guys together. His second half numbers are alarming. Jimmie has been mostly solid minus a few drops. Injury dropped him a point for missing time. Darius started so strong and hasn't been the same since. Seems to sulk when he isn't getting the ball. Leftwich had the huge catch in SC game, would love to see some more of that moving forward. Lee continues to get time, but I think he should have redshirted. Dropped balls, iffy blocking. Otte: good for the walk on. works hard, good blocks, good luck to him"

Bud Sasser.. then the rest. Catch the ball 'rest'!


Hit and miss.  As inconsistent as Mauk

I've heard Maty talk about how he, Bud, Jimmie and Darius would stay on campus during breaks to create chemistry. I don't know the vagueries of NCAA rules, but maybe some of the younger receivers should have been invited. At this stage of development, after the three Seniors there is a large drop-off (route running vs. confidence/chemistry).

Im not sure what more you could want out of Larry Sasser.  Jimmie has had some drops which hurts his grade ,but it is good to seem him back to pre 2013 form.  White has stepped up and shown he is a threat in this offense.  Going into the season, the wide receiver position was somewhat of a question mark.  These three have shown me that Missouri has a viable passing game in 2014.  Other than those three there are some serious questions.

Its not like the expectations for this group were very high before the season, but they need to step it up and make some plays.  I imagine if we had White and Hunt at SCar we could have won by a larger margin, though.

Larry has been a great. Jimmy and White have performed better than expected. New guys need more reps.

Need better communication/chemistry with mauk. Sasser is awesome.

Need more production! Need to get your routes and timing down with Matty. Work with him more after practice so you get to know each other.

No bad for a group with little accolades but always hoping more consistency will be shown. Can be heartbreaking when bad but give hope on occasion as well.

Only Sasser has really shown up so far this year.

Overall excellent despite relative newbie status of most.

Play has been ok.  Would like to see them get open better. Speed may be an issue,

Sasser and Hunt Playng well. Darius White can play but if he doesnt get the ball he gets upset IMO. Lawerence to young needs more playing time.Otte havent seen anything was open one time at SC, but mauk didnt wait long enough he was wide open down the side line. Be patient Mauk!!!!

Sasser has been plagued by drops his whole career.

"Sasser has come up big when needed, but all of our starters have had way too much trouble with dropped passes and getting open. I rated the non-starters as fives because, I think they've performed about as well as a backup would be expected to."

Sasser has emerged as a BEAST. Biggest surprise of the season for me. Hunt and White have been steady, but need to get healthy. Everyone else looks a. young or b. not all that talented(sorry Leftwich and Otte)

Sasser has stepped up like I hoped.  Hunt has had his moments of good and bad but is performing ok.  White is just inconsistent but when on is a deep threat we need.

Sasser is good, really really good. Hunt and White are nice pieces around Sasser, but they need to stay healthy.

Sasser is making up for the lack of depth all by himself

Some players were out with injuries and it showed. But I rated them anyway.

Starters have exceeded expectations.  Everyone else...ugh.

The three big receivers in Hunt, Sasser and White give us the ability to be in or blow out any game with their ability to beat corners and receive the ball. Bud has blossomed into the #1 WR but Jimmie and Darius aren't far behind. The rest of the WR's are serviceable at best but I believe that they will get better as more playing time comes their way. But the young guys have to catch the ball whenever their number is called and that is not something that I have seen so far.

The top 3 have been very good. I would love to see more from the second unit, though I like what I have seen from Lee.

the wr's with less game experience needs more catches, maybe some action earlier in the game, short slants & out routes, to boost their confidence and have them locked in.

We knew coming into the season that the receivers were going to be the weak link in this offense.  However, they ability to succeed has been hampered by play calling.  I believe that our top three wide receivers have the ability to catch and run, but we have been throwing down-field too much. And what about the jet sweeps we ran in the past.  I don't believe I've seen a single on this season.  We have to change things up to keep the defense honest.

We will have Mother Hubbard's Cupboard for a receiving corps next year.

when healthy, the top 3 are quality... get open more... catch the ball... don't get hurt

White was having a good season before the injury. Hunt was having some drops but recovered well before injury. Sasser has been both reliable and explosive. The rest are a whole bunch of not much.

Wondering if they have difficulty getting open or Maty not in sync with them.  Some drops.  Not particularly elusive after the catch.

WRs struggled to get open, but when they did, Maty missed them quite a bit.  Such is life.  Get well soon, Darius and Jimmie.

Tight End

Sean Culkin: 6.22
Clayton Echard: 4.27
Jason Reese: 3.87

4th down catch by Culkin was huge.  Didn't notice the other guys.  So they probably did okay.


Culkin has been good and should continue to see the ball more going forward.

Culkin has been solid, havent seen much of the other 2 so I'll give them a 5

Culkin is a baby step away from being a force in the offense he has shown potential on short yardage and his blocking is excellent but he feels like he could just exploded.

Culkin is developing into MU's go to guy.  More dig routes and hitches for him.  Let the wideouts go deep!

Culkin is improving. Drops are fewer. Made a big play. Like where he's going.

Culkin is laying blocks and catching key balls.. but not the non key throws.

Culkin is slowly but surely becoming a part of the offense and that 4th down catch against Scar was very, very nice.  Looking forward to seeing how his season progresses.

Culkin needs to be more involved in the game.

Culkin now a first-class citizen in this offense. Finally.

Culkin, man, he's come up big the last two weeks and it's fun to see some TE action in the lineup again. A few cases of stone hands here and there limit him at a 6 for me.


Haven't noted other tight ends very often. Perhaps that is a compliment. Would like for Sean to catch the ball more consistently. I think he had tremendous potential but don't know if we will get a chance to see it.

Havent seen a lot of Reese and Echard, but tremendous upside in Culkin as well as talent.

If you are going to have passes come your way, you better know how to catch them. If the gloves are an issue then get them tackie so the ball sticks! Hang out more with the OL so you guys know each other better. The better you know each other the better you play together. Become ONE!

just doin their jobs so far

Not getting many opportunities.

Not much here Culkin can play but mauk cant make some of the throws wasted talent.

Not sure what to say here, other than Culkin is apparently really good at getting interference calls at the best possible moments. 4th down catch at SC might be biggest play he makes all year, but glad he did.

not used enough

Out of sight out of mind.  Slow.  Poor blockers.

Release the CulkinTM

SC may end up being great, but so far I see a lot of potential and very modest production.

Sean Collin can make tough catches and covert downs bug causing DPI, but needs to work on easy catches .

Sean Culkin is huge and should be a much bigger part of the offense than he currently is. I think Maty is starting to figure out how much of a weapon Sean is so I can see him completing much more intermediate routes to him. He has the ability to be a great possession/blocking TE.

Sean has really stood out to me with his blocking.  Considering his two years of high school football and ~two years of collegiate football it's impressive that he is a reliable blocker.  I think he could be more of a threat in the passing game .but he has been productive with his chances.  Would like to see him run more short routes out of his stance.  I think it will go a long way to help Mauk with his short passing game and overall make the offense more efficient.  One last thought on Sean.  I think he is capable of earning All-Conferene honors this season.  It's a weak field this year ,and in this offense he could see a lot of balls thrown his way.  I can't really comment on anyone else except for Jason Reese who is huge.

Someone other than Culkin has played? -Mac6

Still seemingly a non-factor so far.  I think all of us would love to see some more out of Culkin in the passing game.

Under-utilized.  For years, MU was know for developing great pass-catching tight ends.  The past couple of years they have been an after thought in the offense.  I think moving forward, they are going to be critical to the success of our offense.

We have a tight end passing game? We have a tight end passing game!

We need to utilize Culkin in the passing game.

With our O-line issues, we would probably still be best served to use our TE's as blockers. Still doesn't mean you can't get creative with timed releases etc. Haven't seen enough of Clayton or Jason. If we don't start figuring out a way to get them more involved our TE talent will soon dry up (recently losing Imhatorbebe-excuse the spelling).

Yea I like when our TE does things.

Offensive Line

Mitch Morse (LT): 6.59
Connor McGovern (RT/RG): 6.49
Taylor Chappell (RT): 6.07

Are we grading McGovern at guard or tackle?

Chappell hard to judge need to see more.  Morse has been OK and McGovern has been solid.

Exterior OL has been mostly fine.  McGovern seems to have shored up the interior pretty nicely.

Good except for the Indiana game...

Haven't been the best line this season. Run blocking has been bad. Indiana game showed some real weaknesses.

I am not an expert on the offensive line by any means, let alone individual players on the line.  However, I am confident that the exterior has been the better half of this unit.  Have not seen Mauk hit from behind too much ,and without looking at the numbers some of our most productive runs have been lateral.

I give all of the lineman a 5, simply because I feel they have not lived up to their potential and they have not gelled, yet.  Like Maty Mauk, I think  you will see a different, more effective line play in Week 12 than you have seen in the first four games.

Inconsistent.  They look weak.  Need more off-season weight training.

Indiana game gets them a 6 here.  Way too much penetration.


Looked ok after looking quite poor against IU.

McGovern didnt look natural at RT. Plays much better inside as a mauler RG.

"Morse has done everything we can ask of him at LT. Been beat a few times, but that will happen over the course of a season. McGovern is wayyy better at Guard. Thats all to say about that. Chappell looked solid against SC."

MU's o-line gets better with time.

no complaints

Not bad, not great. Some horrific moments. Some really nice moments.

Not impressed.

OL play has been amazing. Maty makes them looks a lot worse than they actually are because he bails and doesn't let his pocket  form. They have basically handled any outside rushers.


Still on the upward climb, but pretty good so far.

suffled line for SC game passed block better, mauk seem to get out of pocket to soon not a lot of pressure.

the kinks will work themselves out

The tackles have been fine for the most part though not as good as I expected.

They're not there yet.  No doubt they will be.

This part of the line has been on target to what we thought they were. All 7s. -Mac6

To be frank, I don't notice the individual linemen unless bad things are resulting.  Running game has been excellent and Maty not taking sacks at a high rate.

Evan Boehm (C): 6.33
Anthony Gatti :( (LG): 6.16
Mitch Hall (RG): 5.73
Brad McNulty (LG): 5.67
Jordan Williams (LG): 5.01

Boehm got back into rhythm with the snaps, Thank God!

Boehm has not been as good as last year and losing Gatti sucks big time. Same as the exterior it's been not bad but not particularly good.

Boehm is a fantastic player, but above all else his play cost us the Indiana game.

Boehm is not who I expected to struggle.

Boehm would be a 9 except that IU game, McNulty scares me but was OK vs USC.  Hall was a disappointment as was Gatti, our Guard play has not been good.

Can't honestly rate these guys individually. It's so much about communication and skill as a unit. It always has bothered me how "commentators" will speak of RB's breaking off these great runs when they go untouched to the second and third levels. It seemed that run blocking technique was timid early on and too many defenders breaking free through the interior of the line. Against USC there seemed to be a bit of improvement.

Decent play from OL Boehm figured out his snaps. There was a little bit of pressure up the middle against SC. Need to communicate better. But I believe they will. Need to stay healthy.

Evan Boehm is still one of the best Cs in the SEC and just as the same with the Ts, they haven't given up much inside and they have done a great job of opening up holes for our run game to be very successful. ESPECIALLY on that last TD in the S. Carolina game. That was pure muscle against muscle and who wanted it more and our guys prevailed!

Get them snaps under control young man.

Good except for the Indiana game...

"Gotta give Gatti props for his senior year.

Boehm is doing fine, not great, but fine.

McNulty has been disappointing to me."

I expected more, especially from... Wait... Maty just left the pocket again. I'll get back to you.

I give all of the lineman a 5, simply because I feel they have not lived up to their potential and they have not gelled, yet.  Like Maty Mauk, I think  you will see a different, more effective line play in Week 12 than you have seen in the first four games.

I hope the previous issues are worked out.

Inconsistent but capable.

Inconsistent.   They look weak.  Soft (literally).  No push.  Off season weight training a must for these guys.

Interior has been glitchy, but seems like Boehm's got his groove back.  Moving McGovern back inside seems to have been the right decision.  Anthony Gatti :(

Like the exterior offensive line, I gave everyone the same grade.  The interior line has been akin to the swinging saloon doors that you see in ole western films.  Pressure up the middle really hurts running or passing the ball.  Outside of Mauk, Boehm is the most important player on offense.  The Indiana snaps were not up to his standards and the offense struggled because of it.  The line was better in their last game ,but I have to see more.

Line play has been sketchy as of late but therun blocking has been good

Looked better against Scar than against IU, let's keep trending that way fellas.

MU's o-line gets better with time

need to get better here... expect pressure and handle it

No push on running plays inside and not picking up inside blitzs well. Hopefully McGovern moving inside will shore the interior up a little.

Same as exterior line comments.  A few snap issues, but seems to be under control now.

Same here.  Indiana game was terrible.  They need a few more good ones to restore my confidence in them...and less injuries I suppose.

Snaps were rough two games ago but he was noticeable in driving defenders last game on short down situations

Still need to gel, but I have no doubt they will.

Still on the upward climb, but pretty good so far.  Hang out more so you guys know each other better. The better you know each other the better you play together. Become ONE!

This part of the line has not. All 5s. -Mac6

This unit has not been awful but have disappointed.

Very much not impressed.

Well, they were better than in the Indiana game.