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Missouri 20, Kentucky 10: Photo gallery

It's been a weird season at Rock M Nation. For the first time since ... what, 2008? ... we've been without photo galleries here after home games. Bill Carter, one of the best friends and most gifted photographers we've known, passed away in late-August, and we had no motivation to even think about replacing him.

When Paul Halfacre contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if we were interested in posting his galleries on the site, I hesitated for a bit, then decided, sure, why not? Paul posted some galleries in FanPosts in previous seasons, and they were good. He and Bill chatted from time to time on the sideline, and Bill gave him some pointers and answered questions at times. That simple fact reminded me that Bill himself would probably say "heck yes" to Paul's request here. Paul's a good guy, and a lovely photographer, and we're proud to post his work here. Here are 27 photos Paul took from the Kentucky game. They're pretty great. Give him some love.