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Wisdom of the crowds: Grading the Missouri defense after 9 games

Your defensive MVPs for the middle portion of Missouri's season: Shane Ray, Harold Brantley, Braylon Webb, Markus Golden, and Michael Scherer.

Paul Halfacre

Defensive end

Shane Ray: 8.87 (last time: 8.69)
Markus Golden: 7.72 (8.00)
Charles Harris: 6.17 (5.51)
Marcus Loud: 5.90 (5.32)


"Best" part of D

Another stellar year from our DE.

Best in SEC

Best unit on the team. -Mac6

DE is clearly our strength to our defense this year. Shane Ray has been outstanding. Markus Golden, I believe has been fighting a little big of a injury bug ever since he was not able to play against Indiana. Charles Harris is starting to emerge himself as a big time player. Early on in the season you didn't hear much of him but you are now starting to hear more and more of his name being called after plays. Marcus Loud I believe is still trying to find his way. It's his first college experience and I think in the future he will give some productive minutes.

Full of studs.

Golden is probably still being hampered by his hammy. Looked like a freak last year, but surprisingly mortal this aeason.

Golden still looks slowed by the hammy, but who cares SHANE RAY IS YOUR SACK OVERLORD.

How much is Golden's injury affecting his play? Still a key piece, and what would have been if he played in the Indiana game. Shane Ray, Congrats. 1st round for sure.

monsters, all of them

Ray and Golden are studs, but I am getting a good feeling about Harris

Shane Ray. I mean, damn. Golden looks like he's still a half step slow, hopefully that hammy will be all healed up after the bye. Backups looking solid.

Shane Ray's pass rush.....unconscious! Love Markus Goldens heart for playing with bad hammy and gutting it out. You can tell he's not 100%, but still in there giving it his all.


The young D-Ends look fairly decent...but with how elite Golden and Ray are, the defense will have a significant drop-off at end next year.

The youngster are really coming along and GoldenRay gives offensive tackles nightmares.

To improve upon last year is impressive, we gonna miss them when they're gone - FU

Defensive tackle

Harold Brantley: 8.10 (last time: 7.08)
Lucas Vincent: 7.20 (6.68)
Matt Hoch: 7.18 (6.71)
Josh Augusta: 6.94 (6.84)

Becoming some of the best in college football

Better than I expected them to be. Especially Hock.

Brantley doin some work on the interior of that D-Line. Rest of this crew is performing very well too.

Brantley has been dominent

Deepest part that allows DE to be the "best"

DT is a close second to our strength of our defense this year. Harold Brantley is making a name for himself and has proven to be a quick and big DT (Sheldon Richardson ring a bell). Augusta has improved immensely over the past year. He is going to be a big talent for years to come. I think Lucas Vincent is having an OK year. After all the talk about him in fall camp he was expecting to be our biggest surprise on defense. I've heard he has had some injury issues but he is a very solid contributor. Matt Hoch has been doing what you need him to do. Don't hear his name much but when you do you aren't surprised. Again, makes solid plays.

Get more push

I figured Josh Augusta would made more of an impact than he has. Overall though great work.

Obviously the star is Harold Brantley. I would have liked to see more from SR Lucas Vincent, but Matt Hoch is playing really well. Josh Augusta has faded from view and I would like to hear his name more. - FU


Super happy with this bunch. All performing above expectations, but I hoped Augusta would have progressed a little more.

The big boys can play. I wish I paid more attention to them, but that damn Shane Ray is soaking up all the limelight.

The DTs are killing it. Not just with quality, but with depth.

The easiest way to determine if Harold Brantley was involved in a sack is to see if the quarterback get up. Pain Train. Woot. Woot.

Underrated because they are overshadowed by the DEs. I hope Brantley becomes the beast he's starting to look like, will need it next year. -Mac6


Not nearly enough Kentrell Brothers love for my tastes...

Michael Scherer: 7.83 (last time: 7.67)
Kentrell Brothers: 7.55 (7.53)
Donavin Newsom: 6.25 (5.35)
Darvin Ruise: 5.86 (5.52)
Eric Beisel: 5.76 (5.48)
Clarence Green: 5.53 (5.37)

Beisel has looked good in limited action...but Scherer and Brothers have been great too.

Best part of this LB corps, they will all be back next year sans Ruise. Really playing at a high level now.

Getting better every week

Good solid play for the most part

I don't want to go too high on Scherer and Brothers, because they can play even better. -Mac6

I would still like Brothers and Scherer to play better in pass coverage, but they can grow into that. Newsom has been athletic and fast, both in good plays and bad. Green has had some mistakes like a late hit out of bounds, that stood out. Ruise is a liability in coverage but a good run LB. Biesel needs more snaps. - FU

Impressed by Sherer and Brothers in spurts. Really thought losing Andrew Wilson would be tougher.

Kentrell Brothers continues to come into his own and Scherer is Andrew Wilson part deux

not deep after Scherer and Brothers

One thing I can say about our LBs is... Michael Scherer. He has been without a doubt the biggest surprise of our defense. You hear his name called a lot during the course of a game. He continues to get better and better each game. The future looks great with him and we really needed him to step up and he has. For the rest of the LBs. Brothers is doing what he should be. Most experience LB we have and has been doing well for us. Ruise.. Well.. disappointing. He's had to battle with his weight his whole career and he just doesn't have the speed like Brothers and Scherer. Would really like for things to click for him soon. Newsom/Green/Beisel.. They have done ok for young guys. I think Newsom will get better and better. I'm really liking what I'm seeing with Beisel when I watch him on special teams.

Scherer making leaps and bounds, love it. These guys will determine the Arkansas game.


Scherer will be a star

The future is bright, and the present is pretty alright.

They have come a long way. Scherer is a beast in the middle. Would like to see Beisel get more reps.

This group is really coming along nicely


Kenya Dennis: 7.49 (last time: 5.91)
Aarion Penton: 7.31 (6.37)
John Gibson: 6.11 (5.46)
David Johnson: 5.55 (4.97)

Aarion Penton is a stud. Great young corner. Kenya Dennis has made a name for himself as well.

again, not deep after Dennis and Penton

CB play this far has been solid. Not great but history says we never have great CBs. Penton has stand out as a leader of the CBs which was kind of a given, given the fact he played well last year when EJ Gaines went down. Kenya Dennis is getting better and better. He has a great body and athleticism that we need at CB.

Compound Word- Lockdown

Dennis had a fantastic game against Kentucky

Doing as well as I would have expected. Nothing special. Gaines is definitely missing, and no one has shored up his sure tackling.

don't do illegal shit aarion

Good thing I waited until after the arrest to grade Penton right? But I didn't grade him down for off the field stuff as I'm sure many will. He's plateaued a bit but he was playing reasonably well enough. Kenya Dennis has really impressed me of late, but we'll need to see him continue, and others must now step up. - FU

If they continue to improve from week to week, they could be amazing by December. -Mac6

Improving every week

KD is a safety playing corner. Dude is physical and loves to hit. Penton playing very solid well.

Kenya Dennis and A-arion, best games at Mizzou, well done!

Penton is selfish and not a team player.

They have come a long way since the beginning of the year. Now a strength.

Thought gibby would play better this year. Dennis has been a pleasant surprise.

Tough group that is playing well

Where did this version of Kenya Dennis come from? He is a monster. Penton has been great as well, although he gets a bit over-celebratory at times.


Braylon Webb: 7.97 (last time: 6.79)
Ian Simon: 6.42 (5.79)
Duron Singleton: 6.38 (6.43)
Cortland Browning: 5.65 (4.92)
Thomas Wilson: 5.31 (N/A)

*This comment has been ejected for targeting*

Braylon Webb should see a lot of work on Sundays.

BW is the rock of the back end of the defense. He is never out of position. Love how Singleton plays physical against run and is decent covering the slot. Can't wait to see what TW does with another year under his belt - Cornelius 'Pig' Brown 2.0?.

Had Singleton rated higher earlier, but he's dropped off even as Webb has taken off. -Mac6

Look out for shoes Ian

see above

Simon = Matt White 2.0. Singleton plays great in the box..but not so much in coverage. I like what I have seen from Thomas Wilson.

Smooth nothing but high ceiling


We are going to miss Braylon for that 1st half

Webb gets a 9 from me, one of 3 I gave out. Simon is a liability and Singleton has failed to impress but hasn't disappointed except one TD vs Vandy. Wilson and Browning need more experience. - FU

Webb has been playing as well as any Mizzou safety since Willy Mo graduated. Everybody else has been doing just fine.

Webb, Outstanding. Every facet has been exemplary. Singleton has been beat a few times, but will definitely need him to step up in the A&M game with webb out. Simon is ok, would like to see better coverage

Webb.. By far the best Safety we have. I've been really disappointed in Singletons performance as of late. We've seen him play better on the pass but he has given up some big plays and has made some poor arm tackles.

Special Teams

Christian Brinser (punter): 8.12 (last time: 7.91)
Andrew Baggett (place-kicking): 7.00 (6.63)


Baggett continues to miss field goals. This team NEEDS a sure thing kicker. If the game comes down to a Baggett field goal, I'd rather just throw a hail mary. Brinser has been outstanding. Winning us the field position battle has been huge.

Baggett has rose from the ashes of last year to be a very solid PK. Brinser - just keeps 'doing what he do'

Baggett is only a JR? *siiiiigh* Brinser is good I guess. - FU

Baggett misses too many easy shots. Brisner is serviceable.

Brinser for Heisman!

Brinser has really improved this year

Brinser is fantastic, Baggett is doing alright

If you don't let Baggett set up on the left hash when kicking a field goal then will be ok. Baggett has been good so far. Has made some pretty big kicks. Brinser... THANK YOU! For the most part he has been great! Has pinned a lot of teams back on their side of the field which has helped both our defense and offense.

Kickers have feelings too. 9's all around!

No complaints about the kicking, particularly Brinser. -Mac6

Ok job here.


Punting has been outstanding. Kickoffs have been great. FG kicking has been acceptable.

solid overall. very impressed.

The lack of respect for long snappers is outlandish and offensive. Jake Hurrell- 9 #BrinserForHiesman"

you boys kicking some serious ass

(Baggett's missed one field goal under 40 yards and is at 50% on FGs beyond 40, by the way.)