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RMN Bowl Contest - We Are HOT HOT HOT

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I offered the four community picks in yesterday's post, and those were the four correct picks. Well done group!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Eve everyone!  Marshall and NIU provided us the offensive fireworks the majority predicted, and Navy managed to pull out one of the most sloppy games you will ever see.  All this means is that the contest is crushing it out of the gate, sitting now at 56.5%. We've even moved the all-time needle to 51.52%, 1,700 selections above .500.  That is some solid picking.

At the top of the leaderboard, and I kind of wish I was kidding, sits one selection.  It is the Coin Phlip, which moved to a staggering 14-2 through eight games.  One game back is both muwxman and Don Carnero and then there is a very large group just off from them at 12-4.

Peering down to the bottom of the  barrel, joedog3 got some separation from the pack and is now all alone at 4-12.  Close behind is a small group of folks at 5-11 which includes nc stee, wald, elmedico27, MizzouThrill and sucka-mah-d (let's keep it clean there folks).  All in all, only 29 people (of 163) are below .500 right now..

Two games coming up today, let's take a look at how the community thinks they will likely end:

  • Directional Kentucky - 68.1%
  • Under - 65.6%
  • Fresno State - 73%
  • Under - 53.4%
Let's keep the scoring low and cheer for the favorites today.  Happy Bowl watching everyone!  For those interested, you should be able to view the Results sheet HERE, while you should also be able to view the All-time records HERE.