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Pregamin' Texas A&M

Pregamin' is here to rain knowledge down upon you like a beautiful waterfall.

Jack Peglow


WHO: Missouri Tigers vs. Texas A&M Aggies


WHEN: Saturday, November 15 – 6:30pm CT

WHERE: THE HATE BARN, College Station TX



(of the useless variety)

  • Texas A&M used to be a member of the Big 12 conference.
  • The Aggies played in the first game to feature a play-by-play broadcast in 1921. They played Texas, and the calls were relayed to a local amateur radio station via telegraph.
  • There have been two Heisman winners from Texas A&M, both of them named John. (Manziel and David Crow)
  • The 12th Man is a neat tradition that *legally* belongs to the Aggies.
  • After this year, Mizzou and A&M won't play again until 2021.



Who do you hope to see more from against A&M?

AlaTiger: It’s a three-way tie among Cortland Browning, John Gibson, and Darius White. All are critical to Mizzou’s success this weekend.

The Beef: Continued growth of the offense, especially coming off of the bye-week. I think this was a good time for us to really start to try to improve upon the things which are working.  Almost another chance to install (or re-install) some stuff from the packages which have been successful.

HHKB Chris: Darius Money Season White, mostly because we haven't gotten to see much from him since he keeps injuring his groin. Here's to hoping he he injured it in a fun and exciting way and not just practice.

Jack Peglow: Markus Golden. Shane Ray has (rightfully) garnered the majority of the praise heaped on Mizzou's defensive line, and he'll likely continue to do so. That said, Golden is well past due for a big game, and if there were ever a game to do it, it'd be against this offense.

Sam Snelling: Big Game Jimmie Hunt, 2 TDs. Make it happen.

Fullback U: Darius White taking the top off a defense, if he's healthy, go out and prove it in your home state Money Season. You came to Mizzou to get paid and it sucks you got hurt, but we need your explosive playmaking. Go out there and earn that future paycheck.

What group (D-line, O-line, coaches, etc.) would you like to see a better performance from?

AlaTiger: This may seem odd, because they’ve played well, but the running backs. I want to see some explosive plays and even greater efficiency.

Beef: I am going to want to see a better performance from the WR/TE group.  This group HAS to learn how to get open on the initial routes AND when Mauk starts to scramble.  They don’t have the height which DBG/Lucas/LW had, so these guys need to learn to break off routes and get back towards the ball to make themselves a target.

HHKB: It's gonna be Maty until we start seeing a real bonafide starting SEC quarterback. Hoping the week off allowed him to get some practice with his receivers and the coaches to really start fine tuning things.


Snelling: I'll say the secondary since they're going to have to step with with the combination of not having Aarion Penton for the game, and Braylon for the first half. I look for Cortland Browning to lay the wood at least once. And get burned once.

Fullback: Offensive line. Open up wide open holes on this awful A&M defense. Plow huge swaths of land all through their brand new stadium. Give Hansbrough and Murphy the running lanes so big they could score touchdowns with their eyes closes. I want blood.

Give us one WILD prediction for this week's game.

AlaTiger: Darius White has two touchdown receptions.

Beef: Mauk throws for TD’s to three different targets.

HHKB: Nate Brown gets his first collegiate TD.

Peglow: In a game featuring three of the nation's premiere DEs, it's the interior defensive linemen that throw the sack party. For both teams.

Snelling: Both Speedy Noil and Marcus Murphy get a return for a Touchdown.

Fullback: Braylon Webb returns with a vengeance. Forcing a fumble and scoring a touchdown of a pick 6. Also, at least one massive hit on a ballcarrier as he screams out of the secondary.

It's strength vs. strength with Mizzou's defense going up against the Aggie offense. Who prevails?

AlaTiger: I think the Mizzou defense, led by the front seven, makes a statement, covering for the replacement DB’s.

Beef: I think this is the most dynamic offense we have seen, and are seeing it without one and a half starters.  Ultimately, I think aTm scores enough points to beat us, which means their offense won out (even if we keep them below their average).

HHKB: Because of the loss of two starters, one for a half and one for an indefinite amount of time and going up against the best offense in the SEC, I'm going to say Mizzou bends a lot, but ends up breaking towards the end and Mizzou ends up losing a close game.

Peglow: Thanks to the offense not being able to stay on the field, Mizzou's defense eventually withers. Similar to the Georgia game, their performance will be much better than the final score indicates.

Snelling: The fans at the game for getting to watch such a splendid football game.

Fullback: Markus Golden, fully recovered from his hamstring, BURNS KYLE FIELD TO THE GROUND. Mizzou wins 24-20

What do you think the pitch was that stole R. Bowen Loftin away from College Station?

AlaTiger: The nearness to the heart of Rock M Nation, of course.

Beef: We don’t keep dead dogs lying around.

HHKB: Having been to both College Station and Columbia, MO, I'd say the pitch went something like this, "Hey RBL, welcome to Columbia, what do you think?" He then got down on his knees in tears thanking whatever he thanks for the opportunity to get out of Texas.  Also lots and lots of meth.

Peglow: That dope ass twitter handle.

Snelling: You won't have to talk to Rick Perry ever, ever, ever again.

Fullback: "We have cake"

Any other thoughts?

AlaTiger: ​Just win, Tigers.

Peglow: Would really like to see a halftime flying-skills challenge between the Swag Copter and the Pinkelcopter.

Snelling: I think this is going to be a competitive game. For one, Missouri's offense isn't good enough, even against a bad defense, to blow out a good offense against our good defense. I'm not looking forward to our secondary having to make a bunch of plays on the short passing game agains the quick A&M receivers. But... I'm hoping that our D will step up and keep their O in check, maybe force some turnovers and give the offense a short field and pull out a win in our last visit to Kyle Field until the year 2079. Basketball starts Friday.


A&M Sucks



Our leader, ArmyOfMike, remains the same, but things behind him are tooooootally different.

IN FIRST: Mike, with 48 correct picks

IN SECOND: BillSelfsToupee, with 47 correct picks

IN THIRD: The Beef, with 45 correct picks

IN FOURTH: HHKB Chris, with 44 correct picks

DEAD FREAKIN' LAST: Jack Peglow, with a paltry 42 correct picks. [womp womp]

I am ashamed.


South Carolina @ Florida
UF -6.5
O/U 58

MSU @ Bama
Bama - 8
O/U 52

Auburn @ Georgia
UGA -2.5
O/U 68.5

Mizzou @ A&M
A&M -5
O/U 59

LSU @ Arkansas
Arky -2
O/U 47.5

And heeeeeere are our EXPERT picks:

Name South Carolina – Florida Spread South Carolina – Florida O/U MSU – Bama Spread MSU – Bama O/U Auburn – UGA Spread Auburn – UGA O/U Mizzou – TAMU Spread Mizzou – TAMU O/U LSU – Arky Spread LSU – Arky O/U
Mike South Carolina Under Bama Over Auburn Under TAMU Under LSU Over
HHKB Florida Under Bama Over Auburn Over TAMU Under LSU Over
Peglow Florida Under MSU Over UGA Over TAMU Under LSU Under
Beef South Carolina Under MSU Over UGA Over TAMU Over LSU Over
BST Florida Under Bama Over Auburn Over Mizzou Under LSU Over