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Mizzou vs Arkansas: Q&A with Arkansas Fight

A couple of questions with Arkansas Fight writer Ryan Higgins

1) Must have been rough going 17 games into Bert's coaching tenure without an SEC win. How much has fan opinion changed now that he's won a couple?

It's not just changed because of him winning, it's how he won. Shutting out back-to-back top 25 teams validates everyone saying that they were on the right track. It's also huge that they are now bowl eligible. For a fan base that has been so miserable over the past 2.5 seasons, Christmas in Shreveport doesn't sound so bad.

2) I know there's already a pretty strong rivalry with LSU for a pretty kickin' trophy (congrats on knocking them off this year) but I'll return the question, how has the response been to Mizzou being a new permanent rival? Any comment about the Battle Line Rivalry presented by Shelter Insurance?

Well, we hate them. They don't really care that much about the Hogs. Call that a "rivalry" if you want.

Hog fans don't really care about Missouri football. Now that Frank Haith is gone, I'm not sure Hogs fans really care about Missouri basketball any more either. We loved to hate Haith though.

Considering Missouri lost Kansas, Arkansas lost LSU, and geographically they are the closest SEC schools to each other, the "rivalry" makes sense. Now this "Battleline" bullspit is another corporate thing forced upon fans. There isn't even a trophy this year. What does the winner get this year, a nice crystal meth pipe?

3) Texas: Evil or Pure evil? I think you know why I'm asking.

Hate Texas. That's the only comment they deserve.

4) Since we're a bit of basketball school like yourself, is this Mike Anderson's last chance to prove himself with Arkansas fans? I know you have a legit squad this year with Bobby Portis returning but if you don't make the NCAA tournament, is Anderson still around?

Mike Anderson wasn't going anywhere and he isn't going anywhere. He's got this thing turned around. I'm guessing you're asking because y'all would like to hire him back. I can't blame you. But, like I said he's not going anywhere.

[Editor's note: Mike Anderson was an okay coach who turned Mizzou hoops around when we needed it. I never thought he was a long term solution and am incredibly glad to be rid of Jimmy Sexton]


I think it's another low scoring affair. 21-7 Arkansas with its third straight win.