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Mizzou Basketball Player Previews... Tramaine Isabell

Hey who's this new guy, #4 on the court. He looks pretty good!

#4 Tramaine Isabell

PHOTO CREDIT: Teresa Scribner - Seattle Times Visual Journalist

Freshman, Guard
6'0" 180 lbs
Seattle, Washington
Garfield High School

Sam Snelling -

Isabell actually reminds me of Marcus Denmon with his competitiveness.

At first when I heard that Mizzou was recruiting Isabell, I have to admit that I shrugged my shoulders a bit. He's a mediocre athlete, and at 6-feet tall, that's a major concern for a position that you at least need to be a good athlete. That's how I felt until I watched the tape. Isabell is a competitor, and that is one area that I felt like the Tigers fell short of last year. Isabell actually reminds me of Marcus Denmon with his competitiveness. And I say that as a big compliment. There's a reason why his team won the state championship in Washington last year, and it wasn't because they were the most talented. Isabell willed his team to victories. And I can see him willing Mizzou to a lot of victories as he develops.

There are several scouts who also shrugged when they saw Isabell. I just think he's a player you can't put into context until the game is played. AAU games make up the bulk of the of the time that scouts see players play, but Isabell is a guy that thrives in a system. I really think that he has a chance to thrive in this Missouri system. And he's one of the tougher SOB's that I've watched coming out of high school. I'm excited for his future as a Tiger.

HHKB Chris -

This late signee is really exciting to me. The tape and the general demeanor of this young man has me excited for his future. He seems all business, with a quick first step and a good looking shot, plus he's a winner, and while that is corny, it at least sets and expectation in his mind and provides an attitude that you need from a PG.
Like CBonerfied says below, I don't expect a lot of minutes for him, but I'm thinking he's going to be one of those energy guys off the bench that gives us glimpses all year of what he can do in the future.

CBonerfied -

With the minutes available on this team at his position, my gut feeling is that he's going to get around 5 minutes per game, including a lot of mop-up time, and grow into a bigger role over the next couple of years. Hopefully he's willing to observe this year, because it sounds like he has potential to be a steady hand over time and a backup-type PG who can only help a program. But if he earns more than 5 MPG, it's likely because he's proven that he's worthy of more minutes --and with Tramaine being much more of a "wild card" than his PG counterparts, my guess is that can only be a good thing. A somewhat related point, I'm much more confident in his potential than I was Shane Rector's. Based on what, I don't know...but hey, I'm going to go with it.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Expect to see a lot of the move shown below:]

Wooderson -

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Sam -

I'm pretty sure that this is getting blocked by some work site blockers now, thanks Wooderson.