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RockMNation 2nd Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange

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Ready for the Holiday season? How about adding a little extra Christmas fun for your fellow RMNers?

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Link to Sign Up

Link to Sign Up

Link to Sign Up

The Details:You are signing up to exchange a gift with a fellow RockMNer.  The gift is up to you but we suggest around $25 to $35.  On the sign up sheet you can write a bit about yourself and your interests to give your Secret Santa an idea of what you would like.  Gifts from your home town or region are always a huge hit (Switzy went to town last year on the Maple items!).


Sign Up Period:  November 30 to December 6 at midnight.

Names Assigned:  December 7

Gift Sending Time: December 8-17.  All gifts need to be sent by December 17, 2014.

Gift Confirmation:  You must check into the Gift Confirmation Thread once you receive your gift.  Please post a pic or just a general thank you.

Privacy: Your name and information will only be given to your Secret Santa.

Let me know your questions in the thread.