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Pregamin' Tennessee

Wish that I was on ole RMN, Down in the comments section. Ain't no hateful trolls on RMN, Just Pregame predictions.

Wish that I was on ole rocky top.
Wish that I was on ole rocky top.
Jack Peglow


WHO: Missouri Tigers @ Tennessee Volunteers


WHEN: Saturday, November 22 – 6:30pm CT

WHERE: OLE ROCKY TOP, Neyland Stadium. 1235 Phillip Fulmer Way, Knoxville TN



(of the useless variety)

  • The Vols are the eighth-winningest team in the FBS, and the second-winningest team in the SEC.
  • On game weekends, the members of Alpha Gamma Rho take care of Smokey, the Vols' Bluetick Coonhound mascot.
  • Smokey VIII was the winningest Smokey, boasting a 91-22 overall record, two SEC championships, and a national title.
  • Lane Kiffin.
  • 200+ boats will dock outside of Neyland Stadium on game days. They are known as the Vol Navy.
  • Neyalnd Stadium is the fifth-largest stadium in the United States, and the eighth-largest in the world.



Who do you hope to see more from against Tennessee?

The Beef: It probably needs to be Brothers and Scherer, for the simple fact that they may be responsible for keeping the running yards down on Dobbs.  I think our front four will do good work against him, but should he exit the pocket, those two may will likely need to control the gain to 5 yards rather than 50.

HHKB Chris: Continued offensive progression from Maty and the guys, specifically White. Money season must continue!!!

Jack Peglow: Marcus Murphy. You gonna let Hansbrough hog the spotlight like that, dawg?

Sam Snelling: I'm going to go with Mike Scherereerer. Somebody needs to slow down 2015 Heisman Candidate Josh Dobbs.

Fullback U: Consistency. I want to see Mizzou take advantage of Tennessee in the first half, then have another explosive 3rd quarter and seal the game with the defense. I'm entirely okay with the team developing that identity.What group (D-line, O-line, coaches, etc.) would you like to see a better performance from?

Switzy227: Sean Culkin. Now that the receivers are healthy, it's time to use him in spots to confuse the defense.

Adam Cribbs: Money Season. Darius White can make this offense a hell of a lot better if he continues to contribute like he did against the Aggies and Lord knows that's what we need in these last two games.

What group do you hope to see a better performance from?

Beef: The entire team when it comes to penalties.  I think the margin for error in this game is smaller than it was against aTm, so we need to get back to the "The Little Things" (see Bill, I do read your stuff).

HHKB: I'd say the o-line and easing up on the on the line mistakes that turn potential TDs into field goals by cause third and longs.

Peglow: Pump the brakes, O-line.

Snelling: I''m going to go with OLine who played well last week, but will need to play their best game of the year against a stingy UT Defense. UT being down a few defenders might help, but they'll need to keep the pocket clean again.

Fullback: Officials. I have a sneaking suspicion that penalties will play a key role in the outcome of this game. UT is trying to get to a bowl game and the game is in Knoxville.

Switzy: I'll go with the secondary. I'd like to see them force Tennessee to rely on the run.

Cribbs: Tough to say because I'm not really down on any single position group this week, but the tight ends I guess. I don't know how much of it is scheming vs. Mauk's preference vs. actual performance, but getting them more involved against a couple of scrappy defenses couldn't hurt.

Give us one WILD prediction for this week's game.

Beef: Ish Witter visits the end zone.

HHKB: We see a defensive touchdown from Mr Golden.

Peglow: Nate Brown discovers the end zone.

Snelling: Maty Mauk runs for 2 TDs. Throws for 1, Mizzou offense score 5 total.

Fullback: 14 overtimes.

Switzy: Marcus Murphy will score multiple touchdowns, including at least one via a return or reception.

Cribbs: Another overtime game in Knoxville. That Mizzou wins.

Where does this year's defensive line rank among Mizzou's best?

Beef: If the defense has truly not reached the ceiling, then I think it is pretty high.  What remains exciting is the notion that Penton is back (last chance son), Webb will play the entire game, and everyone else seems healthy and ready.  Perfect time to be peaking.

HHKB: It may be the best, I can't recall a more dominant line.

Peglow: The Tiers have had some amazing players come through their defensive line, but I'm not sure they've ever had two as talented as Golden and Ray at the same time. Tack that onto an extremely solid interior and you've got yourself the best Mizzou D-line to grace Columbia with its presence.

Snelling: They've got nothing on the '46 gridders.

Fullback: Easily 1 or 2, but then we already knew that. I think Mizzou's defense this year deserves a nickname.

Switzy: Way up there somewhere.

Cribbs: It has to be in the conversation with any of the other great lines we've had over the years. Golden and Ray are the same stars we had in Aldon Smith, SHELDON RICHARDSON, Kony Ealy, Michael Sam, etc. Brantley, Hoch, and the young DEs are no slouches either. I'd say if it's not the best of all time, it's top 3.

Rocky Top: great fan song, or greatest fan song?

Beef: Very solid song.

HHKB: I think that's the song the CIA uses when it needs information from them, basically it's the waterboarding of fight songs.

Peglow: BEST.

Snelling: It was originally written as a country song, so no. Worst. Ever. For that reason.

Fullback: I like Rocky Top, it's a song with lyrics and a nice tune.

Switzy: It's definitely a song.


Any other thoughts?

Peglow: Butch Jones looks like Bert from Seseme Street.

Snelling: Funny how going through 10 games will change your perspectives. At the beginning of the season I marked this as a certain win, I got even more certain after 3 weeks of play. I got WAY less certain through the next 4 weeks, now... it's a toss up. I'm hoping to see the defense step up and corral Josh Dobbs, hopefully do what UK and SC haven't been able to do which is rattle Dobbs. If Dobbs runs loose on the D, it might be a long day, because I still don't trust this offense to keep pace. I don't know, we'll see. Something something, play the games.

Switzy: I don't get to watch the Arkansas game, so finish my regular season viewing with a win, please.