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Hoops Signing Day Things

For those who care about this stuff, Today is national signing day, which means all kinds of fun on Twitter.

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I'll keep this semi-updated throughout the day as anything progresses. For now, nothing completely newsworthy is expected on the Mizzou front with the start of the early signing period. And, as usual there is the Mizzou Basketball Recruiting Section here at RockMNation that has all the past info on these guys.

First, Welcome to Mizzou Cullen VanLeer!

Cullen VanLeer made it official this morning, signing his national letter of intent to be a Missouri Tiger. For those who think that this a ho-hum kind of signing. Coach Rob Fulford has different thoughts...

I talked some about VanLeer before. Here is the link:  Mizzou Basketball Lands Second Verbal Commitment from In-State Guard

Second, Welcome to Mizzou Kevin Puryear!

Also, as expected, Kevin Puryear will inked his LOI today after school. Click here to read more about Kevin and his commitment.

Some updates on a few other guys...

Antonio Blakeney a Mizzou Tiger?

No. Not yet anyway. I know, that's a mean tease.

I'm sure the Mizzou coaches would have loved a commitment from Blakeney, but this is actually pretty good news that he's waiting. Blakeney has a top 3 (right now) of Mizzou, LSU and Kentucky. Mizzou coaches are confident that they have Blakeney paying attention, and him waiting allows him to see Missouri play under Kim Anderson. It's possible that a terrible season derails the recruitment of Blakeney, but what is more important is that he gets to see the system and how he would fit in that system. Seeing Teki Gill-Caesar play good minutes for the Tigers this year I'm sure will help him also.

Othere guys... Thomas Bryant is waiting until Spring, as is Ted Kapita

Not much news here, Bryant is still waiting until Spring for a decision. I assume that's because he wants that extra time to help him mom understand that he'll be fine in Columbia, MO.  Right now it's Mizzou, Syracuse and Indiana. Kapita is a late riser and is going to wait as well.

In SEC News

  • It looks like top 10 player Skal Labissiere is planning on committing to Kentucky tomorrow. Kentucky has only one commitment so far, a 4-star SG named Charles Harris (who should sign today), but plan on their being more and probably soon.
  • Former Mizzou recruit Isaiah Briscoe is also committing tomorrow, most think that it's between UK and St. Johns, although UConn is also in the mix. Evan Daniels has thoughts on both Briscoe and Labissiere...
As I said earlier, as more comes in, I'll update this post. For now, that's it.

UPDATE @ 11:54 to reflect Dozier news.
UPDATE @ 3:03 to reflect Kevin Puryear official.

VanLeer signed with Mizzou, Puryear did too, all the others waiting until spring. Plus some other SEC Schools signed some guys.