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Mizzou Basketball Player Previews... Ryan Rosburg

The longest tenured Tiger, lone player from St. Louis, and Bill C. lookalike... The reasons we love @RyRos44.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

#44 Ryan Rosburg

Junior, Forward
6'10" 264 lbs
Chesterfield, Missouri
Marquette High School

Sam Snelling -

He's not explosive, he's not fast, he's certainly not flashy. What he is though is solid, strong and mostly effective.

If you follow Mizzou, you know all about Ryan Rosburg. He's a fairly polarizing figure on the type of player that he is, but there's no doubt that Mizzou fans love him because he loves Mizzou. Ryan is a quiet kid, who certainly has his drawbacks on the floor. He's not explosive, he's not fast, he's certainly not flashy. What he is though is solid, strong and mostly effective. When he's able to lean and use his weight on guys, he's more effective than not. But in the SEC, there are a lot of tall, lean and athletic guys that are often difficult for RR to keep up with. He's not a guy, per say, that would thrive in a Mike Anderson system. What he does have is good footwork, decent hands and a big body.

You could certainly do a lot worse than Rosburg, and I hate to even phrase it that way because it can sound condescending. He's a solid player, I just like Rosburg at 16-20 minutes a game, instead of 26-30. And with the depth in the front court on this roster, he's a lot more likely to get closer to 26-30 than the former. And at that rate I think he's a guy who can get over exposed a bit and lose productiveness.

HHKB Chris -

Ryan Rosburg, I am still convinced that we took him because Frank H wanted to make inroads with St. Louis coaches, but that's irrelevant! IRRELEVANT!!! He's a great guy that loves Mizzou and will provide us some good rebounds, the occasional put back and under the tutelage of Kim Anderson should have his best year yet.

Hopefully we don't see him constantly rotating to the top of the key and then go running back on every offensive play, and is always out of position, though I think a lot of that has to do with Haith more than Ryan. But there's something else about Ryan, good dude, but have you noticed he has a certain presence, calming in the face of a storm, rational in a fury of emotions, and a look that makes us all feel comfortable like a warm blanket and a glass of milk before bed?

Why is that? Well the simple answer is that Ryan Rosburg is a basketball playing robot sent back from the future by his designer, stat guru and future overlord Bill C. Created in his likeness (a bit taller to be sure) he was sent back to preach fundamentals and ensure that we all started thinking about numbers, I mean have you ever wondered about the way they look so similar, it couldn't be coincidence, things like that don't happen. Ryan Rosburg was sent back through time to rebound, collect stats and piss off Tennessee fans and apparently one angry Seminoles fan. Do you Bill, I mean Ryan, do you.

CBonerfied -

Ryan Rosburg seems like a great kid--a traditional big man's body, you can tell he cares, a great receding hairline, etc. I think I've made my opinions on his game last year pretty clear; however, a lot of his playing time was due to lack of depth in the post and, well, the fact that often times our past regime's "tactics" left him exposed on the defensive end and invisible on the offensive side. All reports are that both he and Keanau are making positive leaps, and with a former big man now coaching the squad, I have a good feeling that our 5's will at least be utilized properly and put in positions to succeed.

Wooderson -

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