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Mizzou Basketball Player Previews... Keanau Post

The big man with all the potential, Keanau Post. Spelled K-E-A-N-A-U... NOT like Keanu Reeves.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

# 45 Keanau Post

Senior, Forward
6'11" 270 lbs
Victoria, British Columbia
Southwestern Illinois CC

Sam Snelling -

The closer we get the season, the more excited I am to see what Post can do. He was one of the more highly rated players to don a Mizzou jersey during the Frank Haith tenure, and also one of the more disappointing figures a season ago. What makes Post so exciting of a player is the combination of size, speed and soft hands. He's got everything you want from a big man. What he lacked last year was confidence, and possibly a coach who can get the most out of him.

Just hearing that Post has becoming a leader on the roster is a big deal to me. That means he's settled enough with the staff and feels more comfortable than he was last year. Post is a raw talent though, so even at this point I'm not sure what to expect. I know that if Post is beating out Ryan Rosburg for a spot, that means the ceiling for the season goes up, because Post has a higher ceiling. He has all the ability in the world, but he's also a late bloomer who is still fairly new to basketball. So its a little unfair to expect a whole lot from him, yet at the same time not be surprised if he ends up in the NBA at some point.

When Post gets good position, catches the ball and makes a decisive quick move, he's as good as anyone.

When Post gets good position, catches the ball and makes a decisive quick move, he's as good as anyone. Where he gets in trouble is trying to dribble the ball or simply doing too much, thinking instead of reacting. What I would like to see from Post this year is 15-20 minutes a game, if not more, 6-10 points, 6-7 rebounds, 1+ blocks, and staying out of foul trouble.

HHKB Chris -

Post had that game against Mississippi State last year and it was a coming out party. The issue was that it was the worst team in the conference, so was it real, or was it just a question of coming up against the worst team? Everything we've heard this offseason is that he's surpassed Ryan Rosburg and that he's becoming a strong big man one that Kim A can set his offense around. Like so many players on this team if he reaches his potential, Mizzou's ceiling will keep rising. And honestly what better teacher to have than a big man himself. Hopefully we see a quicker first step and some confidence in his game, go out there and Matrix it up Keanau.

CBonerfied -

There was one game he played last year where he seemed to assume the jersey of an all-conference player, and it made me (and other commentariat) say "where has this guy been all year?" for an entire half of basketball. Confidence HAD to be a problem, because he had a great reputation out of JUCO, and then we saw that amazing glimpse of what he could do. The report out of the Black and Gold game is exciting; maybe Keanau is comfortable now and ready to show his skills in a much-improved senior season. I can say that my expectations for Post and Rosburg are now a lot higher than they were five months ago; I was pretty convinced that we'd see a lot of a Gant/JIII frontcourt this year, but I'm on the other end of the pendulum now. I'm guessing that these two guys split 35 minutes between them and share around 13 points per game and 12-14 rebounds per.

Wooderson -

keanau post - puke sonata, oaken sputa, kaput aeons, peanut soak

Sam -

Puke sonata... fitting. Hopefully he'll become more sonata, less puke. How about an interview from last year: