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Mizzou Hoops Wrap-Up, Game 5: Purdue

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What's worse than ugly?

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Another abbreviated take today, everyone. The next game is about to start, but I wanted to get some of my thoughts from yesterday's debacle out first.

Things went from bad to worse in Maui yesterday, as Mizzou basically got curb-stomped by the Purdue Boilermakers. The game was over before halftime as the Tigers just could never get anything going offensively, and seemed helpless defensively as Purdue scored 45 points in the first half. Both teams played the day before, but only Matt Painters Boilermakers seemed to have the fire they needed to make up for the previous days loss.

Looking at the box score it's pretty clear that Mizzou didn't do what they needed to do offensively to stay in the game. They shot even worse than they did against Arizona, which was their worst shooting performance of the year. They did make their FTs and hit a few more 3-pointers, but by that time the game was decided.

FG% 38.1 40.0 51.0 36.4 34.5
3FG% 21.7 23.5 57.1! 23.1 35.0
FT% 50.0 85.7 55.2 69.2 80.0
FG 24-63 20-50 25-49 16-44 19-55
3FG 5-23 4-17 12-21 3-13 7-20
FT 8-16 12-14 16-29 18-26 16-20
Reb -5 +9 +1 +2 -13

With one more game to go in the Maui tournament, the Tigers are hoping to limp out of Hawaii with just a win over Division 2 Chaminade. Not exactly guns blazing.

Point Guards

Wes Clark had another non-factor kind of game. Missouri really can not afford to have Clark have more of these kinds of games. I'm not sure if his knee is still bothering him or what, but Clark has been mostly ineffective now for two games. Isabell is still learning about taking good shots, as it probably wasn't a good idea to try to score against a 7-footer 8 feet from the basket. And at some point you have to hope that the kid gets some shots to fall, another dreadful shooting night from him (1-7). Shamburger was the only guy who seemed to play productively.


Bad. They got their butts kicked solidly by a decent Big 10 team. And most of that was because they were getting outworked.


I got my wish of seeing more Namon Wright, and I felt he acquitted himself nicely. He will get better at finishing at the rim, but it was nice to see the ball go through the net for him, and to see him play with some effort on defense. Again Kim Anderson isn't shy about playing his whole bench. It helped get other guys more minutes when MGC was only on the court for 16 minutes. More on that in a second.

  • Wes Clark: 29 minutes
  • Johnathan Williams III: 29 minutes
  • Keith Shamburger: 24 minutes
  • Ryan Rosburg: 23 minutes
  • Namon Wright: 20 minutes
  • D'Angelo Allen: 18 minutes
  • Montaque Gill-Caesar: 16 minutes
  • Deuce Bello: 16 minutes
  • Tramaine Isabell: 15 minutes
  • Keanau Post: 10 minutes
After a really pretty solid performance against Arizona, Keanau Post was terrible against Purdue. The Boilermakers do have two very good inside guys with great size, something that Post isn't used to at this point. It's not going to get easier for Post as the Tigers roll into league play, with Kentucky and LSU, who have as good of size as Purdue, with better depth and better athletes. What's even more surprising is that he was coming off a pretty solid performance against Caleb Tarczewski, who is a likely first round draft pick. Rosburg was also completely ineffective. If Missouri didn't know they had problems on the interior already, they certainly know about it now.

Perhaps the most disappointing was the effort and play from Gill-Caesar. He's been so good for Missouri to this point that it was surprising to see him play so poorly. At one point in the second half he went out to guard a Purdue player and he just looked like he was moving in quicksand as his man waltzed right by him. 30 seconds later he was out of the game, so it was clear that he had gotten the coaches attention as well on that lackadaisical effort. Look, Teki is a freshman, and Missouri is a young (and not particularly good) team right now. They are relying on him to be highly productive on offense, and that's a lot to ask of this young man. And its not going to get easier.

Bright spots were the play of Wright, and Allen. D'Angelo had himself a nice game, and I think he's just going to get better and better. I also liked what Deuce Bello gave the team when he played. He's not a great player, but he's a good enough athlete that he can provide a spark at the right times.

On to the Chaminade Silver Swords, and hopefully a victory. At least we didn't lose to Tulsa by 18.