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Mizzou Basketball Player Previews... Keith Shamburger

A 5th year transfer who should help the young pups along this season, the Shamburglar!

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

#14 Keith Shamburger

Graduate Senior, Guard
5'11" 170 lbs
Los Angeles, California
Junipero Serra, San Jose St, Hawaii

Sam -

I really like that they picked up a 5th year transfer, and one that is a pass first point guard. There are so many concerns about this team, but one of them from the start was point guard depth, so to be able to bring in a guy who can contribute and not hurt you at the position is a HUGE get. Shamburger isn't going to wow anybody but he will solidify the position. He'll be able to give you 15-25 minutes of good perimeter play and a plus on the defensive side of the ball.

The hope for me is that Shamburger can come off the bench and spell minutes for Clark, and even move Clark to the off guard spot. With that lineup you get small in a hurry, but it can be effective defensively. Which I think is where Shamburger can have the best impact.

HHKB Chris

Coach Anderson, he knows things, that much is clear. A team relying on a sophomore point guard and a couple freshman back ups is no way to run an offense, so getting Keith Shamburger onto the roster was a key move.
Shamburger has been all over the place, San Jose, Hawaii and now Mizzou, so he's got some experience and clearly a strong desire to win and to dance. Bringing him in takes a bit of the load off of Clark and Tramaine Isabell to be the guys and run the offense. When Mizzou needs a steady hand and if Clark isn't getting it done, bringing in Shamburger will be a great piece to play. The addition of Shamburger also allows Coach A the opportunity to run a two PG offense to keep bigger slower teams (a la LSU) off balance for a lot of quick strike up tempo basketball.
I really like this pick up, and think he'll provide a good balance to allow Clark to mature into his role as full time floor leader.

CBonerfied -

Solid pickup. With youth up and down the roster, a guy who's played college basketball for this long--at the PG position, no less--can only be a win for this team. I foresee him as a 15-20 minute guy as well, looking for about 5 points and 3-4 assists per from him. Overall, he's another guy who (hopefully) can put his teammates in position to succeed.

One thing to look out for: Kim Anderson has discussed multiple PG lineups on several occasions, and while I think a combo of Wes and Keith on the court at the same time would be great for our ball control, I'd fear their lack of height on the defensive end.

Wooderson -

keith shamburger - breathe hug smirk, the hamburger ski