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Everybody loves Barry Odom

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The media reaction is almost unanimous: Barry Odom is one hell of a get for Mizzou and Gary Pinkel. That makes it a slam-dunk success, right?

Rarely will you see a hire this well-regarded by local media covering the team.

And a little more from Joe Walljasper:

Former Missouri quarterback Corby Jones recalled having to race Odom in the 100 meters at the end of a winter conditioning program. Because Odom, whom Jones described as "short, stocky and played linebacker," never bragged about winning two Oklahoma state titles in the 400 meters, teammates were surprised at the result.

"Barry beat my butt," Jones said. "Barry was so quiet and unassuming, you never knew how athletic he was."

Jones said he wasn’t surprised that Odom pursued coaching or excelled at it.

"He was always a student of the game," Jones said. "He was never a vocal leader. He led by example. But he could get on you. Don’t make him angry. He’s quiet, but don’t make him angry."

Pretty much unanimous. And just for fun, here's Odom forcing a fumble on Joe Germaine.

Carlos Posey was fast.