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RMN Bowl Contest - Good Start for Many, AMAZING Start for Some

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Five games on Saturday started the bow season in a proper way. Could RMN keep up the momentum from last year?

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Welcome to your first update of the 8th Annual Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest.  Hopefully, these updates will come the day after each bowl game (no accounting for work and/or family stuff at this early point in the holiday season).  In each update, we will take a look back at the results, a look at the leaders, a look at the folks bringing up the rear and a look ahead to the next games on the docket.

After being pretty split on the first game of the day (and missing on both picks), the community rallied in a pretty strong way, getting five of the remaining eight (we need a little work on the over/under) to come out at 55.95% through five games/ten picks.  Considering the all-time percentage was 51.28%, we moved it in the right direction (up to 51.42% after almost 55,000 picks)

As for the leaders, we have a small group at the top who really did quite well.  Ask the Nickel, boner jamz 14, Cliffy223, TigersInTheHeart, Don Carnero, muwxman and the FREAKING Coin Phlip (yes, this is me flipping a coin 78 times) all went 9-1.  A big group are one back at 8-2 (including myself :-) and lots of folks are above the .500 line.

Only 45 folks went 4-6 or worse, and thankfully, everyone won at least one game to start the contest.  joedog3 is bringing up the rear currently with only one win, while elmedico27 and nc stee are 2-8.  Lots of time left to crawl out of the cellar.

No games on a NFL Sunday, and only one bowl game on Monday, as BYU and the Fightin' Odoms (perhaps for the last time) go at it in the afternoon.  BYU and the Under would be the community pick, though neither being terribly strong.

  • BYU - 54%
  • Under - 62%
For those interested, you should be able to view the Results sheet HERE, while you should also (now) be able to view the All-time records HERE.