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Pregamin' Georgia

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Folks, it's 'bout that time again. After getting a week off to rest up, the time has finally come to start pregaming Mizzou's next big game. Come. Imbibe with us.

Jack Peglow


WHO: Missouri Tigers vs. Georgia Bulldogs

WHAT: Football. Is it football? I think it's football. Yeah, totally football.

WHEN: Saturday, October 11 – 11:00am CT




(of the useless variety)

  • The Bulldogs have appeared in 49 bowl games, the fifth most all-time.
  • Their 27 bowl victories are good for third all-time.
  • Georgia's 12 SEC Championships ranks third, behind Tennessee's 13 and Alabama's 22.
  • Georgia is the only university that buries its mascots within the football stadium grounds.
  • In 1939, Wally Butts became the Bulldogs' head coach.
  • Butts.
  • Sanford Stadium holds 92,746 patrons, making it the tenth largest in the nation.
  • The famous hedges around the stadium were removed when the field hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics' soccer competition. Afterwards, they were replaced with new hedges grown from samples of the original plants.
  • Ain't lettin' no foreign "football" play between the hedges, Pawl.



Who do you hope to see more from against UGA?

Fullback U: Far and away, Maty Mauk. It is #Mauktober, is it not?

The Beef: It has to be Mauk.  I think we’ve not given the USC defenders a ton of credit for the job they did blanketing the WR’s (especially the young ones) in the game a couple of weeks ago.  Those guys will need to do a much better job of getting open, and having Hunt (and hopefully White) should certainly help with that.  However, Mauk needs to remain patient as best he can and get away from locking in on people.  Pitching and catching should be the name of the game here.

HKKB Chris: It's the popular refrain but Maty's got to keep it together and matriculate that ball down field and extend drives.  Can't have a bunch of 3 and outs or we're boned.

Sam Snelling: After perhaps the best game of his career, I'm going to say Kentrell Brothers. Just that I want to see more of the same. He's going to need to play the game of his life against UGa.

Jack Peglow: The wide-bodies inside. If Mizzou wants to have any shot at forcing the Dawgs into passing situations, they'll need a solid effort from Lucas Vincent, BIG BEAR, and company.

AlaTiger: Lawrence Lee and Wesley Leftwich. I doubt Hunt and White will be 100%, so we really need to see these guys step it up.

What group (D-line, O-line, coaches, etc.) do you hope to see a better performance from?

Fullback: Better? Wide Receivers not named "Bud Sasser" although he should make sure to show up too. Rumor has it both Jimmie Hunt and Darius White will play vs Georgia.

Beef: This will sounds strange, but I want to see the LB’s do better.  It is strange because they were really solid against USC, with Brothers stepping up and having his best game of the season.  He will need to do it again to keep Gurley in check.

HHKB: The WR corps, time to go out there and take advantage of a secondary that has become spectacularly short on Shaqs.

Snelling: The Quarterback group. Mauk had a rough game against SC, and pulled it out in the end but it was a huge fight. He needs to be better with his throws, and Mizzou needs it's WRs to make the tough catches. If the WRs and Mauk play a solid game, I like Mizzou's chances to slowing down Georgia enough to win.

Peglow: The whole passing game better show up this week. Mizzou can't afford to have them to MIA again like they did in South Carolina. Though, in their defense, it's easy to lose your way in a Sandstorm.

AlaTiger: Wide receivers. Give Maty a chance to celebrate Mauktoberfest.

What's one wild prediction you have for this week's game?

Fullback: Mizzou scores a defensive touchdown.

Beef: We keep Gurley under 100 yards (you said wild).

HHKB: Michael Sherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr with a pick 6 on the first offensive series of the game and Mac still tries to break my phone.

Snelling: BST is still not a dad by kickoff.

Peglow: Todd Gurley will not be the game's leading rusher.

AlaTiger: Gurley is Georgia's leading passer.

Why has Mark Richt lost control?

Fullback: Too many players named Shaq who aren't 7 feet tall.

Beef: Tough to get into Glen Mason +2 wins-a-season territory and complain, but that appears to be where Richt has landed.  I don’t feel like he has any less or more control of his team than most coaches have over their own at this point.  I am thinking UGA fans might point to Mike Bobo as the issue, as I know playcalling has been a problem from time to time.

HHKB: Because he’s got a cute face, chubby waist, thick legs in shape, rump shaking both way make you do a double take, planet rocka, show stopper flo froppa, head knocker beat stalla tail dropper.  That’s why.

Snelling: Too many Shaqs. Something something Ian Curtis:

Peglow: Control is not a thing that exists in the college football universe this year.

AlaTiger: Did Richt every really have control?

Is it a good or bad thing to be the person who "let the dogs out?"

Fullback: Last time Mizzou let the dogs out, they beat us in Columbia. Bad.

Beef: I still remember working for the AD when we played that song a ton during the season, with Mike Alden remarking that his young son Jake liked the song.  Pretty sure Jake is well into college at this point.  I am old.

HHKB: The Baha Men never truly explore that element in their song do they.  They just want to know who did in fact let these canines out, so if I had to guess, my money is on BST, he's a gravy dropper and dog lover, he probably just wanted them out to have some fun.

Snelling: Whoever let the Baja Men out should be shot. But I often let the dogs out, because it's better than letting them use the bathroom in the house.

Peglow: In college, my fraternity made a drinking game out of that song. Depending upon how you view drinking games, it was either a very good, or a very bad thing to have let out the dogs.

AlaTiger: Get a doggie door, people! Then the dogs go in and out on their own and the question is moot. Maybe doggie doors are why Richt doesn't have control.

Any other thoughts?

Snelling: A week off to prepare? I'm thinking that Mizzou needs to have their best performance to date. No excuses this time around. It's an early start, Mauk says he likes the early starts. WR's are back and healthy. Offensive Line has had a few weeks to adjust to the new lineup. A week off to heal and prepare for a bruising Georgia team. It's time to do it.

I'm really dreading watching Gurley. I haven't really felt dread for any game yet, but I'm dreading watching him run over a LB or two. We need the D-Line to play their best game to prevent him from getting a head of steam once he's at that second level.

I'm hoping to see our running game match theirs, and to see Mizzou take the fight to the Bulldogs.

AlaTiger: It's hard not to see this game as the SEC East championship. There will still be a ton of football to be played after this weekend, and the East is an interesting mix of better than we thought and worse than we thought teams, but these two appear to be the best.

I'm dreading Missouri players being in the background flailing helplessly during the clips every sports channel will show endlessly when mentioning Gurley's Heisman campaign. So, tackle Todd terrifically, Tigers!

I'm really hoping to see a good game from whatever receivers see the field. Bud is always solid, but need a couple of Jimmie, Darius, J'Mon, or Lawrence to step up big time against a leaky Georgia secondary.


We're baaaaaaaaaack! Here's your current standings:

In first, AGAIN: ArmyOfMike, with 28 correct picks.

TIED for second: Peglow and BillSelfsToupee, with 25 correct picks.

JUST slightly behind, in third: The Beef, with 24 correct picks.

Dead freakin' last: HHKB Chris, with 22 correct picks.

MOVING ON, here's this week's slate:

UGA @ Mizzou
UGA -3
O/U 62

Auburn @ MSU
Auburn -3
O/U 63

Alabama @ Arkansas
Bama -11
O/U 54.5

LSU @ Florida
LSU -2
O/U 47

Ole Miss @ A&M
A&M -2
O/U 63

And here, dear readers, are our EXPERT PICKS:

Name Mizzou – UGA Spread Mizzou – UGA O/U Auburn – MSU Spread Auburn – MSU O/U Bama – Arky Spread Bama – Arky O/U LSU – Florida Spread LSU – Florida O/U Ole Miss – A&M Spread Ole Miss – A&M O/U
Mike Mizzou Under MSU Over Bama Under LSU Under A&M Under
HHKB Mizzou Under Auburn Over Bama Under LSU Under A&M Over
Peglow Mizzou Over MSU Over Bama Over LSU Under Ole Miss Over
Beef Mizzou Under MSU Over Bama Over LSU Under Ole Miss Under
BST Mizzou Under Auburn Over Arky Under LSU Over Ole Miss Over



Last time Georgia came to CoMo, a pleasant Dawgs fan was passing these out. #tbt

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