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Mizzou 34, Texas A&M 27: Highlights, GIFs, and key play breakdowns

All GIFs made via ESPN and SEC Network

Thomas B. Shea

After a first half that saw only 2 field goals by Andrew Baggett and Mizzou down 13-6, Mizzou would score 28 points in the third quarter then get crucial plays from both the defense and offense to hang on for the victory

Maty Mauk found Darius White on a fade route to tie the game at 13 a piece.

I do not understand Josh Henson's fascination with the fade route into the endzone, but today, with a healthy Darius White in the line up, it proved to be just the right play call when Mizzou needed a touchdown coming out of half time. The touchdown came against Texas A&M's best cornerback in Deshazor Everett.

Then it was Mizzou's monster rushing day putting the hurt on Texas A&M, featuring Russell Hansbrough and a cameo from freshman Ish Witter.

There was the run on 1st down that was reminiscent of Henry Josey's game winning run last year in Columbia

You'll notice that it's LG Brad McNulty getting to the second level and clearing out the linebackers to give Hansbrough the clear lane to the endzone. Props to Evan Boehm for sealing the hole as well. Boehm and McNulty were probably the best lineman for Mizzou Saturday.

Then there was Russell Hansbrough's 49 yard touchdown run up the left side that featured some comically bad tackling by Texas A&M

This reminded me of Hansbrough's long touchdown run vs UCF. Bud Sasser and Sean Culkin make solid down blocks and you see both Connor McGovern and Brad McNulty pull left and make blocks to allow Hansbrough to make the first down.

But it's really all about Texas A&M De'Vante Harris who makes a laughable jumping tackle attempt (conveniently circled above) while Hansbrough accelerates through the small gap and races for the endzone.

Ish Witter provided Mizzou with what would be their final touchdown, putting Mizzou up 34-20 and capping a 28 point 3rd quarter

This is another pulling play, with Evan Boehm snapping the ball and then leading the way into the hole and sealing the linebacker inside. Mitch Morse makes an excellent block to keep the DE out of the play. Ish Witter casually jukes the safety and then walks into the end zone for his first career touchdown.

Shane Ray and Markus Golden combined for a sack on Kyle Allen

Shane Ray shows some good burst and doesn't allow the LT Jarvis Harrison to engage him, then gets to the QB so fast I really can't believe the RB didn't at least attempt to chip block. Ray owes Harold Brantley and Matt Hoch some credit here as they wall off any escape by Kyle Allen and Markus Golden is there in case he somehow escapes. Shane Ray DEFINITELY has Mizzou's sack record now.

Braylon Webb, Duron Singleton and Matt Hoch are you heroes, making the crucial 4th and 1 stop on Mizzou's goal line to prevent Texas A&M tying it late.

Just watch and savor it. Make sure to note Markus Golden jumping for joy.

It's not quite over though, Mizzou is on their goal line and, of course, get called for a penalty that gives them almost no room for error.

Amazingly, they pass the ball on 2nd and 11 from inside their own endzone.

Maty Mauk finds Jimmie Hunt on a slant out of the slot. This probably should have been ruled a first down conversion.

We likely won't be seeing Texas A&M again until 2021 but it's incredible to know that Gary Pinkel is 7-2 vs Texas A&M and has every Mizzou win over the Aggies.

That's all I have for you now. What an amazing road win by your Mizzou Tigers in front of 100,000 plus fans, many of whom were cheering "M-I-Z ... Z-O-U". Relish days like this.