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Mizzou Links: Pinkel's powerful, Hoops is trending up, and the women win again

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Forbes names Gary Pinkel the fifth-most powerful coach in college football (for whatever that's worth), the Mizzou basketball team is improving steadily, and women's hoops moves to 10-2.

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Pinkel: No. 5

I'm not completely sure what this means, but ... Gary Pinkel's No. 5, so I'll share.

Forbes: The Most Powerful Coaches In College Football

There are plenty of ways to define power, but for us it clearly all comes down to money. Our methodology looks not only at each coach’s salary, but also at what portions of his school’s total coaching budget and athletic spending it comprises. We also consider each coach’s football budget and how much it would cost his employer to terminate his contract at the end of the year. We feel these different metrics offer an idea of a coach’s power both within his athletic department and across the ranks of all college football coaches.

Most noteworthy part of this for me: Alabama's football budget is twice Missouri's. And TCU just crossed the $30 million mark as well. Goodness.

A little more Braggin' Rights

Fox Sports MW: Take heart, MU and SLU fans: Both teams are steadily trending up

And if you want to watch the first 39:57 again...

Meanwhile, in hoops recruiting...

PowerMizzou: 3-star PG Terrence Phillips down to a pair (and Mizzou's one of them)

Another women's win...

MUTIGERS.COM: Morgan Eye lifts Tigers over Skyhawks, 74-65
The Trib: Postgame: MU women 74, Tennessee-Martin 65
MUTIGERS.COM: Postgame Quotes - Mizzou Women's Basketball vs. Tennessee-Martin

Opening statement...

"I'm just really proud of our players. They played with great toughness, great resiliency. I don't think I coached a really good game tonight. I wasn't prepared for their 1-3-1. I hadn't seen it a lot on film this season. I didn't have our girls properly prepared for that. I just think as the game went on, our girls got a better feel of different passing angles, different opportunities we had to take advantage of, offensively.

"Defensively, I thought we did a nice job. Most importantly, I'm so proud of our toughness. Our grit. The passion we played with. It's a special group of young ladies."

On her team's overall effort on the boards...

"These girls worked so incredibly hard in the offseason. We were really positioned to take our program another step forward this year. We've had a lot of curveballs thrown at us. I know this. I know as we go through these challenging times, as we go through this adversity, there's no doubt in my mind these girls are going to rally around each other. They are going to continue to find a way to compete. We're not going to feel sorry for ourselves. We're not going to hang our heads. That's not going to help a thing.

"This is a group that will not be outworked. This is a group that has continued to stay the course. They're not going to stray from that. It's hard. It's emotional. This break could not come at a better time, I think, emotionally, mentally, physically. This is a group that is extremely resilient and committed to staying the course."

On Bree Fowler's rebounding ability and what was the catalyst...

"Her athleticism. Her toughness and being a senior, having been around the block. She competes every possession. It was disappointing how she came out in the second half. I subbed her out. But she said `Coach, I've got it. I'm ready.' You've got to trust your seniors. She knew what she needed to do in there. When she came back in during the second half, she did a much better job for us."